This Vintage Trend Is The Next Mushroom Lamp, According To Experts


If you invested in one vintage decor piece in 2020, it's probably safe to guess that it was a mushroom-shaped Murano glass lamp. It was basically the trend heard round the world — every influencer had one, every vintage store sold them, and even Urban Outfitters made a version, because it was that mainstream. If you finally burnt out on the item, though, you're not alone — but you're also in luck, because the next vintage decor trends of 2021 are on their way, and experts predict that the mushroom lamp (at least, of that variety) isn't one of them.

"It could be just me, but I’m over with mushroom Murano lamps," says Ji Henriques, the founder of Nice Vintage Things. "Or anything mushroom-shaped. It’s not that it’s not pretty — they're absolutely adorable pieces and beautifully made, but it’s become way too popular and I just have to walk away." Maison Singulier founder Elif Filyos concurs, saying that she's also seeing a decline in demand for mushroom lamps and Art Deco lamps, as well as a few other trendy pieces, like tiled tables, foam mirrors, and plastic wavy mirrors.

So what's "in?" Don't worry — there will still be plenty of status vintage trends to lust over in 2021. "I think the space age trend will continue to be popular, as well as postmodern and modernist designs," says Filyos, who also explains that Art Deco furniture in general is seeing an increase in popularity.

And as for those specific "It" decor pieces — i.e. the ones that you soon won't be able to scroll through Instagram without seeing — keep scrolling for six predictions from seasoned vintage sellers, ahead.

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2021 Vintage Decor Trend: Organically Shaped Tables

"Marble and travertine tables have always been popular and always will be," says Henriques. "They're classic and timeless." That said, according to the founder, a certain trend within that category is emerging for 2021. "I've noticed people are now more into round and organic shapes than traditional rectangular tables, which I absolutely love."

2021 Vintage Decor Trend: Curvy Room Dividers

According to Filyos, room dividers have seen an uptick in demand recently — specifically of the curvy variety, which is unsurprising since organic, curvy shapes in general have been trending lately. Etsy also confirmed that in a just-released trend report, saying that people are "finding ways to reimagine their homes and incorporate pieces that help restore balance to our multi-functional spaces," and on its platform alone, there was a 134% increase in searches for room dividers in the last three months, compared to the same time the previous year.

2021 Vintage Decor Trend: Glassware

As for Rosemary Home founder Rosemary Blanch, the glassware category is seeing a ton of increased demand. "We can’t keep up!" says Blanch. "Maybe it’s because everyone is working from home and starting happy hour earlier. But vintage glassware, whether it’s Art Deco crystal, 1970s cocktail glasses, or simple mid-century colored glass tumblers, have become some of our most desired pieces."

2021 Vintage Decor Trend: Funky Sofas

You've probably seen one or two (or 10) interesting sofa shapes on your Instagram feed over the past few years (like the Mario Bellini Camaleonda couch, which Henriques said was everywhere in 2019), but 2021 will be all about a few select styles. "In 2020 people have been obsessed with De Sede's DS600, and De Sede's Terrazza DS1025. I think these two couches will be still strong in 2021, or at least I won’t be over it." Additionally, predicts Henriques, the Togo sofa is "so coming back" for 2021.

2021 Vintage Decor Trend: Practical-Yet-Playful Pieces

If there's one theme of 2021, says Blanch, it will be embracing individuality and breaking the mould. "I’ve been so surprised to see some of the most ‘out there’ pieces become the most coveted," she explains. "Trompe L’oeil-inspired homewares depicting fruits and animals sell out instantly, brightly colored Murano vases and chic little espresso sets fly out the door the minute they’re available too. I think these simple and practical yet playful pieces will continue to spark joy in 2021."

2021 Vintage Decor Trend: IKEA Cloud Lamps

There's a new status lamp in town, and no, it's actually not *that* much different from the Murano mushroom-shaped lamps that dominated 2020. "I think IKEA orange and blue cloud lamps have just begun to get popular," says Henriques, who also predicts that Murano lamps "that aren't mushroom shaped" will be one of 2021's It-items as well.