From Plates To Glassware, This Is The Summer Dinnerware Designers *Actually* Use

BRB, buying everything.

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When shopping for summer dining essentials, the problem often isn’t that you can’t find anything you want. No — if you’ve been down this path before, you know that there are so many incredible choices, it’s almost impossible to choose any one thing. When faced with an exciting array of beautiful colors, playful prints, stunning materials, and unique shapes and details, narrowing down your selection almost feels like a crime. At a certain point, though, there’s no other option: Your dinner party is approaching, and you have to settle on a select few pieces to help serve your guests. When that happens, don’t panic-buy; rather, simply look to the dinnerware that’s been approved (and used) by interior designers for summer soirées.

If there’s anyone you can trust to put together a stylish evening, it’s the pros who design homes for a living. They’re experts at creating color palettes, infusing balance, choosing quality home goods, and just generally making things look incredible. Thus, TZR reached out to some of the most talented ones we know to get their recommendations. And they delivered: From patterned melamine plates to spirited glassware sets to unexpected tabletop decor, they shared their suggestions for seriously chic hosting.

With summer sales in full swing and plenty of warm weather left in the year, now’s the perfect time to stock up for all the fêtes ahead — and these designer-approved staples are the best place to start. Keep scrolling to shop their favorites.

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Urban Outfitters
Stone Lava Speckled 12-Piece Dining Set
“I cannot stop raving about Urban Outfitters’ home section,” says Camille Styles, founder and Editor-in-Chief of lifestyle digital publication Camille Styles. “Once the domain of college students, UO Home has some seriously beautiful, high-end pieces. This Stone Lava Speckled 12-Piece Dining Set is made of durable stoneware with a matte finish and speckled detailing for a modern, yet eclectic, flair. It is simple and still feels very special.”
Field of Flowers Chambray Melamine Dinner Plate
“If you’re looking for something a bit high-end and to splurge on dinnerware, I love these sets from Neiman Marcus,” Chantelle Hartman Malarkey, exclusive interior designer, home chef, fashion stylist, and travel and lifestyle expert, tells TZR. “I currently have blue and white dishes that are from Neiman Marcus — it's a fun take on the blue and white dinnerware and they match really well with my everyday set!”
Golwe Ceramic Soup Bowls, Set Of 4
“This Golwe Ceramic Dinnerware Collection is handmade in South Africa and each piece passes through the hands of six artists before being ready for the kiln,” Jaclyn Genovese of Spaces By Jacflash shares with TZR. “This organic shaped collection is inspired by ‘waves’ and uses locally sourced materials. I love that it is the perfect alternative to mass produced ceramic design and that each piece is a work of art, but is still functional for everyday use.”


BD Edition
14 oz. Stemmed Wine Glass, 4 Colors (Set of 4)
“These are my current favorite wine glasses,” Mary Patton of Mary Patton Design tells TZR of the four-piece set. “I love combining them with colorful dishes.”
Eve Coupe Cocktail Glass
“An element that makes a table special is the addition of heirloom pieces; for example, my flatware that once belonged to my grandmother,” says Anastasia Casey, founder of IDCO Studio and Design Camp of Austin, TX. “The flatware pairs beautifully with our CB2 Eve Coupe glasses and brought so much meaning to the setting.”



Atelier Tréma
Large Olive Oil Dispenser
“I have been looking for an olive oil dispenser so that I can get rid of the unsightly bottles on my kitchen counter and I love this one from Chic & Basta,” Melanie Hay of Melanie Hay Design Studio shares with TZR. “The slate glaze finish and coppery/gold-colored spout create the perfect transitional feel that would [look good] in both a traditional or contemporary setting. I could see this on an outdoor tablescape for guests to pour olive oil on their plates for dipping fresh sourdough or drizzling over grilled veggies.”


Cara Edged Table Runner - Cedar
“I am obsessed with Cultiver linens because they sell dining sets and the color options are beautiful for outdoor summer parties,” says Cindy Ngo, founder of INK + PORCELAIN. “This natural linen runner is gorgeous with the colored edge details. I would use it and cover the table with colorful summer fruits and beverages!”

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