The Designer Tip That Could Make Your Small Space Look Bigger Instantly

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how to make small space look bigger
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Lack of space is something most people have encountered within a home at some point or another. Whether it’s in a dorm room, new apartment or a room in the house — making a smaller space feel bigger than it is may seem challenging, but it’s totally doable. There are easy design hacks you can do in your home to help create the illusion of a bigger space, while keeping things tidy to boot. Although you may resent your smaller space, they’re actually easier to decorate and organize.

Lisa Odor, interior designer at MA Design says that an easy way to make a room feel bigger is to not think about scale, but about light. “The lighter and brighter your space is, the bigger it feels,” she shares. Including simple wall decor and sleek furniture will make the proportions of the room feel bigger in context. Odor recommends sticking to white or very light paint as it will instantly help the space appear larger, and it makes the decorating process easier.

Whether it’s your home office, bedroom, living, or dining room, there are some simple tricks that will allow you to help your space appear bigger. We spoke with some interior design experts who imparted some key tricks you’ll want to implement in your own small spaces.

We may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.

Clear Out The Clutter

Clutter is one thing that will make a room look and feel small. Too many items in your space will quickly make your room look messier, Lisa Slack from Thomas Sanderson shares. Take some time to go through your decor choices and other items lying around and figure out which you’d want to stay put, and which you’d want to either get rid of or move to another room. Plus, keeping a room clutter-free allows you to see more of your room. Chic bins and baskets to either hide in plain sight or slide right under a bed or couch are a great way to store clutter and add a little interest and texture to a room.

Play Into Ceiling Height

Amy Leferik of Interior Impressions says in a small space, it’s important to play into ceiling height as much as you can. “Sometimes people neglect the fifth wall in a room,” she explains. “It can make all the difference in the world when it comes to making a space feel larger.” When decorating your room, think about vaulting your ceiling if you can, if not, Leferik says to think about keeping it a bright white or mauve, while adding some millwork for an added touch of excitement.

Focus On Furniture Placement

Georgia Zikas of Georgia Zikas Design says, “I cannot stress enough how critical furniture placement is, especially in a small space.” She recommends thinking about the size and scale of your furniture while also being intentional in your arrangement and number of pieces. “An ottoman can double as a coffee table, a sectional placed in a corner can take up otherwise dead space and free up usable space,” Zikas shares.

Stick With Neutral Colors

While we all love a pop of color here and there, bold and darker colors can really shrink the appearance of a room. Cool and warmer tones on the delicate side are key for visually expanding your space. If you’re looking to paint your room, a neutral and lighter color will instantly open the space.

When picking out your decor pieces for your smaller room, keep the color and texture of each item in mind. Too much texture or color will cause the room to feel and look overcrowded. If your rug has a bolder pattern, stick to a textured chair and neutral-colored decor pieces.

Embrace The Magic Of Mirrors

Not only are mirrors great to have in your house to check out your daily outfits, but when placed correctly, your natural light will perfectly reflect off of the mirror, creating the feel of a larger room. Whether it’s a full-length mirror or a circle mirror you have hanging above a couch, light will find it and create an airy feeling you’ll love.

Play With Scale & Color

Helft incorporated a simple chandelier that still makes a statement. (Photo from Malka Helft)

Malka Helft of Think Chic Interiors says a large chandelier or lighting fixture can actually make a small space feel larger due to the grand nature of it. “Additionally, color can make all the difference in the world,” Helft shares. When putting together a smaller room, keeping a continuous color palette throughout can elongate a space and make it look larger. Have your pillows and curtains match each other, or ensure that your rug complements the couch.

Let In The Light

The easiest way to brighten and enhance a room is to let in the natural light. Light will always make your room feel bigger and letting as much in as you can will help you enjoy your space even more. An easy way to do this is to use a sheer curtain that will give you needed privacy, while keeping your room bright and fresh.

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