“Dopamine Gifting” Is The Mood-Boosting Trend Etsy Says Everyone’s Trying This Year

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Iridescent Rainbow Acrylic Vases by Jojo By Joda ideal for dopamine gifting

With the hesitant returns to a (new) normal that 2022 has brought, “dopamine dressing” has been a term on seemingly everyone’s tongues. What it means, essentially, is to spark joy through the clothing you wear, whether through brightly colored pieces, shiny adornments, or otherwise. Unsurprisingly, this idea has bled into other areas — the home, of course, being one to get the mood-boosting treatment. And with the quickly approaching holiday season, the dopamine-increasing aesthetic is now making its way into gifting trends.

While you may have already noticed this, Etsy officially confirmed the movement in its holiday trends guide for 2022. “Bright colors can have a powerfully positive effect on our psyche — and if this year’s obsession with hot pink is any indication, I’m predicting that shoppers will be going all-out with joyful, vibrant colors when it comes to the festive season,” Dayna Isom Johnson, Etsy’s resident trend expert, wrote in the report.

The data confirms this, too. According to the guide, interest is up across the board for joy-sparking pieces. By comparing search volume on Etsy from March to August 2022 to the same period in 2021, the marketplace identified a 346 percent increase in searches for disco ball decor, an 86 percent increase in searches for vibrant wall art, a 34 percent increase in searches for hot pink fashion items, and a 24 percent increase in searches for colorful wreaths.

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“This playful and mood-boosting holiday aesthetic represents a fresh start, reminding us to celebrate in ways that bring us happiness, and to spread cheer well beyond the new year,” continued Johnson. We couldn’t think of a better reason to gift this year, so start shopping now with some of TZR’s most cheerful holiday finds from Etsy and around the web.

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