This $50 Ikea Desk Can Help You Transform Even The Tiniest Space Into A Home Office

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It's an important time to be resourceful: In the new normal, your home might be your new office in additional to all the other ways it needs to function — while still serving as somewhat of a sanctuary and place to practice self-care while isolating. Besides all that, there are budgetary constraints that many people need to consider, but that doesn't have to stop you from getting the most out of your space. For example, with tons of small desks for small spaces under the $150 mark, you can make working from home actually work for you — even if you're setting up shop in your living room.

Now is the time to tackle home projects, and carving out your own little nook where you can take care of business is an especially important one for those who can't make it into their usual office. At the same time, you don't want it to overwhelm a space in which you also need to eat, sleep, and entertain yourself. In this case, the ideal is a desk that won't take up too much real estate.

Unfortunately, even small desks can still be rather costly — especially if you're not sure where to shop for them. That said, with a little hunting, you can find some seriously stylish options that will cost you less than you probably spent on cleaning products in the past month. Reliably affordable retailers like IKEA and Target have some well-designed ones, but don't rule out places like West Elm, World Market, and even Overstock to find some impressive deals.

To prove the point, ahead you'll find 10 petite desks for under $150 that can suit a multitude of home aesthetics and needs. And you'll still have a few bucks left over for chic office accessories to style it.

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