Head To This Icelandic Resort For A Vacation Dedicated To Wellness

Spas, scenery, and body work — oh my.

Deplar Farm in Iceland makes for an ideal wellness getaway.

You’ve probably already Pinned about a decade’s worth of vacations to make up for time lost during the pandemic, from magical wilderness retreats in cozy cabins to beachside stays where you sip tropical drinks in a cabana. But one type of trip to consider is one that’s focused on mind, body, and soul health. And there are some especially restorative — and super scenic — wellness getaways for 2021 that could inspire you to change up your current travel plans.

What to look for in an ideal wellness destination is going to differ for everyone. For example, maybe your primary focus is engaging in outdoor activities, so you need a landscape that’s conducive to things like hiking, biking, or swimming. Or maybe it’s the indulgent spa treatments that are top of mind because you’re looking to soothe and pamper your physical self. You may also consider healthy dining (wholesome ingredients, chef-prepared meals) a must-have. And on top of it all, who doesn’t want to stay somewhere with luxurious accommodations and a stunning view? The good news is, you may be able to get it all.

With the help of a travel expert, TZR tracked down eight of the best resorts for anyone looking to relax, rest, and recover from what’s without a doubt been a tough past year. So if your dream vacation consists of mindfulness practices like meditation and yoga with some somatic therapy and nutritious meals set amid a gorgeous backdrop, the list ahead will surely have something for you.

Euphoria Retreat In Mystras, Greece

Euphoria Retreat

From the country’s deep philosophical roots to its notoriously healthy fare, it’s no surprise that Greece is a hub for wellness-minded travelers, and Jackie Roby of Inspired Journey Consulting and Through Inspired Eyes podcast says that one resort there stands above the rest if your vacation goal is to reset and refresh. “For a stay immersed in wellness, look no further than Euphoria Retreat in Mystras,” she says. “Take a guided morning hike through the village and practice qui gong in the mountains. My favorite three letter word (spa) is the crown jewel of Euphoria with its overwhelming beauty and extensive, authentic treatments and services.” Her favorite offering there? The chakra dancing class for balancing energy.

Lake Austin Spa Resort In Austin, Texas

You probably know that Austin, Texas is a great vacation spot for those who prioritize a fantastic food and nightlife scene, but it also happens to be one of Roby’s favorite wellness destinations, thanks to Lake Austin Spa Resort. “From an array of classes like Aqua Zumba to guest speakers, artists, and musicians, this space will leave you feeling invigorated,” she explains. “Guests are even given special shoes for balance while walking the natural terrain.”

As the name implies, the resort is located on Lake Austin (you actually arrive via water taxi), which makes for serene, scenic surroundings while you’re there. And besides the aforementioned offerings, guests can enjoy “conscientious cuisine,” spa services including floating meditation and myofascial release performed in water, sound baths, and other healing experiences led by wellness specialist Julie Haber.

Oceano Tenerife Hotel & Health Spa In Tenerife, Spain

Océano Tenerife Hotel & Health Spa

Thanks to its healthy fare (think lots of fresh produce and seafood) and beautiful weather — which offers more opportunities to be active outdoors — Spain is a well known wellness destination. “Spain is a popular location for wellness retreats should you choose to go with a group, or have wellness curated for you at Oceano Tenerife Hotel & Health Spa,” Roby suggests. “This resort is on the water and uses this healing modality in a variety of ways including Thalassotherapy treatments at the spa and fresh seawater in the pool.” Other activities guests can partake in here include climbing and bouldering, yoga, hiking, and surfing as well as healing programs like nutrition, pain therapy, and stress management — all while overlooking the stunning bay of Punta del Hidalgo.

Deplar Farm In Troll Peninsula, Iceland

Iceland’s Blue Lagoon is famous for its healing mineral waters, but if you desire an even more intensive wellness experience while visiting the country, you might consider a stay at Deplar Farm in the Troll Peninsula — which will also offer you more privacy and luxury. “This 13-suite luxury property has an open air pool heated by natural energy and flotation tanks to lower your stress and increase appreciation for everything in sight.” A stay here is focused on movement and restoration — plus you might catch a view of the majestic Northern Lights while you’re there.

Golden Door In San Marcos, California

Strengthen your mind-body connection at the renowned Golden Door in California. At the Japanese-inspired resort, you can choose between five or seven-day programs that feature farm-fresh meals, guided hikes and other forms of fitness like yoga, archery, and boxing (rooms come equipped with workout gear to motivate your movement), and of course mindfulness sessions.

Troutbeck In Hudson Valley, New York

The Troutbeck in Amenia has long had plenty to offer its wellness-loving guests: Farm-to-table food, fresh open air, babbling brooks. But in the past year the acclaimed respite expanded on this idea with the opening of its wellness barns, where you can take yoga, Kinesoma, and Tai Chi classes, have an acupuncture session, and more in a spacious, modern, and peaceful setting.

Sensei Lanai, A Four Seasons Resort In Lanai City, Hawaii

Sensei Lanai, A Four Seasons Resort

With any Four Seasons stay, luxury is expected. Guests at the Sensei Lanai get this — by way of chic indoor-outdoor living and spa treatments with Hawaiian-inspired elements — plus even more wellness-focused options to indulge in. When you book your trip here, round-trip airfare from Honolulu to Lanai — which provides a rustic, “old Hawaii” setting — is included. Upon arrival, you start your customized plan (with move, nourish, or rest focuses, as recommended by a personally matched sensei). Some other unique opportunities for guests include equestrian sports, heated soaking tubs set amid an onsen garden, and obstacle courses.

COMO Shambhala Estate In Bali, Indonesia

Bali is a mecca for healing, thanks to its strong connection to spirituality, and this also makes it a popular wellness destination. If you’re thinking of heading here for a getaway that’s geared toward health in the most holistic way, consider a stay at luxury resort COMO Shamhala Estate, which offers a laundry list of retreat types (yoga, fitness, anti-stress, detox, Ayurveda, and more). There’s an expert staff on duty, a state-of-the-art gym, and hydrotherapy pool, to name just a few things guests can immerse themselves in during their ultra-private, customized visits here.