This Constantly Wishlisted Airbnb Rental Might Be Your Perfect Respite In 2021

You can finally satisfy your wanderlust (safely, of course)


Many people find value in using the dawn of a new year as a time to create goals, whether they be physically, emotionally, professionally, or within their personal relationships. Oftentimes, these goals involve opportunities to expand your horizon — with travel being a common way to achieve this. While 2020 has been a tough year for those trying to cross locales off bucket lists, the new year might be a good time to think about future adventures — including a few Airbnb 2021 rental ideas that can finally satisfy your wanderlust (safely, of course).

The traveler's wishlist has been evolving this year to include the types of destinations and accommodations that are accessible, but still feel like a respite. According to the popular booking site's research, this includes locations close to home (reachable via road trips), specifically those that are highlighted by their natural surroundings, like the woods, the beach, or the mountains. This way, it still feels like a dramatic enough break from your usual scenery, even if just a short drive from where you live.

Another way to make close-to-home rentals seem even more like a change of pace is getting creative with the type of home. As evidenced by the site's most wish-listed properties, people are still dreaming of stays in treehouses, cottages, boats, and domes to get a unique travel experience. And thankfully for those whose travel is limited to the domestic, you can probably find one of these closer to home than you think.

To help you get your own 2021 travel wishlist started, read ahead for a few ideas to consider, based on Airbnb's most consistently bookmarked homes. Perhaps one is just a short drive away.

Airbnb 2021 Rental Ideas: Designer Domes


According to Airbnb, dome living is still a big draw. Joshua Tree's infamous Dome in the Desert is one of the best examples of this, but you can find similar sustainability-focused structures in in woodsy settings, too, like this mushroom-y cabin in California's Bay Area.

Airbnb 2021 Rental Ideas: Dreamboats


Get off land altogether with a stay on a houseboat. Charleston, South Carolina, Key Largo, Florida, and Seattle, Washington are just a few examples of seaside destinations that stylish boats which make for unique getaways.

Airbnb 2021 Rental Ideas: Contemporary Cottages


As Airbnb's collection of most-wish-listed homes proves, not all cottages are created equally. For example, a Caribbean-inspired getaway in Topanga Canyon feels like a Disneyland-style adventure, and tucked-away corners of Venice Beach can hold cozy, but totally contemporary homes that make for a sophisticated staycation.

Airbnb 2021 Rental Ideas: Wilderness Retreats


If immersing yourself in nature is at the top of your travel itinerary, it doesn't get much better than a treehouse. Dreamy rentals in Miami, Atlanta, and Santa Cruz will have you feeling like you're in a fairytale — even if you're just a few hours from home.

Airbnb 2021 Rental Ideas: Beachfront Bungalows


Sometimes close proximity to sand, sun, and water feels like all the reset you need, which is why beachfront rentals are always being bookmarked. Some of Airbnb's most popular domestic options for seaside stays include this hillside home in Sea Ranch and this balcony suite in Fort Lauderdale.