It’s The First Day Of Fall! Why We Aren’t Ordering A Pumpkin Spice Latte


Today marks the official start of fall, which immediately puts us in the mood for layers of cashmere, reading by the fire and sipping a…toasted graham latte? That’s right, Starbucks announced a new fall flavor—the first in 4 years—which is sure to replace the pumpkin spice latte beloved by bloggers everywhere. Cue the landslide of coffee selfies and still-life images of frothy caffeinated beverages replete with custom portrait designs (or whatever the barista had time to bust out), in front of a rustic European backdrop. Ahh, the life of a blogger.


We are especially excited about the new Starbucks flavor in conjunction with the announcement of the chain’s new pre-order service. Earlier this week, the company launched a feature on their app which allows you to order and pay for your coffee ahead of time. Meaning you can skip the line and pick up your coffee at the bar, VIP style. Does this mean you’ll be on time to work, toting a toasted graham latte and a cashmere scarf? We think it does. Fall is already off to a fabulous start.