NET-A-PORTER Kicks Off Its “Journey Into The Art World” With An Exclusive Collection

First up: a series by Guy Bourdin.

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The Guy Bourdin Estate 2022

When NET-A-PORTER added home goods to its site in 2020, it caused a noticeable stir. The expansion was timed just right; it made cool, decorative designer objects available on its platform at a moment when people were frantically updating their homes and brands were adding housewares to their selections en masse. Now, at a point when many are moving past the initial phase of updating their houses and trying to infuse uniqueness and personality, it seems the luxury e-tailer has read the room correctly yet again. Because on June 6, NET-A-PORTER is launching art in partnership with ap8.art, giving customers even more opportunity to personalize their spaces through the site.

Together with the fine art e-commerce platform, NET-A-PORTER plans to release a series of drops from various contemporary artists, starting with ten framed photographs by French artist and fashion photographer Guy Bourdin. The limited-edition collection will include Bourdin’s most iconic images, exclusively available on NET-A-PORTER’s site, with fewer than 100 units of each in stock.

Of course, given the MO of each company — NET-A-PORTER’s careful curation and luxury expertise, and ap8.art’s mission to make museum-quality artworks accessible to more — this isn’t your ordinary art drop. For this collection, ap8.art digitally verified every piece through a technique called stenographic cryptography. Each artwork is also linked to a certification code registered to the purchaser, which provides a record of the provenance and value. Additionally, all pieces are chosen to “work seamlessly together” and are framed in accordance with the artist’s standards.

The Guy Bourdin Estate 2022
The Guy Bourdin Estate 2022

“When NET-A-PORTER approached ap8.art to reimagine what collecting art could look like, I knew we had to distill all that makes art covetable and collectible,” said Viola Raikhel, curator and co-founder of ap8.art, in a press release. “Art and fashion are my two greatest passions, and I am honored to be curating for the ultimate luxury fashion destination — a pioneer of innovation and curation for an audience of millions.”

Fortunately, this collection is just the beginning. “For the launch of Art at NET-A-PORTER, our aim is to deliver our customers with the same world-class level of curation and expertise that’s synonymous with our entire buy,” said Lea Cranfield, chief buying and merchandising officer at NET-A-PORTER. “This exclusive partnership is the first step in NET-A-PORTER’s journey into the art world and we look forward to many more.”

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