This H&M Vase Will Add Instant Color To Your Bedroom (For Less Than $10)


Your bedroom is your safe space — a tucked-away oasis from the chaos of daily life. As such, you want the room to be cozy and cushy for ultimate relaxation. What you probably don't want it to be, however, is boring. Luckily, H&M's home sale is making it easy (and affordable) to add color to your bedroom for under $20 with bright accents and cheery fixtures in every shade imaginable.

While some may steer away from color – perhaps out of fear that vivid hues are too in-your-face – it's actually one of the easiest ways to infuse personality into an interior. It doesn't have to be excessive; a jolt of color via curtains or an area rug can be more than enough to brighten your space.

If those ideas seem a little too bold, H&M has over 200 home goods on sale so you can seamlessly incorporate color into your existing design. Start small with a vibrant vase, like this deep blue Small Glass Vase reduced to $6.99 during the sale. Place it on your dresser and drop in some fresh flowers from the farmers market.

Alternatively, opt for a couple of eye-catching pillows for your bed – these Colorblock Cushion Covers are on sale for just $15 and pack a serious punch. Pair with this $15 Waffled Throw blanket of the same color family, and suddenly your bed won't look so snoozy (even though it's still perfectly comfy for catching some shut-eye).

The key is choosing complementary shades that you feel comfortable with — it is your bedroom after all. Is your space filled with warm neutrals like cream and beige? Amp it up with pinks, oranges, and reds. If you gravitate towards cool, relaxing pigments like gray or pure white, lean into blues, purples, and greens to further create a zen atmosphere.

Ahead, browse the best and brightest home accents from H&M's sale to shop before they're gone – because at these prices, they're sure to disappear in a flash.