8 Things All Punctual Women Do

Have you fallen into a vicious cycle of waking up late, taking entirely too long to get dressed and ultimately arriving at your office way after your colleagues? Make this bad habit the exception, not the rule, and get control of your routine with a few simple time-saving tips. We promise, being prompt—for both professional and personal engagements—will make your life easier 100% of the time. Here, hacks for keeping your schedule running like clockwork.

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Never Be Late Again

The Healthy Maven

Meal-Prep On Sunday

A major time-suck in the morning: making breakfast. By meal prepping your breakfast for the week on Sunday, you'll be able to get out the door super fast, and you won't be tempted to pick up something unhealthy on your way to the office. Bonus points for prepping lunch and dinner, too.


Pre-Plan Your Outfit

Pick your outfit the night before your next engagement so you don't waste ten minutes staring into your closet or trying on multiple combinations. Be sure to have a stable of foolproof ensembles ready for days when you're in a massive hurry.


Stash Purse Essentials In A Pouch

If you tend to change handbags frequently, keep the contents of your purse in a removable pouch so you can transfer essentials quickly and efficiently without accidentally forgetting your keys, wallet or (worse) your phone.

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Prioritize Your Work-Appropriate Footwear

Organize office-friendly shoes in one area of your closet so you aren't climbing over piles of date-night stilettos to find them.

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Keep Everyday Jewelry Handy

Designate a small tray or jewelry box for everyday essentials like earrings, bracelets and watches, and put it in an easy-to-access spot (on your bathroom counter or vanity, for example). Remember never to store a necklace without closing the clasp first; otherwise, you'll waste unnecessary time trying to untangle it.

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Iron Everything Over The Weekend

Steam and iron your blouses and dresses in advance, so they're prepped and ready (and pass the time while doing these chores by listening to an amazing podcast). If you also do your laundry on weekends, set aside 15 minutes to press everything at once, so you can be wrinkle-free for the entire week.

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Style Your Hair Overnight

Prep your hair before you go to bed, whether it's by sleeping in braids to create '70s waves or simply applying dry shampoo to absorb extra oil. This step will save you precious time when you're rushing out the door.


Brew Your Coffee At Home

Make coffee at home to avoid a latte line moving at a glacial pace. Also, fix your breakfast the night before—we love this chia seed recipe—so you can just grab it and go. (Bonus: This tip also saves you money!)