These Supersized Shampoos & Conditioners Will Keep Your Shower Stocked For Months

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Oribe is one brand with jumbo size shampoos and conditioners.

There's a time and place for travel- and sample-size products, but quarantine is not it. Right now bigger is better, and running out of your favorite haircare products is far from ideal when you're stuck at home. To prevent any hair mishaps, jumbo-size shampoo and conditioner bottles will keep your strands happy for a much longer period of time.

Beauty brands seem to be on a roll lately with value-size products, and while you wait for the day you can stroll back into your salon, you may as well stock up on plenty of products to keep your hair healthy. While the obvious advantage of jumbo versions of haircare is how long they last, bigger bottles also give your hair a chance to adjust to a formula and see how well it works with your strands long term. Plus, if you jump on the trend train and dye your own hair or test your hair-cutting skills, a little extra TLC never hurts.

Fortunately, there's a surplus of formulas for all hair types and concerns to choose from, and ahead, you can peruse the jumbo shampoo and conditioners that’ll help you cleanse, clarify, hydrate, and repeat during quarantine.

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