How To Embrace The Coquette Decor Trend In A Grown-Up Way

Chic not cheesy.

by Jessie Quinn
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The Regencycore aesthetic of Bridgerton continues to charm the internet with style trends that nod to its whimsical and romanticized regency-era design. Its most recent rendition is the TikTok-loved coquette obsession. “Coquette is a French term that means ‘a woman who flirts,’” says Alex Bass, an interior designer, art curator, and founder of Salon 21, a fine art and interior design studio. “The decor stems from this feminine and flirtatious style,” she adds, noting that the aesthetic is all about embracing pastels, lace, bows, and other traditionally feminine design codes.

According to Bethany Struble, a lead designer at Totum Home, this dainty aesthetic draws inspiration from French Rococo, Art Nouveau, and vintage Hollywood glamour. French Rococo home decor has a playful energy and consists of pastel hues with nature-inspired motifs like seashells, vines, and florals. Art Nouveau adds a layer of intricacy to design with its use of long, flowing lines, organic shapes, and ornamental detailing. When combined with the opulent, glitzy elements of Old Hollywood, you get a combination of the regal Victorian-era style with the over-the-top textured looks of yesteryear.

“Ornate details, curvy furniture, and soft textiles like velvet and silk are some design details found in coquette decor,” Struble notes. “Anything that evokes a soft, romantic, and feminine feeling [fits within] this design style.” If you’re a bit behind on your seasonal home refresh, have no fear. This ultra-feminine style lends itself effortlessly to a spring decor makeover, whether you want to update a few accent pieces or lean all the way in for a whole new look.


How To Decorate With Coquette Aesthetic

The coquette core aesthetic is all about inviting more feminine energy into the home through color and decor details. But it’s also a highly recognizable theme, and too much of it can make a space feel kitschy. If that’s not the look you’re going for, Bass recommends curating feminine moments, such as a dressing room area, a vanity table, or even a powder room, instead of leaning all the way in with a wall-to-wall look.

For a subtle nod to the trend, consider adding softer washes of pastel hues, including ballet slipper pinks, baby blues, light lavenders, and even sage greens. Spring throw pillows with ruffled edges, ornate table lamps, and trinket dishes that look like they could have belonged to Marie Antoinette are some design moments to add into your space this season.

Bedrooms easily lend themselves to this aesthetic trend, too. You can swap out bedding for a ruffle bow quilt or floral duvet cover and add some vintage-inspired lighting to side tables. Or, double down on the look and add a canopy bed frame — which is also having a moment — to your space for an even more romantic feel.

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“Wallpaper is another great way to bring in this style,” says Bass. She recommends choosing a feminine wallpaper design and pairing it with more neutral pieces of furniture to balance everything together.

Coquette style is also the perfect design aesthetic for blending antique pieces with modern decor. Struble says to look for pieces that give off an old-world charm while still embodying feminine energy. She recommends keeping an eye out for anything that feels whimsical and pretty. Ornate mirrors and picture frames in rounded, curvy shapes work well with this look, as well as trinket trays, crystal vases, chandeliers, and mirror trays.

Struble also recommends adding your own sweet touches inspired by the coquette style. You can do so by tying silk ribbon bows to wall sconces or even choosing pastel blooms at the local farmer’s market and creating a DIY floral arrangement for an entryway table.

If you’re ready to jump on the coquette train, shop some of our top picks that align with the look below.