Where To Shop Printed Lampshades, The Decor Trend Instagram Can’t Get Enough Of

Good luck not buying them all.

Rosi de Ruig / Instagram

Everyone has their own little "corner" of Instagram; mine is grandmillennial and cottagecore decor accounts. Within that space, I often see new trends arise that seem to permeate every page, popping up in picture after picture and becoming the must-have item in that community for months. If you, too, are a frequenter of eclectic, grandma-chic rooms, you've probably noticed as well as I have that, at present, that trend is printed lampshades.

Granted, lampshades aren't the most exciting decor item — but don't roll your eyes and stop reading just yet. Lamps in general have been having a moment lately, and for good reason. Not only do they add layers of lighting to a room, but they provide an easy way to make a statement that doesn't require major changes or skills of any kind; you can just set it on a table and instantly transform a corner.

Thanks to that, there's been an explosion in various styles, from mushroom shapes to sculptural bases. And now, the focus is moving toward the shade.

While of course printed lampshades have always been around, they've become an increasingly popular way of adding even more interest to the piece. For those with more maximalist style, they also provide another way to mix prints by giving the opportunity to combine a patterned top with an equally loud base.

They can actually be difficult to find, though. So to help with your inevitable search (they're pretty irresistible), TZR has scoured Instagram and the internet to find the best selections out there. Nine of our favorite sources to shop now, ahead.

We only include products that have been independently selected by TZR's editorial team. However, we may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.

Printed Lampshades: Cruel Mountain Designs

Cruel Mountain Designs is an Instagram favorite, and for good reason. Its shades come in the most precious fabrics, and each piece is impeccably made. Pay special attention to its scalloped and pleated shades, which are its indisputable stars (just note that on its Etsy page, those won't be available again until mid-March).

Printed Lampshades: Rosi de Ruig

Rosi de Ruig is a UK-based brand that stocks beautifully printed paper lampshades. Everything is handmade in its West London studio, with papers sourced from a range of designers. On this site, you'll find some of the most unique shades out there, so head here if you want pieces that truly feel special.

Printed Lampshades: Perrotine

Created in New England, Perrotine's lampshades are created almost completely by hand. The brand sources vintage silks and cottons from India for each of its pieces, which, as its site describes them, will "work everywhere: there isn’t a house on earth, excepting, maybe, a minimalist white box, where one of these magnificent prints won’t fit." Buyers who appreciate age in their decor will especially love these pieces — as Perrotine also explains on its site, the fabrics have had a previous life, so there are sometimes irregularities tucked into the pieces.

Printed Lampshades: The Shade Shop

To shop from a larger selection of lampshades, head to The Shade Shop, a shade and lighting store based out of Charlottesville, Virginia. The brand carries a massive selection of prints, from names you may recognize like Fermoie, Bunny Williams, and more. It really has something for everyone, no matter what pattern, shape, or size you're looking for.

Printed Lampshades: Eva Sonaike

Eva Sonaike is a London-based brand that specializes in luxury home textiles and soft furnishings. The company's pieces feature a West-African aesthetic that reflects its ethos: "Bringing Colour to Life." When it comes to its lampshades, you'll find a small selection of bright, handmade pieces in a classic drum shape.

Printed Lampshades: OKA

While OKA isn't primarily a lampshade or lighting company, it does offer a small-but-beautiful collection of shades. You'll love its selection if you want something simpler — most of its pieces feature pared-down patterns with just two or three colors.

Printed Lampshades: Bespoke Binny

As a cognitive behavioral therapist, Natalie Manima understood the importance of the home environment. Enter: Bespoke Binny, a brand she subsequently created out of her desire to create special, uplifting pieces that nod to her Ghanaian heritage with their vibrant colors. Though the brand offers several decor categories, its lampshades are a standout — each one comes in a drum shape and features a bright African print.

Printed Lampshades: Ballard Designs

Ballard Designs is probably already on your radar for a few reasons — the store is a huge source for all things decorating. What you might not have thought to check, however, is its selection of lampshades, which is surprisingly good. Though its printed options are admittedly slim, they do have that perfect grandmillennial feel, and are affordable to boot.

Printed Lampshades: Samarkand Design

Hilly Grumbar and Carrie Hart founded Samarkand Designs because of their passion for textiles. Now, Grumbar runs the business with her son, producing everything from cushions to furniture to, of course, lampshades. In that particular category, the brand has several collections that make up quite a range of styles, all of which feel eclectic and incredibly unique.