This Chunky Jewelry Trend Might Just Replace Your Daintiest Rings For Summer

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It’s 2020, and minimalist fashion is beginning to take on a new form — particularly in the area of jewelry. Don’t worry — if you’ve spent the past handful of seasons investing in dainty necklaces and bracelets, there is (and always will be) a place for them in your wardrobe. However, if you’ve been wanting to add some new pieces to balance them out, you’re in luck: designers have been doling out sleek bubble rings that’ll be just what you’re looking for to switch things up.

If you’ve been keeping a finger on the pulse of jewelry trends for the past few seasons — or you’ve taken note of the pieces your favorite It girls are wearing — chances are you’ve noticed that anything described as “chunky” has gotten its own spotlight. Thicker chains, voluminous earrings, and other bulbous baubles have taken the place of more delicate designs. And if this trend’s surge for summer is any indication, these pieces aren’t going away any time soon.

Perhaps you’ve already added a few different chain necklaces or bracelets to your jewelry box this year and now you’re on the hunt for some smaller pieces, like rings. In which case, consider a domed bubble ring or two.

Oma the Label

For those of you looking for a bolder style that doesn't draw attention away from the rest of your ensemble, consider a style like Alex's $165 Pebble Ring I, which can be worn on its own or with another chunky option. Or, if you want a piece that creates the stacked look in one ring, get yourself KINN’s Double Dare to Love Dome Ring, which is available for $360.

If you’re the type of person who wants jewelry that stands out, Oma the Label’s $99 Haddy Ring was made for you. When you don’t want to wear something so round, opt for the Hedron Three Row Ring from Third Crown, which costs $180 and has an edge to its design.

There are also plenty of designers putting their unique spins to the bubble ring. Take Grace Lee’s $138 Resin Demi Globe Ring, which comes in pink, yellow, and blue. Want another non-metal option, Yam’s $40 Mother Ring will look great styled with your gold and silver rings.

Ready to add some of these chunky rings to your jewelry collection? Scroll down to see TZR’s favorite bubble rings on the market below.

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