Clutter-Free Home Products That Will Maximize Your Small Space

Chic and practical.

clutter-free home products

In a perfect world, large and spacious living quarters would be readily available, with ample square-footage to fit every knick-knack, appliance, and precious antique your heart desires (with space to spare). But reality looks a bit different and said large living spaces typically equate to even larger (nay, astronomical) rents or mortgage payments. So how does one maximize a slightly smaller and practical apartment or home to make it airy and clutter-free? Well, it often comes down to some key products and tricks of the interior design trade that allow for easy storage and less clutter taking up your floor space and walls. The result is a lighter vibe that makes a room feel much larger than it is.

One first key rule of thumb to file away is to build up, and not out, when it comes to storage or decorating. Instead of bulky, boxy bookshelves, try a tier tree shelf that takes up way less space but will keep all your precious tomes in a safe place. You can also use this principle with your pots and pans, and invest in a pan rack that can sit on your counter or in your cabinets to allow for stacked and organized essentials.

Also, floating furniture and storage are a great way to maximize your square footage. A wall-mounted table instead of a large working desk can prove very useful (and chic!) while a hanging appliance holder can be a godsend for a small bathroom.

Ahead, check out the 12 space-saving products that will transform your space instantly ... and won’t cost you a ton. Win-win!


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Living Room

In addition to its convenience, this bookshelf is easy to assemble and a stylish option for any aesthetic. “I had seen a few people share about this book tree shelf,” writes one reviewer. “It was easy to put together and the size is great for small spaces while still capable of holding a decent amount of books. Glad I got it.”

No matter the room, these versatile and rustic-looking shelves will get the job done. “These shelves were exactly what I needed for my powder room,” writes one reviewer. “I wanted some shelves to put on the wall without looking too bulky. These were the perfect size for what I needed. I also like the somewhat rustic look to them. The mounting system was pretty easy to use, though I did struggle a bit to align the holes to stick the shelves on them after installing (they seemed to widen a bit from installation). Didn't really cause too much of an issue though. I'm very happy with these overall and would definitely recommend!”

Need a place to work but don’t have so much as a corner for a standalone work desk? Mount it with this easy-to-assemble fold-out table, which has nearly 2,000 five-star reviews on Amazon. “I rate this five stars,” says one reviewer. “Easy to put together and can hold a decent amount of weight. Can fit my laptop, my notebook, mouse and mouse pad on desk, plus all my decor. Love love love.”


Those days of noisily hunting for pots and pans in your kitchen cabinets are over. A chic rack puts your essentials on display (or neatly in your cupboards) for easy use. And with over 11,000 5-star reviews, this sleek option is a crowd-pleaser.

“I like everything about this rack,” raves one reviewer. “I am having upcoming surgery where my recovery is no bending, stopping, squatting or lifting from the floor or under the cabinets. I purchased this rack so I could put my skillets and the one pot that I use the most waist high. It fits on my middle island perfectly, and it doesn't look cluttered at all. [...] What else can I say except I love, love, love this rack.”

While once seen as a retro kitchen gadget, lazy Susan turntables are classics for a reason. These handy storage units (which have garnered over 3,600 five-star reviews on Amazon) keep clutter at bay in the best way. “I really like this lazy Susan two-tiered spice holder,” raves one reviewer. “It is well-made, sturdy, nice-looking and spins perfectly.”

In addition to being chic, these canisters also happen to be quite durable, according to reviews. “Great, sturdy product,” reads one. “We use ours for our coffee bar and put creamer, sugar and different types of coffee in the containers. One container actually fell off the counter, fell roughly 3-4 feet, hit the ground, not even a scratch. Very durable and provide a great aesthetic.”


Come for the chic, minimalist design, stay for the roomy storage and easy use. “Very sturdy,” reads one review. “Piece of cake to put together. Love them. Everything looks so neat and organized on my shelves. Thinking I need to order more.”

Shoes can often be the root of many headaches when it comes to organization and storage. But, luckily, that’s why sleek racks like this were invented. “Easy to assemble, and disassemble,” reads one of the over 6,100 five-star reviews. “Hides clutter, easy to move around. A great storage solution. Can use with or without cover, and able to repurpose for numerous storage solutions. Is affordable and arrived quickly.”

Perfect for the end of the bed or even as extra seating in the living room, this bench offers storage and decor in any room! “I could not be more excited about this bench,” raves one reviewer. “Easiest piece of furniture I’ve ever put together. Well made. Beautiful color. Sturdy and holds a good amount of stuff. It’s perfect.”


While this tension curtain rod is obviously great for hanging a curtain, it can also serve as a storage tool for shower caddies, baskets, and other space-saving storage tools. “This rod replaced a similar product that came down almost weekly,” reads one review. “I like that this one is not only adjustable in length, but also spring loaded so it is always pressing firmly against the walls. The pads at the ends also grip the walls very well. I'm going to get another one for the downstairs tub.”

In addition to its vintage-like finish, this holder is highly praised for its durability. “This shelf is so convenient, it allowed me to free some counter space by adding my products on the shelf,” reads one of over 6,100 five-star reviews. “It fits dryers, and straighteners, but you can also store things in the bottom. Which is a definite plus. Very cute design. And very useful. Happy with my purchase.”

For a small bathroom that lacks shelf space, create some with this vertical shelf rolling cart that stores a ton without taking up too much space. “It's very easy to put together,” raves one reviewer. “The color is true to the photo. I was surprised it held my heavy make up box. It fits in my bathroom corner well.”