Meet The Decor Brands Making Coastal Grandmother Style Easy To Achieve

They’re experts in seaside-chic.

Serena & Lily / Instagram

Thanks to TikTok creator Lex Nicoleta, coastal grandmother style (aka the popular term she coined) has become the look du jour. And it’s not just in clothing — the breezy aesthetic inspired by the elegant women of Nancy Meyers movies has made a definitive move into homes as well. Though it’s a slightly more modern version of the typical “coastal” look, it’s still a pretty straightforward one to recreate. As Pom Pom at Home founder Hilde Leiaghat says, the key is simply having an organic mindset. “Use stripes, natural fibers, and natural elements, like linen, bamboo, and rattan, and always have a base of whites and blues — like the ocean.” But if you want an even easier method of trying the trend? Don’t worry: There are plenty of coastal grandmother-style decor brands out there to take the guesswork out of the process.

To ensure you’re able to shop some of the best options, TZR has rounded up the stores and labels we think offer products most true to this viral style. While each differs in its selections, the basic theme of them all is the same, and largely as Leiaghat described. Whether you want to go full Diane Keaton in Something’s Gotta Give or simply add a few elements to remind you of a lifestyle by the sea, these brands make it not only possible, but effortless. Continue on to start shopping.

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Serena & Lily

When you think of coastal style, chances are, your mind goes straight to Serena & Lily. The brand has a basically never-ending selection of all things casual, beachy, and elegant, and its mostly blue-and-white selection fits perfectly into this trend. Though it does sometimes push the boundaries of the look with more vibrant hues and preppy patterns, it’s hard to find a better place to start when adopting the coastal grandmother style.

Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn caters to a range of styles, from modern farmhouse to laidback, California cool. And included in that selection? A range of coastal grandmother-appropriate decor. The retailer is actually a great place to look for rattan, blue and white-hued pieces, natural textures, and even sea-themed items like faux coral if you want to take a more obvious seaside-centric approach.

Cailíní Coastal

Cailíní Coastal isn’t trying to hide that it’s beachy and breezy — in fact, its inspiration is right in the name. The brand was founded in April 2020 by Meg Young, who wanted to create an outlet to offer consumers high-quality and unique coastal-inspired decor. So, she launched the store with a curation of finishing touches that blend “the airy simplicity of California coastal with a timeless East Coast elegance.” The result is a perfect resource for those who long to embrace the coastal grandmother style.

Linen & Birch

Mother-daughter team Lauren Mercer and Francine Sutton founded Linen & Birch Interiors in 2019 out of a shared love for “refined, modern, and approachable spaces.” Along with styling services, the duo offer an edited store full of classic, coastal pieces. Their lineup includes decor, kitchenwares, rugs, and even furniture, all featuring a clean, bright style with a light seaside influence.

Pom Pom At Home

Though not as overtly coastal-themed, Pom Pom at Home is a L.A.-based luxury bedding and textiles brand that has the “lived-in” elegant look down pat. Its subdued color palette, natural textures, and casual vibe make it the ideal place to find your basic, foundational coastal grandmother needs.

Bixby & Ball

Bixby & Ball is actually situated on the “breezy coastline of Southern California,” so it not only sells the coastal lifestyle — it embodies it. Ironically, it was started by Melissa Anderson and Betsy Bracken who couldn’t seem to find any products considered “essential to coastal life,” though they were living on the coast. Thus, their coastal-chic store was born, made up of designs that represent the area and its aesthetic without “spelling it out in seashells and anchors.”


Everhome is a new owned brand from Bed Bath & Beyond that launched in 2022. It’s described by the company as “a casually sophisticated collection of bedding, bath linens and accessories, decor, and outdoor furnishings,” and features traditional designs with a coastal-inspired aesthetic. While coastal grandmother-esque pieces are often expensive (it is kind of an element of the lifestyle, after all), these pieces provide a way to score the look on a budget without sacrificing style.