The Design World Can’t Get Enough Of This Groovy Decor Trend

It’s disco time.

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Kelly Wearstler
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As Lia Picard put it for the the The New York Times, “There’s a disco ball revival taking place.” The longtime dance-floor mainstay has seen many waves — Vice reported that its first documented appearance was in 1897, and it obviously made a huge comeback in the early stages of the disco era. Its most recent return to prominence, though, is now, which perhaps isn’t surprising given the world’s current mood. At a time when everything feels bleak, disco ball decor is a way to add some sparkle.

Call it carnivalcore, a throwback to Y2K, or simply a desire for shinier things; no matter how you categorize this trend, the fact is it’s back and stronger than ever. And the design world is loving it: Powerhouse Kelly Wearstler, who’s behind many a viral trend, launched a wildly popular “melted” disco ball collaboration with Rotganzen, and independent makers are flooding Etsy’s marketplace with disco ball mirrors, reflective mushroom statues, and sparkly planters.

The retro-inspired spheres are also being found in some of the world’s most stylish hotspots. Sunset, the newly re-opened clubhouse beneath The West Hollywood EDITION, features a disco ball art installation above the dance floor with more than 400 disco balls in varying sizes. The ultra-trendy Candy Bar at The Siren Hotel in Detroit has a massive mirrored piece hanging from its bubblegum pink ceiling. And Nashville’s The Dive Motel, a unique and kitschy stay in Music City, displays disco balls in all 23 rooms.

In 2022, it seems like the disco ball’s uses know no limits. It can become anything from a blob-like objet d’art to the inspiration for a painted canvas, and finds belonging on ceilings, walls, floors, and shelves alike. “It instantly adds drama and play,” Wearstler previously told Architectural Digest of the piece. If you were thinking of adding one to your home, what more convincing could you need?

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