I Tried This New Model-Approved Body Sculpting Treatment

I like to think I have realistic goals when it comes to my bikini body: Emily Ratajkowski. All right fine, that’s not even a remote possibility for my 30-something, taco-loving self, but suffice it to say I wouldn’t mind everything being a little higher and tighter, which is why I jumped at the opportunity to try Bronzed Bunny‘s new non-surgical body sculpting treatment, BB Sculpt.

Though it’s relatively new to organic airbrush tanning boutiques, beauty insiders and models were buzzing about it at the recent Miami Swim Week. What makes the treatment so desirable is how non-invasive it is: The combo of wooden tools and ice is said to minimize cellulite, beat bloat and tone skin by boosting blood circulation and activating the lymphatic system. Plus—get this—it apparently shrinks fat cells. I’m in.

I’m instructed not to eat for two hours before the sculpting commences, and when I arrive at Bronzed Bunny, my aesthetician Katie promptly hands me a paper thong bikini to change into (yep, paper thong). Just as I acclimate to the uniform, Katie informs me there will be (gulp) before-and-after photos taken to document the immediate results. To get through this harrowing moment, I try to focus on the potential gains.

The hour-long process begins with vigorous but not unpleasant kneading, massaging, sculpting and suction cupping (to lift my booty, I’m told) with various wooden tools over my oiled body. My target areas are the backs of my thighs and my belly, and Katie gets straight to it. After I’m good and pummeled, she briefly disappears to retrieve a block of frozen clay and detoxifying herbs that she rubs over the same spots. This is the part known as cold-induced thermogenesis—fat cells are burned as your body attempts to regulate its temperature. And yes, it’s really freaking cold. So cold that a few times I have to close my eyes and go to my happy place just to stop myself from leaping off the table and running out of the room in my paper thong.

Post-icing, Katie gives me the after-care rundown: no exercise for 24 hours, drink lots of water, and don’t stress any light swelling or bruising. We snap some after photos, and once I accept that my body is still far from where I want it to be, I have to admit my waistline appears noticeably whittled and my booty ever-so-slightly plumped. Considering I’ve got a pretty small frame, Katie suggests I’ll likely reap the full results after three to six treatments (they’re $220 each, FYI) and as long as my nutrition and fitness game stays the same, the effects will be permanent.

A few days later, with minimal swelling and tenderness but not a bruise in sight, I can report my skin feels smoother and my high-waisted jeans button just a bit easier. Considering that I’m not looking to add needles and scalpels to the mix, BB Sculpt might be the thing that makes me a little less terrified to throw on a bikini and hit up a hotel pool for a cocktail and a selfie—and believe me, that’s saying a lot.

If you’re still curious, head here for more details and booking info.