The Best Home Fragrances For Fall According To Team Zoe

Now that it’s darker earlier and chilly temperatures have arrived, it’s time to make sure your domain feels cozy. There is no faster way to change the atmosphere than with a rustic home fragrance. Here, Team Zoe gives up their favorite scents of the season that range from candles to linen sprays to bundles of sage. Snap a few up now to enjoy and also have on hand as highly-coveted gifts during the holidays.


8 Chic Home Fragrances

“Fall calls for moodier, smoky vibes so this tobacco-leaf scent is perfect. I'm also a sucker for a black candle.”

Nicky Deam, Editorial Director

"This special-edition candle comes in a handmade concrete vessel and the smoke and leather scent can transform any space. It's my ultimate cold-weather splurge."

Christian David, Art Director

"Living in LA, you need to have a bit of imagination when it comes to fall. That's why one of my favorite evening rituals is to light Byredo's Bibliotheque candle, curl up with a book and pretend I'm in a wood-paneled library...Preferably somewhere with seasons."

Jaclyn Decell, Social Media Manager

"To me, Malin+Goetz’s Dark Rum candle is fall’s spirit scent. (It might be because I discovered it during a trip to The Clift Hotel in San Francisco over the Thanksgiving holiday last year—hello, nostalgia!) It smells romantic and masculine, without being stifling or overpowering. It’s the perfect candle for cozy nights in."

Kristi Mikesky, Fashion & Beauty Editor

"I don't actually have a fireplace in my house (and I will never get over it) but this candle fills that void—almost. I love how it makes my living room smell like wood with hints of smoke. The cute packaging is a nice touch too.”

Stephanie Montes, Beauty Editor

“I love this lavender vanilla air and fabric freshener because the scent is subtle, yet rich. Sometimes sweeter scents like vanilla can be overwhelming, but this one is perfect for spritzing on fabrics and around the house to create that perfect fall warmth."

Lauren Eggertsen, Editorial Assistant

"This candle smells like the woods, smoke and incense all at the same time."

Thomas Balamaci, General Manager

"I love burning sage this time of year. These little bundles are great: I light the very end and walk throughout the house putting the sage smoke in the upper corners of every room—which is said to ward off spirits, but I just like the ritual—especially after I've cleaned and every surface is spotless."

Shannon Nash, Fashion & Beauty Editor