Don’t Plan Your Backyard Spring Parties Without This List Of Essentials

Time to refresh your stock.

spring backyard party essentials

It’s hard to resist the draw of an outdoor soirée the minute temperatures start to rise each year. After being cooped up in the house for months, how can you not gather all your friends to celebrate fresh air and the summer months that lay ahead? Really, you should — though if there’s one important thing to remember before sending out your invites, it’s to stock up on spring backyard party essentials. Because since the end of last summer, it’s unlikely you’ve taken the time yet to start planning for the next round of patio gatherings with your crew.

Not to worry, though. While it may seem daunting to refresh your party supply for the season, the list of necessities is actually pretty straightforward. First things first? Keeping your guests comfortable — so be sure you’re not short on furniture, bug repellent, or blankets in the case of a chilly spring breeze. Of course, the food and drink portion is also important; you don’t want to be low on serving platters, nor do you want your patio to be littered with shattered glasses (thus, make sure you invest in some good melamine sets). And finally, there’s ambience, which requires plenty of lighting in different forms, plus some light but thoughtful decor.

That’s a basic overview, of course, but it’s understandable if you’re in need of a more comprehensive outline to guide you in the planning process. So, TZR has compiled all of the spring backyard party essentials into one easy-to-shop list. Find all of our product recommendations, broken down by category, ahead.

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