This Throw Pillow Will Totally Upgrade Your Couch


If your home is still in a pumpkin spice, autumnal state, that’s fine … for now. You have about two more weeks to revel in the fall decor splendor. However, come Thanksgiving (and, for some, before) it will be time to give your space a winter makeover. If the thought of redecorating yet again makes you want to get all Scrooge about the whole month of December, don’t fret. H&M’s home decor offerings will deliver the perfect seasonal upgrade without hurting your budget.

The affordable retailer never fails to come through in providing some easy, breezy apparel at very reasonable price points. The brand’s home department, however, has long been an untapped treasure that people often forget exists … and shouldn’t. H&M Home is literally a smorgasbord of decor for every room in the house. Seriously, no stone is left unturned here.

Bedroom essentials that include duvet covers, pillow cushions, and yummy candles to set the mood. Living room staples like throw blankets, candlestick holders, and storage baskets. Bathroom decor like bath mats and towels. Heck, even the kitchen is thought of with cutlery, bowl sets, and placemats. No. Stone. Left. Unturned.

And just like its apparel and beauty collections, winter gets super festive in H&M land, as the retailer delivers some seriously seasonal living room decor pieces that make you want to snuggle up on your couch with a cup of hot cocoa all day long.

So if you’re ready to get a headstart on winter-ing up your living room, ahead 10 trés chic pieces under $100 that will do the trick instantly.

This stunning silver vase comes in a sleek ivory as well and works for year-round glitz and glamour. So feel free to keep it out well after you’ve bid adieu to winter.

This gold tray brings all the vintage vibes without the sky-high price point.

You can’t do winter decor without a solid cozy throw, and this textured find is both easy on the eyes and warm as can be.

Velvet is the fabric du jour this season (and every winter) and if you don’t like the rich holiday-esque teal, opt for the lavender or yellow versions of this throw instead.

Yet another gold treasure that will work on your holiday table setting and well into the spring and summer seasons.

This boho storage basket is adorable, practical, and functions optimally in any room — bathroom, bedroom, or living room.

If you want a more dramatic (and trendy) edge to your winter decor, try a faux fur throw that’s beyond cool aesthetically while beyond warm physically.

This round mirror looks way more expensive than it is, a great trait to consider for any and all decor.

Give your home a little cabin-in-the-woods look with this hanging tool that would go great by the front door.

Nothing sets a mood like a good candle and this cranberry option makes for a refreshing and uplifting scent in the winter months.