The Seashell Trend Is Now Coming For Your Home — & It’s Surprisingly Chic


Unless you've got a home by the beach, it's probably safe to assume you've never thought to infuse aquatic details into your decor aesthetic. Well, as it turns out, that's about to change. In 2019, seashells are officially a widespread fashion trend — you've likely picked up a piece of jewelry featuring the seaside fixture — and now seashell home decor has made its way into some of the most stylish interior retailers' offerings. With its sudden popularity it looks like the trend is here to stay, so if you're a fan of the ocean-inspired look, now's the time to give it a try.

During Summer 2018, a major wave of boho-chic seashell jewelry swept across the style set. Everywhere you turned, it seemed like accessories brands had caught onto the trend, turning out seashell-adorned pieces that ranged from simple and sleek to total maximalist masterpieces — and the trend is still going strong. The look feels fresh and modern, yes nostalgic at the same time, and gives even the most elegant ensembles a touch of much-appreciated ease.

Now, home decor brands are encouraging you to achieve the same result in your home by infusing a touch of seaside escapism into your spaces. Much like the jewelry pieces, 2019's nautical-inspired seashell home adornments bring about a sense of relaxed tranquility and effortless style, without falling short on elegance and polish. In other words, if you've been looking for decor that makes you feel like you live in a very upscale spa, this is the trend for you.


Try super-polished shell pieces in formal areas, like your dining room or office, to add a touch of old-school glamour. One Kings Lane's offering up a sleek Nautilus Shell & Sterling-Silver Bookend, $199, that would take your bookcase to a whole new level, while Target's Seashell Rosette LED Table Lamp Cream, $108.99, gives off a charming glow. And the Lily Juliet Resin & Shell Extra Large Dish, $214 at Barneys, will look lovely placed on your banquette or a side table during a dinner party.

Add some whimsy to your bedroom — or create a theme in a guest room — with playful seashell fixtures like H&M's Shell-shaped Mirror, $24.99, and this Heart Shell Ceramic Stash Box, $14 from Urban Outfitters. Add a couple of Coming Soon's gleaming gold Concha Shell Wall Hooks, $45, to hang everyday-use items like bags or coats for easy access.

Whether you often find yourself dreaming about a coastal lifestyle, or you just love the natural symmetry and simplicity that seashells impart, there's plenty of good reasons to try spring's prettiest home decor trend. Keep scrolling to shop some of the best seashell decor from across the web, below.