9 Items Every Stylish Girl Has In Her Bathroom

Between skincare routines, makeup applications and daily showers, chances are you spend a good amount of time in your bathroom. While functional pieces like trash bins and towel racks aren’t the most thrilling in the home decor department, honing in on elevated accessories is a trick employed by many a stylish girl to uplift an otherwise overlooked space. Whether your washroom is your sanctuary or you’re looking to take it from basic to beautiful, nine essentials for a gorgeous, grown-up, and above all, stylish bathroom.

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Replace mismatched towels in favor of a full, plush set.

Create a focal point with a striking, fabric shower curtain.

Coordinated counter accessories establish a stylish synergy.

Avoid slips and treat your feet with absorbent, cushy bath mats.

Give tiny trinkets their place via pretty dishes.

Mask unwanted scents with an alluring aroma.

Create hotel vibes (and avoid towel drops) at home with a cozy robe—equally ideal for luxurious lounging.

Keep cotton pads, Q-tips and hair ties at hand via chic storage.

Elevate your space with an eye-catching piece of art.