10 Valentine’s Day Gifts You Can Easily Grab On That Last-Minute Target Trip


While we may have just emerged from the biggest gift-giving season of the year, another is quickly approaching. Yes, Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and if you're one half of a couple, you'll need to pick out something for your sweetie. Celebrating your love with the perfect gift can be easier said than done, however, especially if you don't know where to look or what to get. But instead of spending your valuable time searching for a surprise they'll love, snag a couple last-minute Valentine's gifts from Target during your next visit. You'll save yourself the extra shopping expedition — and still pull off a thoughtful present for your significant other.

It goes without saying that Target has more than earned the title of superstore. The one-stop shop has everything from on-trend home decor, helpful kitchen gadgets, chic and affordable clothing, and yes, thoughtful gift picks for everyone and every occasion. So when it comes to finding something sweet to give your special someone this Valentine's Day, it's not far-fetched to think Target's a good place to try.

Searching for your guy? If he's been hoping to up his style game in 2019, help him out by gifting a few curated accessories to add to his collection. A pair of polarized aviator sunglasses, $20, can replace the flimsy plastic pair he's been wearing for years, but aren't so pricey that he has to treat them preciously. And even though it seems basic, a fresh set of cool patterned socks is actually a great way to infuse subtle style into a wardrobe. Have him wear these Pair of Thieves socks, $15 for a set of three, with cuffed denim for a modern look.

Looking for something with sentimental value? If the two of you initially bonded over a mutual love of music, gift them this sleek turntable, $99.99, and a couple of your favorite records to listen to together. Plus, you'll be starting a fun new project for the two of you to collect all your most-loved albums. Or, go for a retro-inspired reboot of the original Polaroid camera, $119.99. They'll appreciate the throwback gift and the opportunity to capture sweet moments spent together.

Need more Valentine's-worthy gift inspiration? Keep scrolling for more actually-thoughtful gifts you can get at Target — from helpful gadgets to luxe travel accessories, they're all picks they'll be sure to love (but not quite as much as they love you).