Life-Changing Emojis You Need To Get ASAP

Ever found yourself cursing your phone for the lack of a champagne bottle emoji? How is this possible? Well, the ridiculous void in the universe was filled today with Apple’s new iPhone update, iOS 9.1, which boosts 185 brand new emoticons—yes, that’s right, these much-needed one-hundred-and-eighty-five icons will refresh your texting lingo effective immediately. This is one “update” that we actually agree is “critical” and to get you inspired, we pulled our 5 favorites from the new list. Of course, now all we want is more: can’t Apple do a winking GIF? What about a thigh-high boot? When it comes to emojis, give us an inch, we take a mile.

Champagne Emoji

The universal sign for celebration is officially part of our everyday lives. You can almost hear the cork pop.

Airplane Departure Emoji

Next time you're forced to end a conversation abruptly for takeoff, this emoji will explain everything.

Taco Emoji

Clearly this snack will spike in use daily around midnight. Oh and at noon, 3pm, 5pm and well, really 24/7.

Unicorn Emoji

Raise your hand if the unicorn will be in your "frequently used" section within 24 hours.

Couch and Lamp Emoji

"You're doing a total redesign and going 100% mid-century modern?" Yeah, me too.