37 Fascinating Products Getting So Much Buzz On Amazon Right Now

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by Julia O'Donnell
Shutterstock / Amazon

It's not exactly easy for a product to go viral on Amazon. Not only is there a ton of competition in literally every category, but Amazon reviewers are known for their brutal honesty, so only the best, most reputable products are able to maintain high overall ratings for long. That's why it's so notable that these 37 fascinating products are getting so much buzz on Amazon right now — if they've managed to cut through the noise and garner this much attention from your fellow shoppers, there's a pretty good chance they're worth checking out for yourself.

From under-the-radar beauty finds to life-changing organizational products and so much more in between, you’ll find tons of variety ahead. That means there's pretty much something for everyone here — whether you tend to get tempted by clever culinary gadgets, high-tech hair tools, or cute fashion accessories when shopping online. And aside from being some of the most hyped-up products on the internet right now, they’re also all eligible for free, two-day Prime shipping (if you’re a Prime member).

So, ready to see what all the buzz is about? Then scroll on to see 37 of the most buzz-worthy finds that Amazon shoppers are currently going wild over.


A Stylish Phone Wallet Case With A Detachable Crossbody Strap

This phone wallet case is a chic option for anyone who’d rather not carry a real purse unless it’s absolutely necessary. Available in sizes to fit all models of the iPhone 11 and 12, its built-in wallet has plenty of space to stash cash and cards, and the adjustable chain-link strap is long enough to wear across your body so you can carry it hands-free. (That said, you can swap out the long strap for the included wristlet strap, if you’d prefer).

  • Available sizes: 6
  • Available colors: 11


A Safe, Easy Way To Kill The Germs & Bacteria Festering On Your Cell Phone

When you think about it, your phone touches everything — you probably even take it to the bathroom with you, so unless you’re disinfecting it regularly, it’s likely completely covered in bacteria. The phone sanitizer uses UV rays to (purportedly) kill 99.9% of all bacteria and germs without any chemicals or liquids that could damage your device. Plus, you can use it to disinfect a lot more than just your phone; it works for anything that’ll fit in there, including credit cards, headphones, jewelry, and keys.


This Silicone Mat That Makes It So Much Easier To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

A great way to easily and efficiently clean your makeup brushes, this silicone cleaning mat has a suction cup in the back so it can conveniently attach to your bathroom sink. The mat has a variety of textures on it to clean different types of brushes, and is designed to be used with a makeup brush cleaning solution like this one.

  • Available colors: 4


An Alexa-Enabled Smart Plug That Lets You Control Any Outlet Using Voice Commands

Amazon’s smart plug lets you use voice commands to control any outlet in your home, even if you don’t own any other Alexa devices, or any “smart” devices at all. At just $25, the plug is perfect if you’d like the convenience of being able to tell Alexa to turn on a lamp (or literally anything else that plugs in), but aren’t necessarily interested in a more comprehensive setup.


The Microneedle Pimple Patches You’ve Probably Never Tried

The typical hydrocolloid pimple patch is used to help heal pimples that have already come to a head, but Rael’s Miracle Patches work best on those deep cysts that tend to remain stubbornly buried beneath your skin. That’s because the patches are covered in tiny microneedles that gently penetrate the skin’s surface, where they then deliver a blend of active ingredients — including tea tree and willow bark — directly to the zit’s heart. Plus, wearing the patch will help you resist poking and prodding at your spot.


A Solid Bamboo Cutting Board With Built-In Sliding Drawers

This bamboo cutting board is ingeniously designed with clear plastic containers that slide in and out underneath — collect your chopped ingredients inside the containers, and they’ll be kept conveniently out of the way if you’re ready to cook now, or can be placed directly in the fridge for storage if you’re prepping ingredients for later on. In addition to the cutting board and four, BPA-free plastic containers, the set also comes with four, stainless steel graters.


These Japanese Bath Salts That Transform Your Tub Into A Hot Spring

When a trip to a Japanese onsen isn’t possible, these “milky” bath salts are a great way to mimic the experience of soaking in the country’s mineral-rich hot springs at home. The salts create a cloudy, semi-opaque effect in the water, and are packed with the same soothing, healing minerals you’d find in a hot spring. Each beautifully packaged box contains 13 packets with four different types of salts, which are meant to evoke the experience of a different Japanese hot spring. The boxes are sold in a set of two, so you’ll get a total of 26 packets with each order.


A Reusable Water Bottle With A Built-In Brita Filter

You’re probably familiar with how a Brita pitcher works. This Brita water bottle is basically a conveniently portable version of the same concept — refill it anywhere, and its built-in filter will make your water taste great. Designed with a leak-proof lid with a built-in straw, it’s a must for anyone who prefers the taste of bottled water, but would like to cut back on plastic, single-use bottles.

  • Available sizes: 3
  • Available colors: 5


A Scrunchie Band For Your Apple Watch That’s Super Comfortable

Love your Apple Watch, but hate how it digs into your wrist? This scrunchie band is the perfect solution — not only is it soft and stretchy enough to comfortably sleep in, but it’ll also make your watch look a lot less tech-y. Plus, Amazon reviewers love how it makes the watch super easy to take on and off, without feeling overly loose.

  • Available sizes: 2
  • Available colors: 8


The Fan-Favorite Lip Balm That Changes Color Based On Your Skin’s Unique pH

It’s easy to see why this Winky Lux lip balm is garnering so much buzz — in fact, it’s been virally popular for a while now. It appears to be clear in the tube, but when you apply it to your lips, it reacts to your skin's unique pH levels to create a custom shade of sheer, natural-looking pink just for you. And of course, the fact that it has a real, tiny chrysanthemum blossom suspended inside is pretty cool, too.

  • Available flower colors: 3


A Heat-Safe Glass Teapot That Comes With Blooming Flower Tea

There are so many reasons to love this glass teapot. First, it’s made of heat-safe borosilicate glass, which eliminates the need to boil water in a separate kettle. Second, it comes complete with a glass infuser filter for looseleaf tea, so you won’t need to purchase one of those separately, either. Arguably most fun, though, is the fact that it comes with two special tea flowers that literally bloom inside the pot, making for a gorgeous display that’ll impress your guests.


These Spa-Like Steamers That Are Like Sinus-Clearing Bath Bombs For The Shower

If you love the idea of filling your bathroom with aromatherapeutic steam, but aren’t one for baths, these popular shower steamers are the perfect alternative to bath bombs. Their mint and eucalyptus scent not only smells amazing, but is also great for clearing up stuffy sinuses when you have a sinus infection or cold. “They literally transformed my bathroom into my own personal at home spa,” gushed one Amazon reviewer.


The Cult-Favorite Hair Tool That Makes At-Home Blowouts Effortless

There are plenty of innovative hair tools that feel novel and exciting at first, but ultimately end up in the graveyard of crimpers and automatic hair braiders collecting dust in the back of your closet. Not so with the Revlon One-Step, however. A round brush and blow dryer combined in one, the cult-favorite tool works incredibly well — not only does it make it far quicker and easier to give yourself a blowout at home, but it also makes it far easier to get professional-looking results. No wonder so many Amazon reviewers call it “life-changing.”

  • Available colors: 4


A Touchless Soap Dispenser That’s A Must For Germaphobes

If you’re the type who’s always thinking about how many germs are accumulating on everyday household surfaces, you’ll absolutely love this no-touch soap dispenser. Designed to automatically dispense a set amount of liquid that can adjusted based on your preferences, you can use it for dish soap in the kitchen, hand soap in the bathroom, or even hand sanitizer somewhere near the front door. “The sensor seems to work incredibly well — much better than most other motion-detecting devices found in public restrooms and facilities,” noted one Amazon reviewer.


These Filters That May Be Able To Prevent Wine-Induced Headaches

These wand-like filters are one of those inventions that sound too good to be true: They claim to remove the histamines and sulfites from a glass of wine, which are the culprits that cause common side effects like headaches, flushed skin, and even next-day hangovers. Using them makes it far more likely you’ll be able to enjoy a glass of wine (or two) without regretting it, and they won’t change the taste or smell of the wine in any way.


A Nightlight, Sound Machine, & Alarm Clock In One

The Hatch Baby Rest Machine is a nightlight, sound machine, and time-to-rise alert all in one. It comes with a companion app for your phone, where you can control all of its functions remotely, plus set schedules and customize the brightness, color, volume, sound, and more. Designed by two parents, it’s a must for anyone who has young kids, and would also make an excellent baby shower gift — but adults can absolutely use it, too.


An Easy Way To Tell If The Dishwasher Is Clean Or Dirty

Are the people in your house always confused about whether the dishes in the dishwasher need to be washed, or put away? This fun little magnet is the perfect solution. When someone processes the dishes, they can slide the sign over to let everyone else in the house know. Simple, but kind of genius — and it’s earned a perfect five-star rating from more than 10,000 Amazon shoppers.


These Wine “Flavored” Exfoliating Pads For Smooth, Glowing Skin

These cult-favorite exfoliating pads from Korean brand NEOGEN have a reputation for delivering serious results after only one or two uses. Each pad is made up of three layers: one with rougher threads for the first round of exfoliation, one that’s cushiony and absorbent to hold on to the essence (more on that later), and one quilted layer for a gentler, final round of exfoliation. The pads are soaked in your choice of three essences, each of which features a different hero ingredient: green tea, lemon, or wine. Wine seems to be the most popular choice among Amazon reviewers, who report that it smells “like a grape jolly-rancher.”


The Chili-Infused Honey You’ll Want To Put On Everything

People can hardly contain their passion for Mike’s Hot Honey. The cult-favorite condiment has earned the highest praise from countless reviewers, both on Amazon and throughout the larger world of foodies. It’s pretty simple — it’s pure honey infused with chili peppers, plus a dash of vinegar — but the sweet and spicy flavors are perfectly balanced, and it makes everything from pizza to ice cream to chicken wings taste even more delicious.


A Teeth Whitening Pen That Over 18,000 Reviewers Swear By

Want whiter teeth, but don’t have the patience to apply strips regularly over the course of several weeks? This popular teeth whitening pen works to whiten your teeth as you sleep — use it after your regular oral care routine before you go to bed each night, and it can help remove over a decade’s worth of stains in just one week, according to Colgate. “Absolutely amazing,” gushed one Amazon reviewer. “I’ve only used the teeth whitening overnight stick three times and people are already starting to notice a difference in my teeth.”


The Fan-Favorite Breakfast Sandwich Maker That Works Like A Charm Every Time

Amazon reviewers are completely obsessed with the smaller, single-serve version of this breakfast sandwich maker. This doubled-up version has all of the same beloved features that make its (slightly) more famous sibling such a hit — it’s quick and easy to use, surprisingly easy to clean, and works like a charm every single time. The only real difference is that this one, obviously, will cook multiple sandwiches more efficiently, a huge improvement if you’re usually cooking for more than one person.


The Face-Massaging Tool That Comes From Traditional Chinese Medicine Practices

Gua sha tools, which are used in traditional Chinese medicine, are one of the rare beauty tools that date back centuries (all the way back to the Paleolithic Age, in fact), and remain popular today. Using one to gently scrape your face can help promote circulation and encourage lymphatic drainage, which can in turn help soothe puffiness and leave your skin looking generally plump and sculpted.


A Set Of Magnetic Eyelashes & Eyeliner At An Unbeatable Price

If you love falsies but have never tried magnetic ones like these, you’re definitely missing out. Once you get the hang of it, magnetic eyelashes are far quicker and easier to apply than traditional false eyelashes, and you won’t have to worry about messy glue damaging your natural lashes. This set comes with five pairs of lashes, plus the magnetic liquid eyeliner you use to apply them. The value for the price is killer, especially considering that the lashes can be reused again and again, as long as you’re careful not to smush them.


The Best-Selling Tool For Prepping Avocados

A must for anyone who loves avocados, this best-selling tool makes it so much quicker and easier to prep everyone’s favorite buttery green fruit. Here’s how it works: first, use the tool’s serrated edge to slice the avocado in half. Next, twist the stainless steel pitter to remove the pit, the press the metal blade into the flesh to create seven perfect slices. BPA-free and dishwasher-safe, it’s earned a staggering 17,000 five-star ratings from Amazon shoppers.


The Original Smart Light Bulb That’s Totally Worth The Price

There’s a reason the Philips Hue Smart Light Bulb has been awarded a 4.7-star overall rating from over 25,000 Amazon shoppers, despite the fact that it’s far from the cheapest smart bulb out there. For one, the Hue line has a huge selection of lights and bulbs that can all be controlled under one connected ecosystem, whether you choose to set them up with your Alexa device, Google Assistant, the special Hue Hub, or the free Hue companion app for your phone. Plus, the line’s longstanding popularity means the brand has really perfected all of the bulb’s features, from color options and brightness settings to connectivity and more.


These Soothing Eye Patches That Are Infused With Snail Mucin & Gold

Pro tip: Pop these gold-infused eye patches on before applying your makeup in the morning. They’ll be a soothing, cooling treat that’ll help your eyes look and feel well-rested, and as a bonus, they’ll catch any eyeshadow fallout as well. A popular offering from K-beauty favorite Mizon, the patches are made with a ton of super-powered ingredients, including snail mucin and collagen.


A Sleek Wireless Charger That Take Up Barely Any Space

This wireless, disc-shaped charger will be so much less cumbersome and prone to tangling than a traditional charging cable, whether you’re using it on your bedside table or bringing it along with you in your bag. The minimalist design features LED indicator lights that’ll confirm when your device is charging, and let you know when it’s fully charged. It also comes in a ton of pretty colors, including champagne, sky blue, and baby pink.

  • Available colors: 14


This Best-Selling Lunch Box With Compartments For All The Extras

The number-one best-selling lunch box on Amazon, this food container is fitted with a tray underneath the lid that has built-in compartments for toppings, sides, and a sauce. While it’s versatile enough to work for a lot of meals, it’s particularly great for salads, since the main section is not only big enough to hold plenty of greens, but even has enough space to toss them with dressing when it’s time to eat. The leak-proof container also comes with a lid for the sauce compartment and a reusable fork, which has its own storage compartment.

  • Available colors: 8


This Alexa-Powered Smart Hub With Video Calling & More

Now that the Echo Show 10 has been released, you can get the previous model, the Echo Show 8, at a bargain. The Alexa-powered hub gives you access to all Alexa’s baseline features, plus video display and video calling. Compared to the Echo 5, the Echo 8’s speaker quality is much better, and it also has a bigger, better-quality display. Having garnered nearly 200,000 customer ratings on Amazon, the best-selling device has maintained an impressive 4.8-star average — if you’re new to smart devices, it’s a great place to start.


A Spike-Covered Mat & Pillow For At-Home Acupuncture Treatments

According to thousands of passionate Amazon reviews, this at-home acupuncture set really is a surprisingly effective (and much more cost-effective) alternative to professional acupuncture treatments. The set consists of two pieces — a linen mat padded with natural coconut fibers, and a matching pillow filled with fluffy cotton — both covered in hundreds of tiny, silicone spikes. Laying on them stimulates pressure points all over your body and is thought to have a whole range of benefits, from boosting endorphins to promoting blood circulation.

  • Available colors: 14


This Satisfying Exfoliating Peel For Dry, Flaky Feet

At this point, you’ve probably heard of the Baby Foot Peel, which involves an hour of wearing sock-like booties filled with what’s essentially an at-home chemical peel, then watching the dead skin peel off your feet in sheets over the course of the next week. But if you haven’t actually experienced the cult-favorite mask for yourself yet, you really won’t regret giving it a shot — as one Amazon reviewer put it, “I love it so much I want to buy it for people. Even people I don't like.”


The Scalp Massager With Over 5,000 Glowing Five-Star Amazon Reviews

Amazon reviewers are nothing short of obsessed with this scalp massager, and it’s easy to see why. Using it in the shower feels heavenly, like you’re finally scratching an itch you’ve never been able to reach. Plus, the soft silicone bristles gently exfoliate your scalp, which can help shed flakes and remove product buildup, without being overly harsh.

  • Available colors: 3


A Pore-Clearing Mud Mask That Bubbles Up On Your Face

Although clay is the main ingredient in Elizavecca’s Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask, it’s far from your typical mud mask. After it’s been on your skin for a few minutes, it quite literally starts to get fizzy and bubble up, which makes clearing out your pores feel so much more fun. But it’s not just a gimmick: Thousands of Amazon reviewers swear that it really does work.


These Fizzy Drink Tablets That Are Made With Nutrient-Rich Greens

These tablets are a great way to enrich your diet with all the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants found in dark, leafy greens without going through the hassle of preparing a salad. Sold in a tube of eight, the tablets are made with eight “super greens” that are known for being exceptionally rich in nutrients: spinach, wheatgrass, kale, blue green algae, spirulina, aloe vera, chlorella, and barley grass. Drop a tablet into a glass of water, and it’ll fizz up and dissolve on its own, creating an effervescent green drink that actually tastes pretty good.


The Nail Polish Version Of A Color-Changing Mood Ring

This is basically the nail polish version of those fun, funky mood rings you probably had in middle school. Made by hand in small batches in Brooklyn, the thermal polish is available in a range of glittery metallic hues that change color based on the temperature. It’s vegan, cruelty-free, and according to Amazon reviewers, delivers a rich, smooth, long-lasting finish.

  • Available colors: 6


The Fan-Favorite Egg Cooker That Every Breakfast Lover Needs

With just the push of a button, the Dash Rapid Egg Cooker can cook eggs in just about any style — including boiled, poached, and even in an omelette — and does so perfectly every time. The fully automatic appliance comes with all the accessories you’ll need to get cooking, and according to Amazon reviewers, it’s just as much of a game-changer as it sounds like. “If you are on the fence about getting one of these, GET ONE,” one wrote. “It really is as easy as it sounds to have a perfectly cooked egg, no guesswork.”

  • Available colors: 6


A Deep Tissue Massage Gun That’s Portable, Quiet, & Super Powerful

In more than 3,000 glowing five-star reviews, Amazon shoppers make one thing abundantly clear: this deep tissue massage gun is an absolute powerhouse. The portable, rechargeable device uses powerful vibrations to work out knots and tightness deep within your muscles, all while being surprisingly quiet. It has a long, battery life and three speed settings, and comes with six different head attachments, so you can really target your unique needs.