This Inexpensive Wine Was Ranked One Of The Best In The World—And You Can Get It At Sam’s Club

Why go to some fancy wine store when you can just swing by your local Sam’s Club and pick up a bottle of award-winning wine? Probably because you, like us, weren’t even aware that Sam’s Club sold award-winning wine. Sure, it’s not exactly the first place we’d look, but apparently we’ve been living our lives all wrong up until this point.

Wine Enthusiast gave Member’s Mark 2016 Riesling, which you can buy at Sam’s Club, a rating of 89 points (that’s like, really good, y’all). Even better? It costs a mere $11. Even, even better? That’s the price for a 1.5 liter bottle, which is twice the size of a normal bottle. In other words: It’s time to break out the Olivia Pope–size wine glasses.