50 Weird, Cheap Things On Amazon That Are Legitimately Brilliant

You’re bound to become obsessed.

Written by Natalie Gale
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Hair mayonnaise? Glow-in-the-dark pebbles? Frozen soup trays? Visit the depths of Amazon and you’ll find some pretty funky products. So how do you know what works and what doesn’t? That’s where our commerce team comes in. Based on customer reviews and IRL testing, they’ve rounded up 50 of the weirdest Amazon products that are actually incredibly clever — and affordable to boot.

Some of them, like the instant chiller that gives you iced coffee in just 60 seconds, are bound to change your life (or at least your morning routine). You’ll also find unconventional new ways to make your produce last longer or remove the sulfites from a glass of wine. And some of the weird little products, like a portable neck fan, are just plain brilliant. Read on for 50 of our favorite strange, cheap things on Amazon.


This Condiment-Themed Hair Mask That Actually Works

We know, we know — hair mayo? It sounds gross, but it totally works. It gets its mayo-y texture from shea butter, which helps hydrate and protect dry hair, and egg yolk, which can help make hair shinier. This K-beauty treatment, designed to be used as an in-shower hair mask, leaves hair smelling like vanilla and macadamia nuts (not eggs!), and reviewers love how it leaves their hair noticeably softer, shinier, bouncier, and less tangled — and it’s just $16.


These Food Huggers That Wrap Around Cut Fruits & Veggies

Gone are the days of saving cut produce in a plastic baggy that just ends up in the trash, or a Tupperware that takes up too much space in the fridge. These silicone food huggers wrap around the cut end of produce like tomatoes, lemons, or onions, keeping them fresher than more traditional food storage options. This set comes with five huggers in all different sizes — to fit everything from bananas to grapefruit — and the huggers are BPA-free and dishwasher safe. And with the money you’ll save on food waste, these $13 food savers pay for themselves in no time.


These Lip Scrubbers That’ll Leave You With A Perfectly Smooth Pout

Like a toothbrush for your lips, these funny little exfoliating lip brushes are the lip routine tools you never knew you needed. This two-pack of lip brushes goes for just $7 and has two functions — the pink scrubber has finer bristles to gently exfoliate dead skin from your lips, leaving them softer and ready for the perfect lipstick application, while the green scrubber has larger bristles to massage the lips and improve blood flow (which can even plump up their appearance).


This Projector That Turns Your Space From Boring To Vibey

This cool little lamp completely transforms the vibe of your space with the press of a button, and for only $16. The sunset projector lamp throws a circle of color onto the wall — this rainbow option has blue, pink, and orange. It’s great for awesome-looking photoshoots, or for just making your space feel dreamy while you chill. Since the lamp projects light, you can easily adjust the size of the projection by moving the lens around to create exactly the environment you’re looking for.


This Eyeliner Stamp For Creating The Perfect Winged Look

Who knew you could get perfect winged eyeliner with just one motion? This handy eyeliner stamp gives you a snatched cat eye every single time. The liner has two sides: a wing-shaped stamp on one end, and a traditional liquid eyeliner pen on the other to draw the rest of your look. The liner comes in three different sizes — classic, small, or large, depending on your preference — and each liner is waterproof and foolproof.


This Chiller That Cools Iced Coffee In Just 1 Minute

This neat HyperChiller gets coffee cold in just 60 seconds. You read that right — no more refrigerating coffee for hours to make your own iced coffee. All you have to do is fill the HyperChiller with water according to directions, pop it in the freezer, and in the morning, pour your hot coffee or tea into the chiller to cool it in no time. You can then pour your cooled drink over ice without diluting it. And for just $30, the lifetime of high-quality iced coffee this’ll make you is well worth it.


These Metal Wands That Leave Your Face Tight & Glowing

Bring the spa home for only $18 with these chunky wands, which actually have some amazing benefits for your complexion, from decreasing puffiness and stimulating blood flow to encouraging lymphatic drainage. The stainless steel cooling facial sticks, when kept in the freezer, stay cold for over an hour because of their internal cooling gel. Used by professional estheticians, the wands fit against the natural curves of your face as you reduce inflammation, leaving your complexion glowier and tighter.


These Silicone Earplugs That Reduce Ambient Noise Levels

If you regularly go to loud concerts, like to study or work in silence, or have trouble sleeping, these noise reduction earplugs are well worth the investment. For just $35, they filter outside noise so you can still hear what’s going on around you, just a little more quietly. They’ll protect your hearing while you ride a motorcycle, attend a music festival, or get on plane, and are also great for folks with noise senstivity. The silicone earplugs are super discreet, too, available in seven stylish colors and designed to sit flush with your ear.

  • Available colors: 7


These Face Mask Brushes For Mess-Free Product Application

You’ll never apply a face mask the same way again once you have these silicone face mask brushes. Shockingly affordable, the brushes give you a smooth, even application of gel, cream, or clay face masks that you can never achieve with fingers alone, and are suitable for other products like creams and lotions, too. They’re some of the cheapest face mask applicators on the market, and reviewers especially love them for applying messy products like charcoal and clay masks, noting that they make getting into the crevices around your nose a piece of cake.


These Glowing, Magical Pebbles That Illuminate Your Outdoor Space

Turn your outdoor space into a fairy world with these fascinating glow-in-the-dark garden pebbles. They’ll soak up sunlight during the day and glow for two or three hours at night, making them perfect for lighting up a dark path, filling a planter, edging a flower bed, or even adding visual interest to a waterscape. At less than $15, they’re one of the most cost-effective ways to add stunning aesthetic appeal to your outdoor space — and they work indoors, too, as long as they get enough light exposure during the day.


This Foam Maker That Whips Up Your Favorite Cleanser

If you’ve ever wanted to rub fluffy whipped topping all over your face, now you actually can. This marshmallow foam maker whips up your facial cleanser into a silky lather with just a few pumps so you can gently but deeply cleanse your face, effectively removing buildup like makeup, oil, and sunscreen without stripping your skin. It’ll help your cleansers last longer, too, since you only need a pearl-sized amount to create a full container of foam. And at just $7, both your wallet and your skin will thank you.


This Drain Cover That Gives You Deeper, More Relaxing Baths

Enjoy deeper baths with this overflow drain cover — an ingenious little tool that covers you tub’s overflow drain, making your water several inches deeper. The plastic cover suctions easily over all common overflow drain types, like toggle levels and flat drains, preventing water from automatically draining once it reaches a certain height. Just a couple extra inches of water makes a big difference! It’s dishwasher safe when you need to clean it, and at just $8, it might be the best bath time investment you ever make.

  • Available colors: 9


This Heavy Duty Hand Lotion For Healing Extreme Dry Skin

These “gloves in a bottle” aren’t actually gloves, but rather an intensely hydrating hand mask/lotion for dry, cracked hands. At just $14, the cost-effective, derm-approved lotion gives your hands an instant protective shield that lasts for hours, perfect for hands that are exposed to frequent hand washing, hand sanitizer, and other irritants. Trusted by healthcare experts, the lotion has been clinically tested and approved for use in hospitals, even operating rooms. It’s also great for cracked elbows or heels, or anywhere skin is irritated like on patches of eczema.


This Breathable Cotton Breast Tape That Comes With Nipple Covers

This high-quality, breathable cotton breast tape will elevate all of your braless looks for less than $10. The tape is made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex to give it stretch, and the medical-grade silicone lining is skin-friendly. Designed to support any size chest, the tape comes with 10 nipple covers, too — stick on the cover to protect sensitive nipples, then use the tape to provide invisible lift and support wherever (and whenever) you need it.


This Seriously Strong Lip Stain That Goes On Blue — But Leaves You With Ruby Red Lips

Wonderskin makes one seriously strong lip stain — it’s transfer proof, waterproof, and TikTok-approved, and it just might replace all your other less effective lip products for only $22. This Wonder Blading lip stain gives you a matte, ruby red pout that lasts all day (and night) long, giving you a put-together look in seconds flat. Just apply the blue-colored stain for 10 to 30 seconds and wipe it away, revealing perfectly pigmented lips. The stain comes in eleven other shades, too, like pinks and corals.

  • Available shades: 12


These Cheap Drill Attachments For Busting Grime Around The House

These drill brush power scrubbers basically act like a Clarisonic for your home. This four pack of brush heads attach onto your drill to help you deep clean different areas of your home, like the tub, floor tiles, siding, pots and pans, grills, stoves, carpets, and more. You’ll get stubborn areas cleaner, faster, and these handy attachments won’t break the bank, either — the four-pack goes for only $9.


This Hairbrush Cleaning Brush For Good-As-New Hairbrushes

This neat little tool makes cleaning hair out of your hairbrush a breeze. The hairbrush cleaning brush has stiff bristles on one end for easy removal of unwanted hair, and a soft brush on the other end for cleaning off dust and fluff to get your hairbrushes cleaner than you ever could with just your hands. It’s made of sturdy plastic and can be washed with soap and water. And the best part? It only costs $12.


This Freezer Tray For Soups and Sauces

A soup ice cube tray? Hear us out — this food storage freezer pod makes it super easy to freeze individual one-cup portions of soup that can then be heated up as needed for stress-free meal prep. It’s also great for freezing portions of homemade sauces and stocks so they don’t go bad. And at $20, it’ll save you both hassle and money by minimizing your food waste and maximizing your meal-prep potential. It comes with a silicone lid so it won’t spill, and it’s dishwasher safe.


This Sports Bra With Slots For Your Phone & Headphones

Working out just got a whole lot more convenient with this sports bra that has a pocket. It comes with removable pads, a breathable lining, and, of course, a pocket in the back that perfectly fits your phone while you’re running, walking, hiking, or lifting weights — it even has a slot for wired headphones, so your wires will stay out of the way while you’re active. Designed for high-impact workouts, it gives tons of support to A, B, and C cup sizes, and is made of a stretchy, quick-drying material.

  • Available colors: 31


This Dryer Lint Remover That Attaches To Your Vacuum

Amazon’s number one best seller in dryer parts, this dryer vent cleaner kit removes years of dryer lint buildup with just one use. Keeping your dryer lint-free is imperative for preventing fires, and this cleaner gives you peace of mind for less than $15. This flat hose, which attaches to your vacuum, has a powerful suction that’ll remove years of lint buildup within your dryer duct, helping to prevent fires and keeping your appliance running optimally.


This Weird-Looking Face Mask That Tightens Up Your Skin

Egg yolks in your hair and egg whites... on your face? This Zombie Pack face mask contains albumin, an ingredient derived from egg whites, which works as an astringent to tighten the appearance of skin and reduce the look of pores. Albumin is a protein made of amino acids, the building blocks of your skin, so it also helps to promote cellular repair and increase skin’s hydration. The mask also contains soothing cica and hydrating bee propolis, and this pack comes with eight masks in total (so they’re just $4 each).


These Blue Balls That Extend The Life Of Your Fresh Produce

Who knew that extending the life of your produce was as easy as throwing these freshness saver balls into the fridge? The little plastic blue “apples” contain absorption packets that suck up ethylene gas, which is naturally emitted by aging produce, making your fruits and veggies last up to three times longer. (The technology is even used in commercial produce shipping, so you know it works.) You’ll get two blue apples for just $15 with this two-pack, and the packets only need to be replaced once every three months — so they pay for themselves with the food waste you’ll save.


This Adjustable Neck Light That Illuminates Your Reading, Crafting, & More

This LED neck light means you’ll never again have to clip a light onto your book to find the right angle for illumination — just pop the rechargeable light over your head and you’re good to go. It’s only $22, and it’s great for more than just reading in bed at night, adding extra light to knitting, needlework, crafting, and home repairs, too. The light has three modes — yellow, warm white, and cool white — and three brightness settings for each mode so you can adjust the light exactly how you need it depending on the time of day.


This Nail Concealer That Gives A Shiny, Milky Wash Of Pink

Never waste money on an expensive manicure again with this illuminating nail concealer that makes your nails look so healthy and natural. The concealing polish neutralizes any yellowing, scratches, or other imperfections, giving you that perfect glazed donut nail look with only one application. The buildable polish comes in four different neutral shades, but all of them are slightly iridescent to give your nails a subtle, healthy shine.

  • Available shades: 4


This Makeup Brush Cleaner That Maximizes Efficiency

If you hate the chore of washing your makeup brushes regularly (and really, who doesn’t?), this super efficient electric makeup brush cleaner will make it all go away for less than $35. The cleaner fits any size makeup brush — just slip your brush into the electric spinner, buzz it clean in the shatter-resistent bowl with soapy water, and spin it dry, all in a matter of seconds. Now you can clean your brushes right in the middle of your makeup routine!


This Wall Shelf For Extra Storage In Small Spaces

Perfect for tight spaces, dorm rooms, studio apartments, or anywhere you need a little extra storage, this bedside shelf attaches onto the wall for an ingenious storage solution that’s less than $15. The shelf installs quickly with double-sided adhesive pads, and comes in two different models — one with a small pocket, a deep pocket, and two hooks for hanging keys, glasses, or chargers, while the other model has one wide pocket and one tray.


These Ultra-Cooling Pillowcases That Come In A Two-Pack

Get two pillowcases in one with these cooling pillow cases that go for just $16 for a two-pack. The Japanese pillowcases have a silky, nylon side that feels super cool to the touch and reduces bedhead, while the other side is a breathable cotton that’s comfortable, soft, and also stays cool. The cases have a hidden zipper design, can be machine washed (just make sure to hang them dry), and come in 19 different neutral and pastel colors.

  • Available colors: 19


This Neat Cup Holder Expander To Fit Big Bottles In Little Holders

This clever car cup holder expander means you can actually fit large water bottles like Hydro Flasks, Yetis, and Nalgenes into car cup holders. The affordable little contraption has a small base that slides into your cup holder, and when you twist the top, the bottom expands to securely fit the adaptor in the holder, keeping your oversized water bottle upright no matter how bouncy the car ride gets. The rubber tabs securely hold any size bottle, and the silicone coaster prevents bottle from rattling around.


This Multi-Use Extendable Strainer For Maximizing Kitchen Efficiency

An expandable colander? Multitask in the kitchen with this handy over-the-sink colander basket that gives you hands-free capability while rinsing vegetables or draining pasta. The extendable heat-resistant strainer goes from 14.5 inches to 19.5 inches, so it fits over any size sink, letting you sanitarily drip dry produce or pasta while you focus on other tasks. It can even function as a rack to dry dishes or thaw frozen foods — plus, it comes in six different colors and goes for just $18.


These Tiny Spatulas For Getting Into Small Bottles & Jars

These teeny tiny spatulas might seem like kitchen utensils for dolls — but they’re actually shockingly useful. They have long, skinny handles and flexible silicone heads to help you scrape out the last bits of expensive product from your skin care jars and bottles, and reviewers also use them for crafting or for scraping out the last of jams and condiments in the kitchen. And at less than $3.50 each, how could you not love them?


These Pretty, Playful Solar Lights That Illuminate Your Garden

These gorgeous solar garden lights add whimsy and illumination to your outdoor space for only $17. The outdoor lights are waterproof and recharge with the sun during the day, lighting up automatically at night. The patented design means the lights sway gently in the wind, mimicking fireflies or swaying garden plants for a playful, visually interesting look — and they boast almost exclusively five-star ratings.


This Facial Hair Remover That’s Great For Sensitive Skin

This Finishing Touch Flawless hair remover gently trims away peach fuzz and hair from your cheeks, lips, chin, and neck with just a few strokes. The electric razor actually trims your hair, meaning no irritation or down time — simply turn on the trimmer, press it to your face, and move it in circular motions to pare down each hair safely and gently. It features 18-karat gold plating and fits compactly into your makeup bag. And at just $18 with almost limitless uses, the hair remover is practically priceless.


These Cheap Scalp Massagers That Help You Unlock Your Healthiest Hair

The benefits of a scalp massager — like increasing blood flow, removing product buildup, and supporting healthy hair growth — have been all over social media lately, and since you can pick up two scalp massagers for just $11, you might as well try them out for yourself. While they look a little bit like torture tools, the massagers couldn’t be better for your scalp health, with gentle silicone teeth that help remove dandruff, oil, and product buildup, all while encouraging hair growth by increasing blood flow.


This Wedge-Shaped Pillow For Plushy Support Wherever You Need It

Add luxurious support to your bedtime routine for only $25 with this bamboo wedge pillow. The block adds 7 inches of elevation at a 45 degree incline, making it easy to elevate your legs or head, or even to use as a laptop table. The plushy pillow always bounces back to its original form after you’ve been using it, and the removable and washable case makes it easy to keep clean. It’s especially great for anyone with pregnancy discomfort or who’s recovering from surgery.


These Scrunchies That Are Cute, Protective, And Help You Dry Your Hair

Protect your hair and save blow drying time with these Kitsch microfiber hair drying scrunchies — you can snag two for only $15. The microfiber scrunchies are super absorbent, making them great for putting your hair up after a shower or a swim to soak up any extra water and cut down on the time it takes to blow dry. And they’re not just for drying hair — they also work great on your wrists to prevent water from running down your arms while you wash your face.


This Sticky Strapless Bra That Provides Maximum Support & Comfort

Sure, it looks kind of like a silicone butterfly — but it’s really the best strapless bra you’ll ever use. It comes in eight different cup sizes (A through G) and five different skin-colored shades. It has a clasp-front design that’ll keep your breasts supported, and the skin-friendly silicone adhesive means it’ll stay put on your chest without budging, but will still remove painlessly with soap and water, helping you elevate any braless look for just $24.


This Foamy, Citrusy, Refillable Yuzu Hand Soap

Who can resist a hand soap that dispenses foam in the shape of a flower? This Japanese yuzu flower foaming hand soap does just that, and has an uplifting, citrusy scent. The dermatologist-tested soap also contains soothing rice water and vitamin C-rich yuzu, making it good for your skin and your soul. The best part? Once you have the dispenser you can refill it endlessly — and their soap refills go for just $10 each.


These Blade-Resistant Gloves To Protect Your Hands While You’re Cooking

Protect your hands from sharp kitchen tools for just $11 with these cut resistant gloves. Four times stronger than leather, the food-safe gloves shield your fingers while you’re slicing and dicing, helping you cook with peace of mind. They’re especially convenient for using with a grater or a mandolin. They have a snug fit, are machine washable, and can be used on either hand.


This Wine Filter That Removes Sulfites For Those With Sensitivities

Removing sulfites with just a stir? Turns out it’s possible with these PureWine wand filters that filter out histamines and sulfites, making wine more tolerable for folks with sensitivities or allergies. Simply stir the wand around in your glass of wine for a few minutes, and its ion exchange resin will filter the wine and bring opened, oxidized wine back to its natural state. You can pick up a three-pack of filters for only $12, and while the product seems too good to be true, its thousands of five-star ratings would disagree.


This LED Light Strip Designed To Backlight Your Television

Amp up the look of your living room with these LED backlights. For only $13, you can snag this 6.5-foot LED strip that covers the back of TVs up to 42 inches and gives them a backlit glow. You can change the color of the adhesive lights from your phone to match your mood or the move you’re watching, adjusting the brightness and temperature, too. Reviewers love how it’s affordable, easy to install, and sets the mood for watching TV.


This Avocado Slicer To Cut An Avocado Cleanly & Efficiently

Cutting up avocados couldn’t be easier (or more fun) with this convenient little avocado slicer. For just $11, it’ll help you deconstruct an avocado in seconds flat — splitting it, pitting it, slicing it into perfect wedges, and then scooping it out of the skin in one clean go. Never again put your hand in harm’s way by splitting and de-pitting with a sharp kitchen knife — this tool slices the avocado rind cleanly with a plastic blade, and removes the pit with one quick twist.


This Eyelash Comb For Separating Lashes & Removing Extra Mascara

Give your lashes a clump-free look every time with this ingenious little $5 tool. This eyelash comb, designed to be used right after applying mascara while the mascara is still a little wet, combs out lashes to safely remove clumps and excess product — never again overdo it with clumpy, excess mascara. The comb has thirty prongs for a super natural finish, and it has a cap for easy storage and travel.


This Cute, Streamlined Neck Fan That’s A Game Changer In Hot Temps

This handy, portable neck fan, at just $24, might be your new secret weapon against sweltering summer days. The rechargeable, wearable fan fits comfortably around your neck and blows air around your head without getting in the way, making it perfect for wearing while you’re running, hiking, biking, or doing errands. The fan has three speed settings and a quiet motor, and even functions as cute accessory with its five fashionable color options — forest green, dark blue, pink, silver, and yellow.


This Heatless Curler That Gives You Bouncy, Healthy Curls Overnight

Amazon’s number-one best selling hair rollers, this Kitsch satin heatless curling set remains the gold standard in heatless curling — and at $15, it’s less than almost any other curling method on the market. The set creates voluminous, shiny, natural-looking curls overnight, and is great for all hair types. Simply wrap your hair around the foam curling rod and secure with the satin scrunchies, and you’ll wake up to bouncy curls with minimal effort and zero damage.


This Earbuds Cleaner That Gets Into All Those Hard-To-Reach Spaces

Getting earwax stuck in your AirPods or grime in your case is the absolute worst — but for just $6, you can make your earbuds and case look as good as new. This three-in-one cleaning pen for earbuds has a high-density brush for brushing out dirt, a flocking foam tip to clean dust and grime, and a pointy metal pen tip to get into all the nooks and crannies and leave them sparkling. The pen has a rubber grip for easy handling, too, and at its cheap price point and with multiple different uses, it’s sure to be one of your best Amazon purchases ever.


This Purse Organizer That Gives You Easy Access To Everything In Your Bag

Turn your messy handbag into a perfectly organized purse with this affordable felt purse organizer. It has 11 compartments total, all with different shapes and sizes to organize all of your purse essentials. It’ll keep your purse shaped and the inside clean, and it also allows you to switch purses whenever you want — just pull out the insert and put it into a different purse.


This Necklace Clasp That Makes Layering A Breeze

Do you layer the same necklaces together day after day? This neat little necklace layering clasp makes it easy to layer the same necklaces without having to put each one on and take them off every day. The clasp can hold three different necklaces, which you can them put on and remove with a single master clasp, helping you get ready faster and keeping your jewelry tangle-free. The clasp is 18-karat gold-plated on hypoallergenic stainless steel, but it’s only $12.


These Heel Sleeves That Intensely Hydrate Dry Soles

Sometimes dry, cracked heels need more than just lotion — so that’s where these moisturizing gel heel sleeves come in. At just $11, they contain a medical-grade gel with aloe, mineral oil, vitamin E, and shea butter to deeply moisturize your skin while you sleep at night (but the vented fabric means you can wear them during the day, too). For best results, wear the sleeves for seven days in a row, and then two or three times per week after that — and get ready for the softest, smoothest heels of your life.


This Barista Kit For Cranking Out Rich Double Espressos On The Go

With this barista kit, you can make freshly brewed double espressos on the go without buying a $200 espresso machine. The kit comes with a full set of accessories that expand the capabilities of the Nanopresso portable espresso maker, allowing you to pull double espressos instead of singles. The Nanopresso high-pressure extraction makes for velvety espresso shots that are just as good if not better than fancy at-home espresso machines. Note that Nanopresso machine are sold separately from this kit.


This Power Scrubber For Getting Into Tight Spaces

Get into all the cracks and crevices you thought were a lost cause with this Rubbermaid power scrubber. The electric toothbrush-looking tool is actually a genius cordless, multi-purpose scrub brush cleaner that’s about to become your new favorite weapon against built-up dirt and grime. The rotating head scrubs 60 times per second, helping you clean up hard-to-reach places like grout, corners, window sills, and sink fixtures — and the scrubber has a water-resistance design. There’s no need to buy an expensive electric toothbrush to clean grime when this little $20 tool gets the job done even better.