The Retro Color Trend Every Celeb Is Decorating With Right Now

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It's official — 2021 is the year we finally say goodbye to all-neutral spaces and welcome bold shades. In fact, it's been confirmed: As Lauren Cox, manager at online interior design service Havenly, told TZR in November, "I think 2021 will bring out our needs to showcase our design personalities through other more bold, colorful, patterned means." Need more proof? Look to all the celebs embracing orange, the 2021 home color trend that's all set to reign supreme.

It seemed to happen all at once; one day, every A-lister was showing off their minimalist homes, and the next, stars like Gigi Hadid and Mindy Kaling were posting pictures of rooms painted entirely orange, noting a sudden and drastic shift in decor trends for the new year.

That said, you may be hesitant to commit to a color as bright as orange quite so wholeheartedly, which is understandable — it's not for the faint of heart. In that case, take notes from someone like Chrissy Teigen, who added a rust-colored sofa to her living room, or even Victoria Beckham, who simply enhanced her citrus-toned space with orange artwork.

Need more inspo before you commit? Keep scrolling for seven celebrity-approved ways to use orange in your home, ahead.

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2021 Home Color Trend: Commit With Orange Walls

If you're feeling especially bold this year, take notes on Mindy Kaling's beautifully bright space and find an orange shade to cover your walls with. Pair it with its complementary color, blue, to really make it pop against your decor.

2021 Home Color Trend: Try A Monochrome Orange Look

Gigi Hadid / Instagram

Gigi Hadid did not hold back with the orange hues in her baby's new nursery — and neither should you. For a similar effect, paint the walls orange and then find accents in varying shades and that feature patterns with the hue, so that the end result isn't too overwhelming.

2021 Home Color Trend: Find An Orange Statement Piece

If you're not ready to go all in and paint your walls orange, try Chrissy Teigen's way of adopting this color trend with a statement piece. You can even choose a less saturated hue like the one in her rust-colored sofa to tone things down a notch.

2021 Home Color Trend: Create A Citrus Color Theme

Victoria Beckham's chic orange artwork in this room also demonstrates a genius way to incorporate the shade that feels natural. Instead of pairing peachy tones with contrasting colors, try mixing it with other citrus hues like yellow, so that it fits right in and creates a warm, sunny space.

2021 Home Color Trend: Keep It Subtle With Orange Accents

Claudia Schiffer's mostly minimalist home is proof you don't have to change your ways to incorporate some orange into your space this year. In fact, you barely even need to use it at all to make an impact, which is proven here in this sleek console moment, which features butterfly wall art above with small pops of orange.

2021 Home Color Trend: Decorate With Trendy Pops Of Orange

For a trendier but still subtle way to include some orange in your home, channel Bella Hadid's retro vibes with an orange accent or two, like a funky candle, paired with black and white surroundings.

2021 Home Color Trend: Complement Orange With Blue

Even celebrities with a more traditional style are adopting this retro-feeling hue, which is proof that everyone should give orange a try in 2021. Like Kaling, Reese Witherspoon mixed her orange table with its complementary color via blue table settings, chairs, and pillows, making for a dining room that feels bright, but balanced.

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