45 Clever Things That Quickly Spruce Up Your Space For Very Little Money

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by Julia O'Donnell
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For those of us who love style, our homes are essentially like extensions of our closets. Just as you refresh your wardrobe with seasonal updates to keep things interesting, you likely switch up your home decor periodically, too. And just as you stock your closet with timeless basics and accessories to tie together your outfits, you also know investing in storage solutions and other practical essentials is key to keeping your space as functional as it is chic. But between your wardrobe and your home, staying stylish can be expensive — which is exactly why you'll love these 45 clever things that quickly spruce up your space for very little money.

Some of the items featured in this edit are cleverly designed organizers that’ll keep every corner of your home looking neat and tidy, while others are decorative accents with an elevated, expensive look that far surpasses their actual price tag. Either way, every item on this list does have one thing in common: They’re all products that’ll make your home seem way nicer, without costing you very much money, time, or effort.

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These Sturdy Steel Racks For Storing Pots, Pans, & More

Store pots, pans, lids, and other cookware vertically on these sturdy racks to minimize both clutter and clatter. The set of two steel racks includes one with four thinner slots for items like saucepans, lids, and cutting boards, and one with two thicker slots for deeper pots and pans.


These Farmhouse-Chic Night Lights That Automatically Turn On From Dusk To Dawn

You’re probably familiar with the concept of LED night lights, which plug into the wall and automatically turn on from dusk until dawn when there’s not enough ambient light around. What sets these apart from their competitors is their rustic, vintage look — sure, the typical white plastic ones are a bit cheaper, but if you’ll be using them in a prominent room or hallway, the chic aesthetic of this set is more than worth paying a little extra for.

  • Available colors: 3


A Chic, Geometric Tray For Small Trinkets, Jewelry, & More

Crafted of brass-coated wire bent into geometric shapes, this trinket tray is perfect for holding jewelry, coins, and other odds and ends on your bedside table, vanity, or desk. It's part of Umbra’s 'Prisma' line by Korean designer Sung Wook Park — if you love the tray, it’s worth checking out the other items in the line, which include this photo frame, jewelry stand, and accessory organizer.


This Nifty Organizer For All Your Makeup Palettes

If, like so many other beauty lovers, you struggle to keep your ever-expanding makeup collection neat and organized, you’ll love this simple organizer just as much as Amazon reviewers do. Made of clear, easy-to-clean hard plastic, the organizer has nine roomy compartments to hold palettes, compacts, and other bulky makeup that tends to get lost when stacked inside a drawer.

  • Available colors: 8


This Ingenious Bedside Caddy That’ll Help Clear Clutter On Your Nightstand

Clutter anywhere isn’t exactly ideal, but clutter on a nightstand is often particularly undesirable because it tends to make your entire bedroom feel less serene. Luckily, this nifty bedside caddy makes it easy to eliminate said nightstand clutter — it’ll free up that space for aesthetically pleasing accents, like a candle or flowers, without forcing you to sacrifice essentials like your water bottle and TV remote.

  • Available colors: 6


A Tiered, Hanging Fruit Basket That’ll Save You Counter Space

This tiered hanging basket will not only save you a ton of counter space, but will also add an attractive burst of color to your kitchen when you fill it with fresh produce. Made of durable, powder-coated iron in your choice of five finishes, it’s sturdily constructed and requires no assembly. You could also use it to store things like toiletries and toys.

  • Available colors: 5


These Floating Shelves That Can Hold An Impressive Amount Of Stuff

Whichever room of the house you choose to install them in, these floating shelves will hold a lot of stuff, all while looking remarkably attractive and more expensive than they actually are. Sold in a set of two, the shelves are made of solid wood and have sturdy, black metal frames. Each set also comes with a removable rod for towels or even jewelry.

  • Available colors: 4


A Set Of Six Tiny Planters For Succulents & More

Perfectly sized to place on a windowsill, these cute, 3.1-inch pots are a stylish way to display small succulents, cacti, or propagated plants that have only recently started to root. Crafted of ceramic with a gorgeous marbled finish, each pot in the set has a drainage hole at the bottom and comes with a tiny bamboo tray.


These Unfilled Poufs That Create Extra Seating & Storage At The Same Time

These unfilled pouf covers kind of do it all. They’ll add a gorgeous pop of color to your home, create extra storage, and serve as extra seating in a pinch — and yep, they only cost $20 each. Made of your choice of vegan leather or faux sheepskin, the covers can be filled with anything you have lying around and won’t need for a while; towels, blankets, and puffer coats are all great candidates, but they’re far from the only things that could work.

  • Available sizes: 5
  • Available styles: 15


An Adjustable Shelf That’ll Fit Between Those Awkward Pipes Underneath Your Sink

That cabinet under the sink usually holds plumping pipes that won’t work with most storage solutions — but this sturdy organizer is the exception. Because both the width of its metal frame and the height of its two levels can be adjusted, it can wiggle through just about anything, which makes it possible to take advantage of one of the most under-utilized storage areas in most homes.

  • Available colors: 3


A Cloud-Shaped Magnet That Can Hold Multiple Sets Of Keys

Every bit as practical as it is adorable, this cloud-shaped key holder uses a powerful magnet to hold onto your keys, which eliminates the need for the usual hook or clip. Several Amazon reviewers noted that they were initially skeptical of whether it could hold heavier key rings, but ended up being very impressed by strong both the magnet and the adhesive backing are.


This Giant Rope Basket That Amazon Reviewers Can’t Stop Raving About

This basket looks like it would cost quadruple the price elsewhere, especially considering its generous size. Made of jute and cotton rope with sturdy, reinforced handles, it’s perfect for holding anything from toys and extra blankets to yoga mats and workout equipment. You could even use it as a large decorative planter, or as a laundry basket for a small space — with something this versatile, the possibilities never end.

  • Available colors: 4


A Rotating Makeup Organizer With Adjustable Shelves To Fit All Your Products

As any beauty lover knows all too well, skin care products come in a wide range of sizes and shapes, which can make it tricky to find a solution that’ll keep your collection neatly organized. Enter this best-selling makeup organizer — not only does it rotate a full 360 degrees and hold an impressive amount of stuff, but its middle shelves can be adjusted or removed entirely, which makes it easy to create a custom setup that’ll fit your collection perfectly.


A Geometric Wine Rack That’s Both Sturdy & Stylish

Black metal bent into a honeycomb-like shape makes for a sturdy, freestanding wine rack with plenty of aesthetic appeal. The rack holds up to nine bottles at once and looks like a decorative accent, too. Place it on your counter, bar cart, or living room cabinet for just a few ideas.


A Lazy Susan-Style Turntable To Make The Most Of Your Cabinet Space

When it comes to making the most out of your cabinets and shelves, turntables like this one are arguably the most effective storage solution you can buy. Why? It’s pretty straightforward — you’ll be able to reach items that would have otherwise been stuck all the way in the back, thus utilizing every inch of space while keeping everything accessible. Measuring 12 inches in diameter, this one is made of easy-to-clean plastic and has a skid-proof, textured surface to keep items from falling over.

  • Available colors: 7


A Tiered Jewelry Stand That Looks Chic, Too

Another modern, minimalist piece from Umbra with a touch of glamour, this jewelry stand is made of of three, T-shaped tiers atop a smooth white base that doubles as a tray for small trinkets and rings. Because the tiers come at different heights, the stand can hold a wide range of jewelry — place longer pendants and necklaces on the top, with chokers, bracelets, and earrings on the bottom.

  • Available colors: 2


A Set Of 2 Apothecary Jars That Look Like Glass, But Are Actually Plastic

Sold in a set of two, these apothecary jars are perfect for holding items like cotton balls and Q-tips in the bathroom. Made of clear hard plastic with matching lids, the simple jars look like they're made of glass — but unlike real glass jars, these will never end up shattering into a million tiny pieces all over your floor.


A Geometric Wall Planter With A Stylish, Modern Look

Hang this sleek geometric planter on your wall to give your space a modern, design-forward look with a touch of glam. Designed by Moe Takemura exclusively for Umbra, the stylish planter is perfect for displaying succulents or other small house plants, but you could also hang it by your desk or vanity to hold pens, makeup brushes, or other supplies.


A Stainless Steel Caddy For Your Dish Soap, Sponges, & More

This stainless steel caddy has room for all your kitchen sink essentials and then some. There’s a compartment for scrub brushes and other longer tools with handles, space for sponges, scrubbies, and dish soap, and even a mini drying rack for your dish towel or polishing cloth. It also has a removable drain pan, which will help protect your backsplash and countertops from water damage and mold.

  • Available colors: 2


These Space-Saving Hangers That’ll Transform Your Closet

If you love fashion, there’s no such thing as “enough” closet space — which is exactly why you need these space-saving hangers, pronto. The stainless-steel hangers, which are really more like hangers for your hangers, can be hung vertically to fit six garments, or horizontally to fit 12. “I've been using variations of these space saver hangers for the past decade and these ones are by far and away the best design and quality I've come across,” wrote one Amazon reviewer.


A Candelabra For Votives That Makes A Gorgeous Centerpiece

Elegant, rustic, and contemporary all at once, this candelabra makes the perfect centerpiece for dinner parties or the holidays, and looks equally at home placed on a mantle, shelf, or console table on a day-to-day basis. Made of metal with five glass holders for votive candles, it would also make an excellent housewarming or hostess gift.


An Adjustable Shelf That You Can Put Just About Anywhere

Mixed-material construction using natural bamboo and stainless steel gives this versatile shelf a modern look with a hint of industrial flair. What really makes it special, though, is its adjustable design, which makes it easy to create a custom look that makes sense for your space — swivel the shelves into a right angle to fit it into a corner, or arrange them in a straight line along the wall.


A Faux Sheepskin “Rug” That Can Be Used So Many Other Ways

Soft, luxurious, and impressively realistic-looking, this faux-sheepskin rug is a foolproof way to layer rich texture into any space, whether your decor style leans Nordic-minimalist or modern glam. It’s available in several shapes, sizes and colors, and can also be used as a cozy-chic accent on chairs, couches, benches, and more.

  • Available sizes: 11
  • Available colors: 19


These Pretty Sheer Curtains With A Cute, Pom-Pom Trim

When it comes to cheap, low-effort ways to completely transform a room, swapping out the curtains comes out near the top. Made of a sheer, woven fabric with a playful pom-pom trim, this set of two panels looks far more expensive than it actually is. Plus, there are so many great colors to choose from, including this of-the-moment orange that’ll add some retro drama to an otherwise neutral color scheme.

  • Available sizes: 10
  • Available colors: 19


These Fabric-Lined Storage Baskets That Are Durable & High-Quality

Sold in a set of three sizes, these storage baskets are made with a recyclable, biodegradable plastic material that looks exactly like wicker, but is far more durable (and completely waterproof). Each basket also has a removable linen liner that can be taken off and thrown in the wash when it gets dirty — a useful feature if you’re storing items like cosmetics that sometimes spill. Amazon reviewers are impressed by the baskets’ exceptional quality and construction, noting that they’re super sturdy and feel substantial, not flimsy.

  • Available colors: 3


The Best-Selling Essential Oil Diffuser That Changes Colors

Amazon reviewers are nothing short of obsessed with this essential oil diffuser, having awarded it over 25,000 five-star reviews. The best-selling device — which also doubles as a cool mist humidifier and an LED nightlight that lights up in seven colors — is compact, quiet, and super easy to clean. Reviewers also note that unlike many other essential oil diffusers in this price range, it’s powerful enough to fill a spacious room with mist, and is less prone to breaking after only a few months.

  • Available styles: 4


These Clear Acrylic Shelf Dividers That Don’t Require Installation

These clear dividers slide onto an existing shelf, creating smaller compartments that make it easy to keep things organized. The dividers are made of crystal-clear, durable acrylic and measure 8 inches high, 12 inches deep. They’re designed to use with shelves between .75 and .95 of an inch, so be sure to measure yours to make sure they’ll fit before ordering.


A Set Of 4, Hand-Woven Placemats That Look More Expensive Than They Are

Hand-woven of eco-friendly water hyacinth, these place mats look far more expensive than they really are. Beyond their good looks, though, the mats have several practical features — they’re thick enough to provide heat insulation, so they can double as trivets to protect your countertops from hot serving dishes, and they’re also easy to clean and won’t slip around on smooth surfaces.


This Top-Rated Utensil Organizer With An Ingenious Expanding Design

This bamboo utensil organizer is not only more eco-friendly (and much more attractive) than typical plastic ones, but is also almost guaranteed to fit perfectly inside your silverware drawer like a custom-made piece, thanks to its genius expanding design. Amazon shoppers, for their part, seem to be impressed — of the nearly 5,000 people who left feedback after buying it, a solid 92% gave a positive rating, resulting in an impressive 4.7-star overall rating.

  • Available colors: 2


A Wall-Mounted Jewelry Organizer That’s Both Spacious & Attractive

Hanging this jewelry rack on the wall will not only save space on your vanity or dresser, but will also create an attractive display. In addition to eight large hooks and 11 smaller hooks for necklaces, bracelets, and more, the rack also has a roomy tray at the top that's perfect for storing items like rings or perfume, nail polish, and makeup.

  • Available colors: 10


A Set Of 2, Shabby-Chic Covers For Your Throw Pillows

Throw pillow covers are right up there with curtains when it comes to cheap, easy ways to switch up your decor with a distinct aesthetic. This set of two is a shining example — made of a woven, linen-like fabric with a crocheted burlap trim, they'll instantly add a ton of rustic, shabby chic charm to any room you put them in.

  • Available sizes: 3
  • Available colors: 10


A Rustic Wooden Tray With So Many Possible Uses

Crafted of eco-friendly acacia wood, this serving tray will come in handy for so many different reasons. Use it to serve snacks on the coffee table during a movie night or game day, for breakfast in bed on a loved one’s special day, or simply to collect crumbs when you’re eating on the couch. With its gorgeous wood finish and simple, rustic look, it’s also attractive enough to display permanently as part of your decor.


An Adjustable Organizer For Your Food Storage Container Lids

Why does keeping food container lids neatly organized feel like a constant battle? If you can relate, you need this lid organizer ASAP. The design is simple, but Amazon reviewers love it because it really gets the job done — the plastic base tray is outfitted with five dividers, each of which can be adjusted to create custom sections for each type of lid in your collection. "I love, love, love this storage container," gushed one Amazon reviewer. "Sounds silly, but it changed my life. No longer do I have storage container jenga!"

  • Available sizes: 4


These Stackable Shoe Shelves That’ll Utilize Your Vertical Storage Space

The beauty of this tiered shoe shelf is that it’s designed to be stackable, so buying multiples is a great way to take full advantage of the vertical space in your closet. Made of sturdy metal with a dark bronze coating, each unit can comfortably hold around nine pairs of shoes, give or take a few depending on the size and style.


A Sturdy Magnetic Rack That You Can Attach To Your Fridge

This organizer rack attaches to any metal surface using powerful magnets — and according to Amazon reviewers, it’s impressively sturdy and heavy-duty once it’s set up, whether you place it on your fridge, washing machine, or elsewhere. Featuring two, rack-like metal shelves, four removable hooks, and two rods for paper towels or washcloths, it’s perfect for storing anything from spices and condiments to cleaning supplies.

  • Available sizes: 8


These Scent Diffusers That Come In Decorative Glass Jars

These mini reed diffusers from Paddywax not only smell absolutely heavenly, but also look attractive, with their vibrantly colored, milk-glass bottles. Each scent is delicious and you really can’t go wrong, so you won’t have regrets if you choose yours based on which color will best complement your home decor. “I love the dainty glass vase and it smells great!” one Amazon reviewer wrote. “Some diffusers don’t release the smell, but this one is consistent and strong.”

  • Available scents: 10


A Giant Turkish Towel That’s Great For The Beach & Beyond

There are so many reasons to love this giant Turkish towel. Turkish towels are made with a cotton fabric that’s significantly more absorbent than a traditional terry towel, yet also far thinner and smoother. This means it’ll make an excellent beach towel, since it’s less likely to hold onto sand and is easy to fold up and stash in your bag, as well as large enough to use as a blanket (it measures 38 by 71 inches, while the standard bath towel measures 30 by 56 inches). Plus, the towel looks absolutely gorgeous, and comes in over 30 vibrant and neutral colors.

  • Available colors: 33


A Slip-Proof Rug Gripper That Works Like A Charm

When it comes to the basic design, this popular, extra-thick rug pad is pretty standard — what makes it such a favorite among Amazon reviewers is, quite simply, that it actually works. One Amazon reviewer wrote that they’d previously tried multiple different products to stop their rug from sliding around, with no luck. Of this one, however, they wrote, “It has stood up to my very high standards, and I am now placing an order for another one for our new office rug.”

  • Available sizes: 11


An Attractive Set Of Cooking Utensils Made Of Eco-Friendly Bamboo

This lovely set includes eight cooking utensils — like spoons, spatulas, and more — and a container to hold them in, all crafted of eco-friendly bamboo. Bamboo is naturally antimicrobial, odor-resistant, and quick-drying, and also won’t damage non-stick pans and other cookware.


A Vintage-Inspired Bread Box For Loaves, Baked Goods, & More

This vintage-inspired bread box will not only add a retro touch to your kitchen, but will also help keep bread and other baked goods fresher for longer. With enough space for two full loaves of bread, plus room to spare, it’s made of metal with a smooth bamboo lid. Even if you don’t keep enough bread around to make it worthwhile, it would also make a great gift for anyone who loves to bake.


A Durable Toiler Paper Holder With Lots Of Extra Storage

If your bathroom doesn’t have a toilet paper holder built into the wall, this freestanding model makes for an attractive, practical solution. Made of durable metal with a powder-coated bronze finish, it has room to store a few extras rolls of TP below the dispenser, plus a little rack on the top to hold your cell phones, tissues, or a pack of flushable wipes, to name just a few ideas.


A Texture-Rich Throw Blanket That’s Super Cozy — & Machine-Washable

With chunky, cable-knit cotton on one side and fluffy sherpa fleece on this other, this throw blanket will add a super-powered dose of rich, cozy texture to any space. Better still, it’s machine washable and even dryer-friendly, so it’ll be easy to keep clean despite lots of regular use. “This blanket is beautiful and great quality,” wrote one Amazon reviewer. “It came beautifully packaged wrapped with a bow perfect for gift giving, and included a laundry bag for safe laundering.”

  • Available sizes: 2
  • Available colors: 7


A Compact Side Table With Roughly A Million Potential Uses

This small side table is marketed as something to set your snack on when you’re eating on the couch, but that’s far from the only potential way to use it. It also makes an excellent plant stand, laptop stand, or even nightstand for a small space. Amazon reviewers say it’s sturdily constructed and super easy to put together, giving it an impressive overall rating of 4.8 stars.

  • Available sizes: 2
  • Available colors: 2


These Dimmable String Lights With Vintage-Inspired Edison Bulbs

Weatherproof and dimmable, these outdoor string lights will add a whimsical touch of magic to any garden or patio, all while providing soft, warm light that's perfect for cozy nighttime hangs. Each 25-bulb string measures 25 feet, but you can connect multiple strings together if you’re hoping to cover a larger area.

  • Available colors: 3


A Memory-Foam Mattress Topper That’ll Make Any Bed Feel More Luxurious

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your own mattress or one in a spare room, this best-selling mattress topper makes a huge difference without costing very much. It’s a thick layer of plush, dense memory foam infused with temperature-regulating gel beads — and according to thousands of Amazon reviewers, it’s absolutely luxurious. “This made a 16 year old, super firm piece of junk mattress feel like a dream,” one person gushed, adding, “I can’t imagine sleeping one more night without this.”

  • Available sizes: 8
  • Available thicknesses: 2-inch, 3-inch

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