50 Things That Are So Weird & Cool, They Should Be Way More Expensive Than They Are

You’ll wonder how you ever lived without them.

Written by Natalie Gale
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If you’re anything like our commerce team, you’re perpetually on the lookout for those clever, unique products that you can only find on Amazon — bonus points if they’re cheaper than all of the other alternatives out there. Below, you’ll find 50 of our favorite products that are either so functional, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them, or so fun that they’ll bring you joy every time you look at them.

From incredibly cheap yet effective beauty products to helpful kitchen gadgets, like an all-in-one breakfast sandwich maker, these are the products you won’t regret purchasing no matter how much they cost — but our editors have rounded up some of the most affordable, high-quality finds out there. Read on for 50 of the our team’s favorite Amazon products that work so well, or are so clever, they should cost so much more than they do.


This Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner That Makes Quick Work Of Dirty Brushes

This neat electric makeup brush cleaner makes that typically exhausting chore both easy and fun — for less than $20. And since it helps you both clean and dry your brushes in less than one minute, you can take care of the brush cleaning process right in the middle of your makeup routine. Just slip your brush into the electric cleaner, spin it in the break-resistant bowl filled with soap and water, and then spin it dry. The cleaner is compatible with almost any size makeup brush on the market.


This Cute Personal Fan That’s Cordless & Convenient

This cute little personal desk fan is cordless and rechargeable, so you can stay cool in the car, in your bed, at your desk, or wherever the day takes you. And did we mention it’s adorable? The cactus-shaped fan measures just 7 inches high and 4 inches wide and has three wind speeds — one full charge can last up to 14 hours on low speed. Best of all, this cute, functional little fan clocks in at just $17.

  • Available colors: 2


This Breakfast Sandwich Maker That Makes You A Hearty Breakfast In Minutes

This Hamilton Beach breakfast sandwich maker gives you restaurant-quality breakfasts in the comfort of your own home, and its 15,000 five-star ratings speak for themselves. The sandwich maker has slots to cook all elements evenly and quickly in just five minutes — bread toasted, egg perfectly set, pre-cooked meat warmed, and cheese melted. And this super handy kitchen appliance will only run you $30, so after just a few uses it’s already paid for itself.


This Device That Eliminates Pathogens On Your Phone With Scientifically Proven UV Light

There’s nothing sudsy about this PhoneSoap UV cell phone sanitizer — it uses 360-degree UV-C light to get rid of 99.9% of all germs on your phone. While the disinfection process only takes 10 minutes, the PhoneSoap charges your device while it sanitizes so you can wake up to a phone that’s clean and charged every morning. Throughout the day, our phones pick up tons of bacteria and viruses on their surfaces, but UV-C light devices are proven to eliminate up to 99.9% of pathogens on a phone’s surface. And this one gives you that peace of mind for less than $40.

  • Available colors: 6


These Cheap, Pretty Wine Charms For Telling Glasses Apart

Want to differentiate between wine glasses when you host a function, but don’t like the clunky look of some wine charms? Then you’ll probably love these floral wine charms from Trudeau. They wrap delicately around the stem of your wine glass, and this set comes with 12 unique flower-shaped charms. They’re made from soft silicone so they won’t clink against your glass, and you can throw them in the dishwasher at the end of the night. And these 12 charms will run you no more than a buck a piece.


This Vegetable Chopper For Easy, Mess-Free Prep

This 13-in-1 vegetable chopper might be the last new kitchen gadget you ever need, and it’s only $23. The chopper has eight interchangeable blades so you can slice and dice any kind of fruit or vegetable. The device can help you cut your meal prep time in half — dice an onion in one fell swoop, slice cucumbers with the mandolin attachment, shred cheese, chop veggies for roasting, and create the perfect wavy potatoes for homemade waffle fries. The chopper even has an egg white separator, too. All produce gets chopped straight into a plastic container for mess-free prep and easy storage.

  • Available colors: 2


These Packets That Give Your Fire Pit Magical, Colorful Flames

Light up your next bonfire with these cosmic magical flames. The sealed pouches, when tossed on a firepit, turn the flames into a rainbow of colors — and since they come out to a little over a dollar each, how can you resist? Each pack makes flames colorful for about an hour, adding instant vibrancy to a quiet night. Just note that you can’t cook over the colored flame, so make sure you roast all your hotdogs and marshmallows before using the packets.


This Lip Balm That Creates A Custom Shade Of Pink For Your Skin Tone

A luxurious lip balm that’s vegan, has a real chrysanthemum inside, and costs less than $20? Sign us up. The best-selling Winky Lux Flower Balm is a color-changing lip stain that adjusts to your lips’ unique pH and creates a unique, flattering shade of pink for any skin tone. The balm leaves you with a hydrated sheen and a natural-looking pink glow, and it even has a delicious vanilla scent.

  • Available colors: 3


This Mini Electric Skillet That’s Cute, Functional, & Particularly Perfect For Small Spaces

Functional, cute, and cheap? This Nostalgia personal electric skillet hits all the right points. The $27 two-in-one electric appliance functions as a pot or pan, meaning you can cook just about anything — like ramen, eggs, stir fries, pasta, burgers, pancakes, and even steamed rice — with the press of a button. The skillet heats up in less than three minutes, and its compact size makes it great for dorms, offices, RVs, and small kitchens, while its cool-touch handles mean you won’t burn yourself while using it.


This Color-Depositing Cleanser/Conditioner So You Can Cut Down On Visits To The Salon

Keep your color looking fresh without monthly visits to the salon with this Keracolor clenditioner. You read that right — it’s a cross between a cleanser and a conditioner, and it deposits semi-permanent color after every wash. Their purple clenditioner is great for keeping blonde hair cool and bright, but they carry a range of other colors, too, like pink, green, blue, orange, and more natural browns and blacks, great for either experimenting with a new color or just increasing the vibrancy of the one you have. For just $22, you’ll exit the shower looking like you just left the salon, every time.

  • Available colors: 15


This Wine Aerator To Improve The Taste Of Reds Right Out Of The Bottle

Get the perfect pour every time with this wine aerator pourer. Most wine, especially heavy and flavorful reds, benefit from aerating before they’re consumed. Exposing a wine to air helps it lose some of the strong sulfites and ethanol compounds, giving it a more desirable smell and a smoother flavor. This pourer’s air hole pulls in air as the wine is pouring, so you can enjoy the wine at its peak flavor right after opening — no breathing time necessary. This pack comes with two pourers for only $14, so you can give one as a gift and keep the other at home.


This Hanging LED Candles For The Perfect Magical Decor

Your space will get a whole lot more magical with these flameless floating candles. The battery-operated LED candles hang from the ceiling or another high point with an already attached, barely visible fishing line, so they’ll look just like those magical hanging candles from Harry Potter. The perfect decoration for holidays or parties, the hanging candles come with a remote control that requires just one AAA battery, and the candles themselves can run for up to 200 hours. And at $24 for a 12-pack of candles, they only cost $2 each.


This Neck Reading Light For Hands-Free Illumination

Reading in bed just got a whole lot easier with this LED neck reading light. Its two adjustable lights point wherever you need them, so you can shine hands-free beams on your book in bed, or on knitting, needlepoint, or household repairs that could use a bit more light. Affordable and functional, the light has six brightness levels and three light settings depending on the time of day: warm white, daylight white, and cool light. It’s rechargeable with a USB-C, and it comes in eight different colors.

  • Available colors: 8


These Warm, Aromatic Eye Masks To Steam & Soothe Dry Eyes

Do you often wake up with dry and tired eyes? These auto-heating scented steam eye masks aim to remedy that. At less than a dollar each, the masks get warm as soon as you open one up and put it on, surrounding your eyes with water vapor to gently soothe dry eyes and even help relieve sinus pressure. The masks get warm, not hot, and each one lasts for 20 to 35 minutes, secured to your face with the attached ear straps. This pack comes with 10 lavender and 10 chamomile scented masks, but you can also grab them in cedar or unscented.


These Travel-Friendly Soap Sheets For Mess-Free On-The-Go Cleansing

Perfect for traveling, these soap sheets dissolve instantly into a foaming lather upon contact with water. The scented sheets come in a plastic pocket-sized container so you can bring them anywhere. And they can be real life savers — they’re perfect for packing light on overnight trips (like camping) or for carrying in your purse to wash your hands thoroughly in public restrooms. They’re incredibly affordable, too — you’ll get 12 packs of 20 sheets for just $8. The order comes with two packs of each scent: jasmine, lavender, wormwood, lemon, milk, and rose.

  • Available colors: 6


These Magnetic Eyelashes That Stay Put Without Glue

False eyelashes without all the fussy glue? Sounds too good to be true. But these Luxillia magnetic lashes deliver, securely attaching to your eyes with the help of a magnetic liquid eyeliner. Made and tested in the US, the magnetic liner is 100% safe, meaning no particles will fall off into your eyes. The professionally designed lashes are ultra-thin to blend perfectly with your natural lashes. And this is one of the most affordable false lash sets you’ll find — the package comes with five sets of lashes, a lash applicator, and the magnetic eyeliner for just $19.


This Color-Changing Lamp That’s Controlled By A Simple Tap

Love ambient colored light, but don’t love the hassle of applying an LED strip to your room? This neat touch-control lamp can change to any color on the RGB spectrum, or you can just keep it at a soft, warm white. The 8 inch-tall plug-in lamp is easy to move from your bedside to the living area or your desk, and it changes brightness and shade with a simple tap. It’s perfect for working late at night, setting an immersive mood during a movie, or functioning as a night light in a child’s nursery. The best part? This high-tech lamp is less than $25 on Amazon.


This Skin-Plumping Microneedling Tool That’s Perfect For Beginners

This derma roller will get you smooth, glowing skin for just $10. The microneedling tool works by inserting tiny little needles into the skin to stimulate collagen production, giving you some of the benefits of a professional microneedling session without the huge price tag. This derma roller has super tiny .25-millimeter needles, making it perfect for beginners who are new to microneeding — but make sure you first read up on our tips for how to safely use a microneedling tool.


This Fun & Functional Humidifier That Looks As Nice As It Works

Why settle for a boring humidifier when you can have one that’s shaped like a cloud and changes color, so it doubles as a night light? This ultrasonic cool mist humidifier helps kids (and adults) breathe easier at night by creating an ideal humidity level. The larger 1.8-liter tank provides up to 24 hours of cool mist, helping ease congestion, cold symptoms, coughs, and dry skin.


This LED Face Mask That Treats All Sorts Of Skin Conditions

By this point, you’ve probably heard all about the benefits of red LED light for skin, like boosting your skin’s glow and improving its texture. But did you know that different color LED lights help with different skin concerns? While red light is the most common for boosting collagen production, blue light helps eliminate acne-causing bacteria, while orange light helps improve skin’s radiance. This LED face mask has seven different colors so you can flip the switch depending on your skin care concerns — and at just $52, this seven-in-one LED mask is a steal.


This Sleek, Conversation-Sparking Clock That Tells Time In Words

This LED light-up world clock might be the most original clock you’ve ever seen, and it can be yours for just $27. The clock adds a sleek, elegant design to any space, telling you the time in words rather than numbers — 11:05 becomes “it is five minutes past eleven,” and 9:35 becomes “it is twenty-five minutes to ten.” The eye-catching piece plugs into the wall, and its LED backlighting is bright enough to read during the day.

  • Available colors: 4


This Foam Maker To Whip Up Cleansers That Normally Don’t Get Foamy

Nooni’s marshmallow whip maker turns any facial cleanser into the rich, foamy lather of your dreams with just a few pumps. It stretches your expensive products further, makes your strong cleansers gentler on sensitive skin, or creates a lather out of cleansers that don’t typically foam up well. It takes just a pearl-sized amount of cleanser and a little water to fill the entire container with rich, satisfying fluff.


This Floating, Waterproof Speaker That Works In The Pool Or At The Office

This wireless Bluetooth floating speaker is a huge upgrade to your traditional Bluetooth speaker. It’s waterproof, it lights up, it floats — and it’s only $24. The rechargeable speaker can float around the pool without ruining the sound quality, and its water-resistant design makes it perfect to use in the shower or bath, too. Its full bass and eight color modes make it ideal for a pool party, but it’s just as functional for hands-free calling. It has a wireless connection range of 85 feet, and plays for up to seven hours after a full charge.

  • Available colors: 5


This Funky, Adorable Little Cherry-Shaped Toilet Brush

This funny little cherry toilet brush is as cute as it is functional. Cleaning the bathroom is one of the worst chores out there — so why not make it a bit more fun? The affordable brush’s space-saving design fits into small, tight bathrooms, and its firm, dense bristles thoroughly clean your toilet. And the brush has an attached lid to make sure it’s sealed away when it’s not in use, keeping harmful bacteria out of the air.


This Neck Fan To Keep You Cool Wherever The Day Brings You

Staying cool has never been so easy with this personal neck fan. The fan fits comfortably around your neck to circulate the air near your head, keeping you cool even on sweltering days. The sleek, safe fan won’t mess with your hair while you’re wearing it, making it perfect for use during workouts, yard work, chores, or a hot day at the office. And at just $20, it might be one of the best investments you’ve made in your comfort in a long time.

  • Available colors: 7


This Super-Pigmented Lip Stain That Leaves A Lasting Wash Of Color

This Wonderskin Wonder Blading lip stain masque might actually be one of the best lip stains on the market. It comes in 12 colors that range from natural to bold, and one application of the stain seals the pigments into your skin for hours on end. Application takes less than a minute — just apply the stain (it’s blue out of the tube!), let it sit for 10 to 30 seconds depending on the shade you want, and wipe away. You’ll be left with a low maintenance stain that won’t go away even after eating and drinking, and at $22, the stain costs less than others of the same caliber.

  • Available colors: 12


This Tiny Little Fridge That Looks Great & Works Even Better

This adorable six-can beverage cooler is perfect for storing drinks, food, or skin care products — and the best-selling compact fridge by trusted brand Frigidaire is less than $50. It’s great for storing your lunch or seltzers at the office, for bringing to a backyard BBQ, or for keeping your skin care products potent and fresh. Choose from mint green, light pink, white, or red.

  • Available colors: 4


This Bacon Grease Container For Keto Diets, Reducing Food Waste, & Upping Your Cooking Game

Keep bacon grease out of the drain and reduce food waste with this bacon grease container. The stainless steel container has a mesh strainer on top so you can strain out any bacon bits from the grease. You’ll be left with the pure fat to reuse while cooking, infusing foods like biscuits, eggs, or pancakes with delicious, bacon-y flavor. The container holds up to five cups of fat, and is perfect for those following high-fat, low-carb keto diets to help them cook with animals fats instead of vegetable oils.


This Affordable Heatless Curling Set That’s Healthy For Your Hair

This Kitsch satin heatless curling set, at just $16, might be the smartest hair investment you ever make. The curlers leave your hair with full, bouncy curls without any damaging heat styling, so you’ll improve your hair health over time while still looking fabulous. It’s one of Amazon’s best selling hair rollers for a reason — after wrapping your locks around the satin rod, securing with the scrunchies, and going to sleep, you’ll wake up to voluminous, natural looking curls.


This Battery Organizer That Also Tests Batteries’ Charge For You

Keep all your household batteries satisfyingly organized with this battery organizer and tester — for $18, you’ll never again have to go rummaging for the right battery only to find that out it’s actually dead. The organizer holds up to 93 batteries of all shapes and sizes: AA, AAA, 9-volt, C, D, and even those little disks. It’s shock-proof and has a transparent hinged lid so you can easily store it in a kitchen drawer or mounted on the wall.


This Under-Cabinet Jar Opener So You’ll Never Struggle With A Tough Lid Again

This ingenious mountable jar opener helps you open jars and bottles easily with only one hand. It’s the kind of product you won’t remember how you ever lived without, and it’s only $15. It’ll help you open any size jar, from a huge jar of pickles to a tiny bottle of glue. It’s easy to install underneath your kitchen cabinets with the three attached screws, and while it’s especially great for those with arthritic hands, it relieves the hands of any home cook who’s always opening tough jars.


This Indulgent, Creamy, Birthday-Cake Scented Mask That’s Ultra Hydrating

Face mask night becomes even more luxe with this birthday cake-scented hydrating wash-off mask from I Dew Care. The mask leaves your skin super hydrated and plump, and it smells good enough to eat. It hydrates with hyaluronic acid and glacier water and nourishes and protects the skin from moisture loss with squalane — apply with the enclosed spatula, wait ten minutes (the mask won’t dry down) and then rinse off to reveal bouncy, refreshed skin. The mask might be rich and indulgent, but its price sure isn’t.


These Plush Spa Socks That Are Cozy & Moisturizing

Keep the spa night going without the spa price tag with these lavender and vitamin E-infused socks by Dr. Scholl’s — this three-pack of sock pairs comes out to just over a dollar per sock. The super-soft socks are made of a premium feathered yarn, and their vitamin E infusion helps relieve dry or itchy feet. They have non-slip grips on the bottom for safely walking around the house, and the no-bunch toes are designed to fit comfortably into shoes, too.

  • Available colors: 7


This Cheap Bag Resealer To Preserve Snacks For Longer

Sure, it looks like a hair crimper — but it’s actually a nifty bag sealer, perfect for keeping open bags of chips or snacks airtight. The sealer can be used on any thick plastic bags like candy or chip bags, Mylar bags, or bags of pet food, and at just $9, it’ll pay for itself after it saves a few snacks from going stale. Reviewers rave that the sealer works well, is easy to use, and is especially good at preserving food in humid areas where it’s prone to going stale.


This Lighter That You Can Recharge & Reuse Infinitely

Buy this $7 rechargeable plasma arc lighter and you’ll never have to purchase another disposable Bic again. The electric charger uses a plasma arc instead of an open flame to light candles and more, and its dual arc gives it a lightning-fast ignition speed. It’s much more efficient that a traditional lighter, reducing your waste footprint and igniting without fuel or smoke. The lighter has a safety switch and a battery indicator — and when it dies, it charges back up quickly with a USB-C.

  • Available colors: 7


This Retinol Eye Cream That’s Powered By Pumpkins

This cute little gourd packs a punch as an eye cream — the Plump-kin retinol eye cream is formulated with real pumpkin, which is high in enzymes and vitamins C, A, and E. The cream increases skin cell turnover and smooths texture and tone with retinol, and it also contains ginger extract to reduce inflammation. And this powerfully brightening, hydrating cream comes without the designer price tag — it’s less than $25.


These Velvet Scrunchies That Turn Into Hidden Pockets

No pockets to stash bits and bobs like cash or lipstick? These clever scrunchies with pockets are your solution. The velvet hair ties are made with a durable elastic band to keep your ponytail in place all day long — but open the hidden zipper to reveal a pocket, where you can safely stash cash or other valuables while you’re out dancing, on a date, or going hands-free without pockets or a purse. And with this order, you’ll get three pocket scrunchies for just $16.


These Soup & Noodle Bowls That Keep Your Chopsticks Off The Table

These porcelain soup bowls might be the cleverest way to eat noodles. Each bowl comes with bamboo chopsticks, a ceramic spoon, and holes through which to place the chopsticks when they’re not in use, so they won’t fall onto the table. The 20-ounce bowls are the perfect size for thoughtful portions, and they’re microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe. The best part is the value — with this set you’ll get two bowls, two spoons, and two sets of chopsticks for just about $20.


This Crystal Hair Eraser That Gently “Erases” Body Hair With No Cuts Or Pain

Did you know you can remove unwanted hair with no blades, no waxing, and no lasers? That’s right — this affordable crystal hair eraser gently removes unwanted body hair with a few quick strokes, with no discomfort or cuts. Just rub the tool in a circle on damp skin and its microcrystals will remove your hair in no time, exfoliating your skin in the process. The tool is washable, reusable, and painless, and it’s only $13.

  • Available colors: 4


These Hot Springs Bath Salts For A Luxe, Milky, Muscle-Soothing Bath Anytime

Another super-cheap, super-luxurious Amazon find for an at-home spa experience? These hot springs bath salts that turn your bathtub into a mineral-rich, milky hot spring — no hopping on a plane to Japan required. Bath salts help you soothe tired muscles after a long day or a workout, and reviewers note that these bath salts have a lovely but not overwhelming fragrance and leave their skin feeling moisturized. While these salts are all imported from Japan, the price tag is shockingly low: just over a dollar per packet.


These Foot Peel Masks That Leave You With Baby-Soft Feet You Never Thought Possible

An Amazon fan favorite, these foot peel masks are an absolutely must-try if you haven’t yet. And at just $7 per mask, what do you have to lose? The lavender-scented foot masks effectively remove calluses and soothe dry, cracked skin, leaving you with baby-soft feet you probably haven’t seen in years (or maybe more). Just leave them on for an hour, then rinse your feet clean. Over the next couple weeks, your dry skin and calluses will peel right off, leaving you with noticeably soft soles.


This Shower Head That Filters Water & Changes Color Based On The Temp

This LED shower head doesn’t stop at just filtering out hard water impurities. It lights up, too, showering you in temperature-controlled LED light along with purified water. And unlike other shower head filters, it won’t break the bank — it clocks in at just around $27. The filter’s mineral stones reduce impurities that are tough on your skin and hair like copper, chlorine, and limescale, and the lighting changes depending on the water temp. At 88 degrees or below, it’s green, between 89 and 110 degrees, it’s blue, and anything over 110 is red.


Theese Eco-Friendly, Space-Saving Sponges That Are Biodegradable

Make your home a little more eco-friendly with these adorable fruit-shaped biodegradable compressed sponges. The sponges, which expand with water, are made of compostable and naturally-derived cellulose, making them tough on stains but gentle on delicate surfaces. Since the sponges ship flat they take up less space and are responsible for less shipping emissions. You’ll get 12 sponges for $12 in this pack, so you’ll have a compostable sponge for every tough household chore, like scrubbing tubs, counters, floors, and sinks.


This Instant-Fix Egg White Mask For Oily Skin & Clogged Pores

Sure, egg whites belong in your dessert. But now they belong on your face, too, with this SKINFOOD egg white pore mask. The mask contains egg white-derived albumin, which can help smooth skin’s texture and increase absorption of other products — and it also contains other good-for-skin ingredients like amino acids, niacin, licorice root, and cica. Apply the mask on freshly cleansed skin and leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes to reveal skin that’s less oily, more hydrated, and with less visible pores. You’ll look like you just got a facial (but you only paid $14).


This Mini Rice Cooker For Quick, Easy One-Person Dinners

This Dash mini rice cooker has racked up an impressive 30,000 five-star ratings on Amazon, and for good reason: it fits in small spaces, it works exceptionally well, and it’s only $23. Its two-cup capacity makes it perfect for throwing together easy meals for one like soups, stews, rice dishes, and pasta, and it comes in eight adorable colors like pink, yellow, and aqua. It comes with a removable, non-stick pot, and will have dinner on the table in 20 minutes flat.

  • Available colors: 8


This Microfiber Hair Towel That Helps Thick Hair Dry Quickly

This convenient microfiber hair towel, with an elastic strap, helps protect and dry even thick, curly hair quickly after a shower. It’s super absorbent (it can soak up 15 times its weight in water) to cut your hair’s drying time in half, meaning less time under the damaging blow dryer. Its 40-by-26-inch size makes it suitable for any hair length, and the elastic band helps it stay firmly in place on your head.

  • Available colors: 6


This Bat-Shaped Corkscrew That’s As Functional As It Is Funny

This spooky wine bottle opener makes the perfect addition to your kitchen, or works just as well as a housewarming gift for a new homeowner or Halloween lover. Made of high-quality metal and silicone, the bat-shaped wine corkscrew easily pops the cork out of a bottle of wine or the cap off of a beer bottle. Vino the Bat is functional, fun, and affordable, livening up any house party for less than $30.


This Genius Bowl That Won’t Get Your Cereal All Soggy

The age-old cereal question: how much milk is too much? For just $10, this clever anti-soggy cereal bowl will solve all your cereal ratio problems. The bowl’s two compartments, one for milk and one for cereal, means your Cheerios won’t get soggy as you get the perfect amount of milk and cereal in each bite. The BPA-free bowl is microwave and dishwasher safe and works well in other situations, too, like holding chips and dip or milk and cookies.


These Egg White Face Masks That Tighten, Lift, & Hydrate

Another egg white mask, these zombie pack face masks contain albumin, an egg white-derived ingredient that gives skin a tighter, more lifted appearance. Along with visibly lifting your skin and reducing the appearance of pores, the 15-minute mask also clears breakouts, improves skin’s texture, and hydrates and soothes with aloe and centella asiatica. The best part? The pack comes with eight masks for $25, so they’re only $3 each.


This Batter Dispenser For A Cleaner Kitchen & Uniform Baking

You’ll never splatter pancake batter all over the kitchen stove again with this clever, affordable pancake and cupcake batter dispenser. Simply make your batter, pour it into the four-cup dispenser, and use one hand to release the perfect amount of mix every time. For pancakes, pull the trigger, count to two, and release the trigger — no more inconsistent pancake sizes or messy batter dripped all over the counter.