Green Thumb Or Not, You’ll Love Hilton Carter’s New Plant Collection For Target

Mark your calendars for its May 14 launch.

Courtesy of Target

Since the pandemic started, you may have noticed an increase in plants on your Instagram feed. That wasn’t your imagination. As Jill Sando, executive vice president and chief merchandising officer at Target pointed out in a press release, it’s a fact that demand for greenery has been on the upswing — and probably more than you think. “As people have spent more time at home over the past year, our guests are increasingly looking for ways to add more comfort and personality to their surroundings,” she said. “Searches for plants on Target.com have increased by more than 300 percent over the last year — a clear indicator that guests want to bring some of the outdoors inside to brighten up their space.” Which is just one of the reasons why Target has teamed up with Hilton Carter, a plant enthusiast and interior stylist, on a brand-new plant collaboration meant to spark joy in your home year-round.

“We wanted to identify a partner who could bring something special to Target and deliver a collection that allows guests to easily and affordably refresh any room in their home,” Sando continued in the statement. “This partnership with Hilton Carter does just that, while celebrating the arrival of spring with a renewed sense of optimism.”

As for what it will entail? Well, a lot of Insta-friendly pieces. The collection, which launches on Target’s site and in select stores on May 14, will feature more than 65 products including faux (but real-looking) greenery, live plants, and even accessories — all, of course, created with Hilton’s signature modern style. And, like Sando mentioned, it’s affordable, to boot: Most of the items will fall at $30 or less.

Hilton brings a vast knowledge of plants to this collaboration (the stylist himself has more than 200 at home). Yet it’s clear through the collection that he recognized the necessity to make his products accessible to plant lovers of all skill sets, rather than just those with thumbs as green as his. In fact, the majority of the new offerings aren’t live at all, and there are plenty of tools designed to make it easy to care for the ones that are.

Courtesy of Target

In addition to creating a collection that would give everyone a chance at plant parenthood, Carter was also inspired to blur the lines between indoors and outdoors in a stylish way. “For me, the inspiration started with a color palette,” he told Target. “I knew I wanted the collection to bring on the colors of the natural world, including earth tones that would help elevate the greenery in and around them.” That translated seamlessly into every item, nearly all of which come in neutral colors and feature of-the-moment silhouettes that contrast against the organic lines of the greenery.

Carter’s collaboration with the retailer will be available for a limited time only, and given the explosion of demand for plants in its stores, you can expect it to sell fast. So mark your calendars for its launch on May 14, and then head over to Target’s site for a peek at what’s to come while you wait.