Chocolate Brown Home Decor Is The '90s Trend Hitting Living Spaces

Cocoa power.

by Jessie Quinn
House of Hackney
chocolate brown decor
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In 2024, we’re leaning into the richer and warmer tones of chocolate brown. Whether it’s a fresh cinnamon brown color rinse on our hair (à la Hailey Bieber), the return of brown lipstick and lip liner in our makeup bags, or all of the espresso tones going down the runway, we can’t help but indulge in its chocolatey goodness. This obsession also extends into home decor with interior designers leaning toward deep espresso hues.

According to Bethany Struble, a lead designer at Totum Home, we tend to flip-flop between favoring cool black tones and warm brown ones every few years. And, right now, the latter is back on top. “There has been a shift toward comfort and coziness in our homes, and the chocolate brown color embodies warmth and comfort,” she notes. While this trend is definitely a nod to the 1990s, it’s return comes with a fresher and more modern spin.

First, it’s important to note that the chocolate home decor of 2024 is centered around a rich, saturated brown hue. And, while the key shade is more of a deep espresso tone, the trend actually encompasses a range of colors from caramel to carob. With its neutral nature, chocolate brown home decor is one of the easiest shades to work with, even if you just want to dabble in it and make it work with your current decor style.

For a seamless test run of the color, Struble recommends bringing “chocolate brown into the home using textiles like your bed linens, curtains, or throw pillows.” If you’re looking to make a bigger statement and are willing to invest, she says don’t be afraid to opt for a brown sofa or ottoman as these can have a major impact on the space and, since brown is a timeless shade, your investment will be worthwhile. “If you want to dive all in, paint your walls chocolate brown,” she adds, noting that brown wainscoting or kitchen cabinets are also an excellent way to lean into this aesthetic craze.


How To Decorate With Chocolate Brown

Since chocolate brown is more of a bold neutral and has warm, rich undertones, Struble says it’s one of the easiest colors to incorporate with preexisting furnishings. “I personally love chocolate brown with a powder blue or fresh yellow-green,” she notes. The trendy color is also a fun pick for those who love mid-century modern design, as it’s a fairly common pairing with mustard and orange hues. “I also see a lot of complementary creams and linen shades with chocolate brown in more rustic homes,” Strucle adds.

When decorating with chocolate brown, be aware of your wood furniture. If you have a lot of deep brown furniture pieces, Struble recommends breaking it up with your wall color and different brown tones. “I’d go with a contrasting color on the walls or simply a white or cream to break up all the wood and brown,” she explains. If you want to introduce new wood pieces into your space while also adding in those rich espresso tones, Struble recommends opting for furniture with warm wood tones like walnut, mahogany, or oak. “Avoid cooler or gray wood tones with this trend,” she remarks.

The best thing about this buzzy aesthetic is you can make it as subtle as swapping out your picture frames for rich brown wood styles or adding a new accent mirror to your wall. You can even create an intentional nod with seasonal throw pillows and blankets or add a few accent lamps to your abode.

As Struble notes, bed linens in cinnamon or a moody Bordeaux brown are another easy way to test out the trend. For something more substantial, try swapping out your area rug for a chocolate floor piece or investing in an accent chair. Large pieces of artwork that anchor the room can also help refresh a space with the chocolate brown trend.

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