These Art-Filled Hotels Are Basically Museum & Accommodation In One

You’ll never have to leave.

The Rockaway Hotel + Spa / Photo by Kyle Knodell

For many people, seeking out the art in a new location is an important part, if not the sole purpose, of the travel experience. Finding the museums, the architecture, and the shows is all part of the fun. But what many people don’t realize is that often, where you stay can also be a place to take in new works. In fact, there are countless art-filled hotels around the world that serve as galleries in themselves.

Forget what you know of the generic paintings you frequently see haphazardly thrown on the walls of chain hotels; these museum-like accommodations are on another level entirely. With installations, original works, museum partnerships, and even full galleries, they’re destinations within themselves. So while staying at an art-filled hotel can be a way to enhance your creativity-inspiring trip, it can also serve as simply the final stop — a place to kick up your feet, enjoy good eats, and take in the work of talented artists surrounding you without ever stepping foot outside.

That may be hard for you to imagine, but don’t let that stop you from visiting — for art enthusiasts, these spots are definitely worth a trip. Instead, continue scrolling to check out some of the most interesting art-filled hotels out there, ahead.

Mission Pacific Hotel + The Seabird Resort in Oceanside, California

Courtesy of The Seabird Resort

Throughout the public spaces, dining areas, and guest rooms of Mission Pacific Hotel and The Seabird Resort, guests have the opportunity to take in more than 900 pieces of original art. That’s thanks to a partnership with Oceanside Museum of Art (OMA); through the collaboration, the hotels support more than 100 artists from San Diego County, Oceanside, and Valle de Guadalupe. Their works feature a range of themes and styles, including environmental issues, beach life, abstract/geometry, and more. In addition, OMA West is located in The Seabird, which is a rotating art gallery that serves as a satellite space for the museum.

21c Museum Hotels in Various Locations

The 21c hotel chain was founded by contemporary art collectors and preservationists Laura Lee Brown and Steve Wilson. Its many museum hotels (currently, there are locations in Louisville, Lexington, Cincinnati, Oklahoma City, Durham, Kansas City, Chicago, Bentonville, and Nashville) reflect their passions. Each one hosts not only a boutique hotel and chef-driven restaurant, but a contemporary art museum as well. And, they feature curated rotating exhibitions along with commissioned site-specific installations. That means you’ll find art everywhere, from the galleries to the rooms, providing ample opportunity to expand your knowledge and your creativity.

The Rockaway Hotel + Spa in Rockaway Park, New York

Photo by Kyle Knodell

Whether you’re a longtime local or first-time visitor, it’s hard to resist the cultural hub that is The Rockaway Hotel + Spa in Rockaway Beach. The spot hosts a wealth of contemporary artwork throughout its property, which comes from artists both local and international with a diverse range of backgrounds. Its aim with this selection? To create a communal, welcoming atmosphere. Thus, you’ll find a reality installation in partnership with Art Production Fund and Jamaica Bay-Rockaway Parks Conservancy alongside pieces from local resident Tom Sachs such as the Tides at Rockaway Beach, among other works. The hotel has even recently partnered with ART FOR CHANGE to provide limited-edition artwork by established and emerging artists in select guest rooms.

Silversands Grenada in St. George’s, Grenada

It’s hard to tear your eyes away from Silversands Grenada’s beautiful surroundings, but it’s worth it for the Caribbean resort’s impressive assemblage of art. The works belong to Egyptian owner Naguib Sawiris, who displays his personal collection around the property. Comprised of more than 50 pieces, it includes painted canoes, floor-to-ceiling diptych paintings, bronze sculptures, Venetian masks, and more, which are scattered thoughtfully throughout. The artwork actually extends beyond the walls, too; guests can also take a diving tour of the Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park, a gallery of sculptures under the sea.

Prince Waikiki in Honolulu, Hawaii

Courtesy of Prince Waikiki

Prince Waikiki features upscale accommodations on the oceanfront in Honolulu. But one of its most impressive features? A large contemporary art collection by Hawaii artists, which includes paintings from Solomon Enos and sculptures by John Koga. There are even signature pieces, such as the hotel lobby’s copper sculpture ceiling installation made by local artist Kaili Chun — called Hulali i ka lā, meaning “glistening in the sun” — which honors the area’s history as a gathering place for Hawaiians.

Perry Lane Hotel in Savannah, Georgia

Courtesy of Perry Lane Hotel

The Perry Lane Hotel, a Luxury Collection Hotel, in Savannah may be relatively new, but that doesn’t mean its art collection feels like it’s lacking in history. In fact, it was inspired by the hotel’s muse and grande dame, Adelaide Harcourt. A fictional character dreamed up by NINE dot ARTS, Harcourt was created so that the brand could curate an authentic collection with the perspective of a single collector. Thus, the sum of works is described as feeling as if it’s been “amassed over a lifetime.” With its breadth, it’s not hard to imagine that to be the case: The collection features about 3,600 unique objects and antiques and more than 1,200 total artworks. (More than 175 of those are originals; 123 are commissioned pieces; and 81 works have ties to the local school, Savannah College of Art & Design.)

Hotel Rochechouart in Paris, France

Intimate, moody, and elegant, this Montmartre hotel features an art collection that reflects the creative energy of its district in the 1930s (an overarching theme in the rest of the property’s details). Thanks to curator Nathalie Obadia, its walls feature a mixture of works from the late 19th century to the 1980s including black and white photographs, artists’ drawings, nudes, and sketches of landscapes or sculptures.