Nesting: 10 White Pieces For A Chic Baby Nursery

If you’re in research mode getting inspiration for a baby nursery, we’ve got a few suggestions for you stolen from the best-mom-ever, our Editor-In-Chief Rachel Zoe! When designing the room, consider doing the main pieces in white. Both Skyler and Kaius (Rachel’s gorgeous sons) have white, cloud-like rooms. You can always add pops of color with a yummy cashmere throw and graphic art, but for the staples, try doing a white theme to get a modern and zen space for your little one. Since most of the things you need are large pieces of furniture, choosing ivory or off-white mixed with light wood accents can make a small room look bigger and less cluttered. So go on, have fun decorating…don’t be surprised if you end up redoing your own room in all white after you see the results in your chic nursery!

All-White Nursery: Canopy Crib

All-White Nursery: Lucite Rocker

All-White Nursery: Organic Bedding

All-White Nursery: Mini Library

All-White Nursery: Modern Dresser

All-White Nursery: Standing Lamp

All-White Nursery: Canvas Bassinet

All-White Nursery: Pendant Light

All-White Nursery: Moroccan Footrest

All-White Nursery: Fluffy Friends