Designers Say This Classic Winter Pattern Is Coming For Your Summer Bedding

Plaid in July? Yes, please.

summer 2022 bedding

Decor trends get a lot of focus, regardless of the season; people always want to know the coolest lamps, paint colors, furniture silhouettes. When it comes to bedding, though... well, that category often gets overlooked. That’s especially true for summer — when temperatures start boiling, very few want to think about being wrapped up in blankets, which means the crucial spot in the bedroom is completely ignored. Yet forgetting to update your duvets, throws, and sheets each season is a major missed opportunity — not only is it a way to bring a large part of your room into focus, but it also presents a chance to lighten things up before the weather gets unbearable. So, consider this your official PSA to take note of summer 2022’s best bedding ideas and trends, which TZR has laid out here with the help of top interior designers and experts.

From textural materials to serene hues, this summer (like every summer) is about keeping things calm and cool. But, according to the pros we spoke to, you can also expect a couple of twists to make things interesting. So, whether you stick strictly to the classics or are looking to get a little funky, there’s a trend for everyone to try in this roundup of looks — along with styling tricks to pull them off. Don’t neglect your bedding for yet another summer; instead, find a few fresh ideas you can easily carry out at home, ahead.

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Linen, Linen, Linen

If there’s one trend you try in the next few months, let it be linen. “This summer, we are focusing on texture more than ever,” says Leia T. Ward, principal designer and founder of LTW Design. “We are using linen sheets for clients who typically are sateen or percale fans only.” And she’s not alone in this. Jade Joyner, co-founder and principal designer of Metal + Petal, says she’s all about linen duvets right now, while the team at Pottery Barn tells TZR that there’s “nothing better” for creating a light and airy bed for summer than the material. “It’s one of our go-to fabrics because it’s so breathable and soft — and it gets even softer with time,” says the home retailer.

If you’re skeptical about trying this in your bed (and you wouldn’t be the only one), Ward shares some comforting insight into the trend. “Everyone loves the look of linen but not always the feel; now there are so many brands that are offering linen bedding that is super soft and it is winning our clients over!” she says. Ward, herself, will definitely be using it. “We are excited to be able to incorporate this relaxed, textured vibe into our projects and we always love to add two to three layers by using a coverlet, duvet, and two throw pillows.”

All-White Bedding

If you consider yourself a traditionalist, you’ll be glad to know that one of the most popular bedding looks of all time is holding strong for summer: the all-white bedding set. “It is crisp, fresh, and adds a lightness to the space,” says Decorist designer Christina Manzo. “While all-white bedding is classic and often is a year-round aesthetic, I find it to especially be trendy in the summer because consumers are craving a refresh.”

While this may be a minimalist look, a few styling tricks will ensure your white bed is far from boring. Manzo suggests adding a pop of color with a lightweight throw blanket that matches your aesthetic. For Pottery Barn, it comes down to layering. “The key is going for something light and breezy, so you can keep your bed appropriate for those warmer nights. Airy linen sheets plus a lightweight quilt, for example.” And Joyner likes to add a touch of pattern with a ticking stripe for a slightly nautical touch.

Color-Infused Bedding

All-white bedding a little too bland for you? Fortunately, there’s another trend turning that classic look on its head. “What we're seeing now is color infused into what was typically white bedding,” Nicole Fisher of BNR Interiors tells TZR. “With companies like Parachute, they're taking a traditional style of bedding and putting a modern twist on it with unique and trendy colors.” This, she continues, allows the bedding to be more of the focal point, rather than blending into the background.

There are obviously plenty of hues to pick from if you go this route for the summer. Many brands are leaning into sunset-like palettes, such as the dusty rose and mustard colors in The Citizenry’s spring bedding. However, Angela Harris, CEO and principal of TRIO and Bode & Well, suggests choosing something more tranquil for the season if you want to create a true escape. “Consider nature-inspired colors and patterns to bring nature inside and enrich your bedroom with soothing and serene bedding — think luxe linen or cotton duvet covers with organic motifs like flowers, organic lines and soft movement,” she says.

Plaid Patterns

You heard it here first: “Plaid is officially the new geometric pattern to embrace,” declares Joyner. Forget your long-held beliefs, because this winter staple is making its way into your warm-weather setup. “[A] classic bed in blue and white gingham bedding is gorgeous for summer, but there are tons of new plaids out there that are very contemporary and cool,” she continues. Obviously, you’ll just want to stay away from the flannel fabrics (unless you often find yourself freezing in July), so when shopping this trend, make sure to take a good look at every item’s composition and opt for lightweight materials like cotton.

Sustainably Sourced Materials

According to Harris, thoughtful manufacturing of bedding is becoming increasingly important (and hopefully, that’s not just a passing trend). “Finding bedding that’s made from sustainably sourced materials or made in the USA can help us all sleep better at night,” she says. So, she continues, “Elevate your summer bedding with breathable, 100% Global Organic Textile Standard-certified, naturally dyed cotton sheets and a lightweight throw for those cooler nights.”