11 New Luxury Perfumes Our Editors Can't Stop Wearing Every Day (And Night)


Even though spring has officially sprung, I'm still not feeling it. Literally. Maybe you're regionally blessed, but it's still pretty frigid on the East Coast, which forces me to bundle up in my wool coat rather than sundresses, lightweight blazers, and mules that I've been holding for months now. While I might have to wait to dress accordingly, I've personally always had a theory: If you smell like spring, it'll come quicker. Now, it might not be a scientifically backed fact, but it's definitely a great excuse to try out a new luxury perfume for day and night.

When it comes to fragrance, I tend to gravitate toward springy floral scents all year 'round, anyway. Nighttime is when things get a little ~deep~... all of the warmth and spice that my pulse points can handle, please. But if you're feeling rebellious (it is a new season, after all), you can save your lighter, airier scents for night, and your headier ones for daytime — which is what my fellow TZR editors like to do, being the trendsetters that they are. Take a page from the book of Angela Melero, Senior West Coast Editor, who prefers a fragrance with pink pomelo for nighttime events... or be like Ruby Buddemeyer, Associate Celebrity Editor, who sticks to one scent all throughout the day. No matter what you prefer, there's something for every nose. See the best of the best, ahead.

Khalea Underwood, Beauty Editor


Magic Salty Flower


Viktor & Rolf

"I approach the entire Viktor & Rolf Magic collection just like I did with Pokémon cards back in the day... I gotta catch 'em all. My latest favorite is the newest: Salty Flower, with frangipani flower accord and sea salt crystals accord. I keep spritzing it on my wrists, because it reminds me of the beach."


Ambre Nuit


Christian Dior

"At a Dior Beauty dinner during Paris Fashion Week, the hostesses (clad head-to-toe in the brand, naturally) continually spritzed the foyer with this amber and Turkish rose duo... and now whenever I get a whiff, I have nothing but sweet memories of the City of Light."

Angela Melero, Senior West Coast Editor


Daisy Sunshine


Marc Jacobs Fragrances

"I’ve worn Marc Jacobs' Daisy perfume since high school and always keep a bottle in stock on my dresser no matter what (my mother also gifts me a bottle every year for Christmas, as she knows I’m a creature of habit). This new addition to the franchise has definitely piqued my interest as it has the same youthful, fruity-floral scent I've always loved with new notes of white strawberry and marigold. I’m a fan."


Omnia Pink Sapphire



“When it comes to fragrance, I’m typically loyal to the two or three scents I’ve worn since college. However, I was introduced to BVLGARI’s latest scent recently and was immediately won over. The floral notes are fresh and airy, yet bold enough for nighttime use, so I typically spritz myself with this before I run out for the evening.”

Anna Buckman, Shopping News Editor


Beau de Jour


Tom Ford

"There are few scents in the world that make me happier than lavender and rosemary (I know that's weirdly specific, but it's true), which are two of the key notes in this perfume. Even just the thought of catching a whiff of this combination throughout the day makes me happy."





"I haven't smelled this yet, but anything with amber notes has an automatic 'yes' from me, especially for special occasions."

Ruby Buddemeyer, Associate Celebrity Editor

Day And Night

Eleventh Hour



"I’m two years deep into a love affair with Byredo’s Gypsy Water. But the second I smelled Eleventh Hour, I knew it was time to trade up. It's the perfect combination of woody, spicy, and sweet, thanks to a blend of bergamot, Sichuan pepper, wild fig, and rum. A little goes a long way with this one — one spray on my wrists wears incredibly well throughout the day, a guaranteed way to get a few compliments everywhere."

Aemilia Madden, Senior Fashion Editor


Maison Margiela


REPLICA Under the Lemon Trees Eau de Toilette

"I'm all about an air of mystery, which is why I'm drawn to simple but elusive Margiela for daytime."


Guilty Pour Femme



"With the slime green trend in full swing, how can i not be drawn to Gucci's new guilty perfume to punch things up for a night out!" (Editors' note: The fragrance was mailed in this awesome lime shopping bag, which I'm currently using as an art installation in my apartment.)

Lauren Caruso, Managing Editor


The Alchemist's Garden A Winter Melody Acqua Profumata



"I’ve long been a Gucci fragrance loyalist (See: Gucci Rush through the late-aughts, and more recently, Bloom Acqua Di Fiori), and the newest Alchemist's Garden fragrance collection only solidifies my allegiance. The water-based scent starts off saccharine, but rounds out with a touch of lavender and sage once it hits my skin. It’s equal parts fresh and familiar, and perfect for daytime."


CHANCE Eau de Toilette



"Chanel No. 5 was one of the first perfume bottles that I thought of first as decor, and second as beauty. Later, Chance by Chanel replaced its more legacy counterpart, thanks to the pink pepper and vanilla that, when combined, lends a warm and spicy scent that's perfect for any evening engagement."