This Surprising Product Helped Me Beat My Nail Biting Habit

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At my third birthday party, I don't remember the cake or decorations or any noteworthy presents that I received that day. I do, however, recall being the center of attention — and I remember the way I fidgeted, putting my fingers in my mouth and biting my nails until it was time to blow the candles out. Since then, I've been a chronic nail biter and my search for nail biting products to help beat my addiction is ongoing.

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Throughout the years, my mom would always tell me that my fingers were going to fall off and become infected if I kept on biting, and I never believed her — until one fateful day when my finger hurt so bad that I had to go to the hospital for an antibiotic. Believe me: I've tried to stop, but there's always an occasion that calls for a good gnawing session — whether I'm nervous about a big meeting or stressed out about a project. The real trigger is when I have a hangnail or damaged cuticle. And I can't help but pick old nail polish off, especially if a manicure appointment isn't too far in the future.

Fast forward to adulthood and I'm way more conscious about germs and all sorts of bacteria that can enter your body from your nails. I try not to bite my nails outside of my home and never do it unless I've washed my hands.

I really wanted to kick this habit for good, which is why I've tried everything from polishes, garlic, vinegar, hot sauce, and even cleaning supplies on my nails to prevent myself from biting them. Most products and treatments work to an extent, but I try to find ones that help me keep my nails and cuticles in tiptop shape.

If you and I share the same struggle, keep reading to see the picks that help me beat my habit every day.

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