If You Can’t Make It To Greece This Summer, Let These Decor Collections Transport You

They’re basically a trip to the Mediterranean.

H&M Home / Instagram

Everyone (seemingly) may be visiting Greece right now, but jetting off to Europe isn’t the only way people are getting their island fill. This summer, many are looking to seasonal collections for Greece-inspired decor — a massive trend that’s clearly on the rise.

You may not be surprised to read this if you tend to stay apprised of what’s happening in interiors. After all, Pinterest’s 2022 trend report predicted this “Hellenistic revival” back in December, anticipating that many people — especially Gen Z — would look to Ancient Greece for inspiration for their homes.

But if this wasn’t on your radar before? Soon, it’s going to be impossible to miss (that is, if it isn’t already). H&M Home’s entire summer collection, launched earlier this year, was made up of blue and white, Santorini-like hues and featured laidback Mediterranean vibes. Arhaus’ outdoor collection very much followed suit. And they’re not the only ones jumping on board.

Can’t make it to Mykonos, Crete, or Paros anytime soon? No worries — this season, many brands have launched a one-way ticket to the beautiful destination through their Greece-inspired summer collections. No expensive flights necessary — all that’s left for you to do is shop.

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H&M Home

H&M Home’s summer 2022 collection featured a heavy dose of inspiration from the islands of Greece. Rich blues emulating Santorini rooftops dotted the lineup, watercolor prints inspired by the sea were interspersed, and natural materials like linen and jute featured heavily. It was a direct transport to the sunny location.


While it wasn’t *overtly* stated that Azeeza’s collection for CB2 this summer was inspired by the Greek islands, the cobalt blue of its pieces (and the stark white backdrop of the campaign) said what the description did not. The distinct color palette looked like it jumped straight off of a postcard and into the vibrant lineup of decor.


Arhaus was another brand that went all in on Greece-inspired decor in 2022. Its outdoor collection, launched this spring, was titled “Sea & Shore” and was said to be influenced by the spirit of the Greek Isles. With a serene color palette, comfortable silhouettes, and all-weather materials, there’s no doubt the launch was made for a Mediterranean lifestyle.



RH’s Avila collection this season featured a mixture of styles. However, there was one detail in particular that drew us in: The single back support of the seating echoing ancient Greece. It’s definitely easy to picture these sleek pieces sitting next to a beautiful blue sea.


Diptyque’s Artist’s Palette line this summer took inspiration from the Mediterranean’s signature color combinations and shapes for a vibrant collection with ancient, sun-soaked influences.