Yes, You Can Serve Caviar At Your Holiday Parties — Thanks To This Emerging Brand

Meet CaviAIR.

Courtesy of CaviAIR
CaviAIR brand's products

Restaurateur Ariel Arce began Air's Champagne Parlor in New York City with a goal: “To expose as much Champagne as possible to as many people as possible,” she previously told Eater. These days, she’s doing the same thing with another luxury category: caviar. This time, though, it’s not a restaurant or bar. Rather, Arce teamed up with friend Michelle Double to launch caviar brand CaviAIR in 2020. And once again, it’s aiming to make an exclusive product more attainable for customers.

“My main touch point for everything is making luxury affordable, approachable, and accessible,” Arce told James Lane Post in June 2021. “The challenge is to take it out of its kind of fancy, pretentious background and really associate it with everyday things.”

That said, Arce wasn’t prepared to lower any standards with her new company: In creating CaviAIR, she wanted to source the same excellent quality caviar as the biggest names in the business. So, she resolved to strip out the marketing layers and sell the product direct-to-consumer in order to charge less.

It wasn’t just the cost that Arce wanted to change with CaviAIR, however. Rather than package the caviar in boring, stuffy tins, the co-founders chose to include their favorite varieties in playful, boldly designed vessels that are meant to appeal to young, design-focused consumers.

Its mission is clearly resonating. CaviAIR has been able to expand its product selection this year, and even just started a CaviAIR Hotline that allows you to call Arce and the team (yes, actually live people) and ask all your burning caviar questions. “The Hotline is a way for us to connect to our customers in real time when they might be all over the country,” says Arce. “We want to make sure they are getting the best goods for their taste, the amount they need for an affair, and how to serve it to make the most out of any situation! We want to make caviar more accessible and approachable for our current and future customers, by offering them our insider tips, and maybe hash out a little bit of holiday therapy at the same time!”

In addition, the business has partnered with luxury brands such as W Hotels and The Hoxton Hotels, and delivered CaviAIR to beach and garden parties in the Hamptons this summer (via a sky blue vintage Land Rover Defender, no less). It even has celebrity clientele: DJ Hannah Bronfman and entrepreneur Bobbi Brown are said to be fans.

CaviAIR caviar is available on the brand’s site, where you can purchase a “consistent range of four caviars from three different Sturgeon”; plus, depending on availability and seasonality, Salmon Roe, alternative Sturgeons, and Golden Varieties. There’s even a CaviAIR Club — a monthly subscription that comes with educational materials to help you learn more about caviar (and makes for a perfect holiday gift).

With holiday dinner parties and NYE soirées approaching, CaviAIR offers a more accessible (and fun) way to impress your guests. Start exploring the brand’s selection with the offerings, ahead.

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