50 Bargain Finds On Amazon That People With Great Taste Will Love

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Even those who pride themselves on having elevated taste can appreciate a good bargain — but luckily, you no longer have to spend your time bargain hunting to find incredible deals. Instead, simply turn your attention to these 50 bargain finds that people with great taste are guaranteed to love; not only are they all super affordable, but they’re also available on Amazon, which means they come with fast, free shipping in addition to low price tags.

Though taste is obviously subjective, you’ll find dozens of luxe treasures that’ll upgrade your life in some way here, from expert-approved beauty products that don’t cost a fortune to chic yet functional decor for every room in your home. Nothing on this list is overly trendy or gimmicky, though, so regardless of what you define as tasteful, you’re bound to find yourself clicking “add to cart” as you peruse this editor-approved list.

If your interest has been piqued, scroll on to shop 50 chic finds that you can snag for under $50 on Amazon right now. And if you’re looking for more shopping inspiration and ways to upgrade your day-to-day routine, be sure to check out these 50 incredible products that are legitimately life-changing.


A Chic Metal Wine Rack You’ll Want To Show Off

Unlike most basic wooden wine racks, this one — with its cool, geometric design and shiny gold finish — makes a stylish design statement, whether you perch it on a cabinet or tuck it into a corner of your kitchen. It can hold up to six bottles and also comes in rose gold and silver, if you aren’t feeling the gold.


5 Cute, Reusable Market Bags In Assorted Colors

This reusable mesh totes are so much chicer — and more functional — than your standard plastic shopping bags. Not only do they look cute, but their open-hole design allows dirt and other debris to fall through, so you’re only bringing the good stuff into your home. You get five bags in assorted colors for less than $20; store one at home, one in your car, one at your office... you get the idea.


The Perfect Pair Of Everyday Earrings — For Just $15

The perfect combination of dainty and glam, these stunning little earrings are dotted with tiny, cubic zirconia stones that sparkle like real diamonds. They hug your ears tightly like cuffs and look great either on their own or worn with other earrings, whether you put them in your first hole or in a cartilage piercing. It’s hard to believe they’ll set you back less than $14 on Amazon.

  • Available colors: yellow gold, rose gold, white gold


A Set Of 4 Champagne Flutes With A Gorgeous Iridescent Finish

Impress your guests with these stunning, iridescent champagne flutes that change color depending on how the light hits. Considering you get four durable glasses for less than $30 — when most high-end glasses cost about $30 each — they’re an incredible value, too.


These Normcore-Chic Slippers For Indoor & Outdoor Wear

Stylish in that normcore-chic way, these indoor/outdoor house shoes will become your new go-to slip-ons for grabbing the mail, walking the dog, or hanging in the garden — though they’re undoubtedly cute enough to wear for running errands and meeting friends, too. Choose from 15 ribbed and non-ribbed styles, in colors ranging from pretty pastels to classic black and navy.

  • Available colors: 15


A Set of Hanging Lamps That Are Powered By Solar Energy

Wherever you place these pretty outdoor lamps — hanging on a tree branch, perhaps, or on a picnic table — they’re bound to add a romantic, antique-inspired touch. As long as you expose them to enough sunlight, they’ll turn on automatically when it’s dark and last for about eight hours before needing another “charge.” These make a great hostess gift, as well.

  • Available colors: white, brown


A Tiered Jewelry Organizer That’s Pretty Enough To Show Off

The perfect decorative and functional piece, this T-shaped organizer can hang earrings, necklaces, and bracelets from its three tiers while its base acts as a catch-all tray for smaller trinkets and rings. Impressively, it’s been awarded over 15,000 five-star ratings and reviews from Amazon shoppers, who rave about its fair price, impressive quality, and sleek, expensive look. “It came fully assembled and is a good weight, so it is sturdy,” one person noted.

  • Available colors: brass, nickel


This Pouf Cover That You Can Stuff With Blankets, Coats, & More

Full disclosure: This pouf doesn’t come stuffed. But that’s what makes it so cool — you stuff it with whatever you want (making it ideal for homes that are low on storage space), and it instantly becomes a foot rest or extra seat. You can put coats, blankets, and scarves inside, or even sweaters and soft toys. And if you don’t love the pink shade pictured, it’s also sold in lots of other colors, like metallic gold and bright orange. It comes in a few shaggy-textured versions, too!

  • Available styles: 13
  • Available sizes: 5


A Set Of 4 Woven Mates For Dinner Plates, Hot Dishes, & More

Normally, woven placemats like these can cost upwards of $20 a pop. But with this amazing value, you only have to spend $20 to get a set of four. You can use these as placemats for dining; as trivets for hot pots and pans; or as a base for a vase of flowers. They’re heat-resistant and non-slip, too, so they’re just as functional as they are pretty.


A Marble Bathroom Set For Less Than $25

A matching bathroom set can give your entire bathroom a new look. So why not give your space a chic, modern upgrade with this best-selling, four-piece set? With your order, you get a liquid soap dispenser, a bar soap holder, a toothbrush and toothpaste holder, and one more bonus holder for any other extras, like tweezers or makeup brushes. And though it looks just like real marble, it’s actually made of a durable resin material, so it’s not as heavy or fragile.

  • Available colors: white marble, black marble


Colorful Turkish Towels For Your Hands Or Face

You may have seen those cool, Turkish bath and pool towels before, but these are much smaller versions, so they’re ideal for your face and hands. Turkish cotton is a lot more absorbent than traditional terry cotton, so it tends to dry a lot quicker, and it’s also less likely to hold onto sand. It doesn’t hurt that they look incredibly chic, either — hang them in your bathroom to give it a beach-resort vibe.


A Simple Way To Diffuse Your Favorite Essential Oils

Unlike those popular, electric essential oil diffusers that require filling, cleaning, and cords, this is a much simpler version. You place a few drops of your favorite essential oil into the small basin on top, then light a tea candle and slide it through the hole. The warm oil will fill your whole room (or apartment) with the scent of your choice — it’s even more effective than the electric misting types. This one also happens to look super pretty, with its dainty star-flecked pattern.


A Long, Ribbed Hair Wrap That’s Super Wide & Stretchy

With its long, wide fit and super-stretchy material, it’s safe to say The Wrap Life designed the perfect hair wrap with their Ribbed Bandie. Sold in both bright and nude colors, from citrine yellow to chestnut brown, it can be worn countless ways — the brand even provides tutorials, which can be found here. The best thing about these wraps, though, is how comfy they are, since they’re made of such a comfortable, stretchy fabric.


Faux-Wicker Baskets For All Your Storage Needs

First, there’s the obvious appeal of these storage baskets: that they can be used for anything and everything, just about anywhere in your home. But what makes them even better is that, though they look like wicker, they’re actually made of plastic, so they’re waterproof and a lot more durable. Considering you get three spacious baskets that’ll last you a near-lifetime for less than $30, these are a great value.


This Simple But Clever Phone Holder & Catch-All Tray

Simple, but genius, and delightfully cheap: this countertop phone holder will come in handy for so many different occasions — like, when you’re doing your makeup, recording a vlog, or taking a Zoom call. It doubles as a holder for your toothbrush, toothpaste, makeup brushes, or other small trinkets, too. With its sleek, marble design, it’ll make a chic addition to your bathroom, vanity, desk, or anywhere else you place it.


A Set Of Soft, Satin Pillowcases For Just $10

Only on Amazon could you score two satin pillowcases for just $10. Extra gentle on your skin and hair — which means they’re ideal for anyone who’s prone to breakage and knots — these are sold in over 20 gorgeous colors, from pale pink to sage green. Skeptical of the delights considering the price? Then just check out the 100,000+ (!!!) five-star ratings from your fellow Amazon shoppers.


2 Travel-Sized Skin Care Products From A Luxe French Brand

You’re probably already familiar with luxury French beauty brand Caudalie, which is known for its grape-inspired skin care products. But you probably aren’t familiar with the fact that you can sample two of their most popular products — a Hand & Nail Cream and a Lip Conditioner — for just $12. Pick up a kit for your next vacay, or as a thoughtful gift for the skin-care lover in your life.


These Under-$25 Mules That Are So Timeless & Chic

It’s hard to believe you can buy these chic, slip-on mules for less than $25 on Amazon — but there you have it. Suitable for most seasons and occasions, they quite literally won’t ever go out of style if you buy them in classic black; but just for fun, why not pick up the leopard print pair, too?


A Rustic Wooden Tray With Endless Uses

Place this rustic-chic tray on your coffee table or ottoman to hold candles and flowers; on your dinner table to hold salt, pepper, and condiments; or bring it into bed and have breakfast there as a treat. You could also bring it outdoors, of course, or use it to host fun indoor picnics on the floor. There’s a reason trays like these are mainstays in every well-thought-out home.


A Crystal Carafe & Glass Set For Your Bedside Table

Here’s another chic, versatile piece of homeware with so many potential uses. It makes a great bedside carafe for water, of course, but you can also use it in the bathroom for mouthwash, or put it on your bar cart to hold whiskey. It’ll look so much more elegant than a plastic water bottle or tub of Listerine.


An Expandable Wire Caddy To Hold All Your Bath Time Needs

Use this bathtub caddy to hold all your soaking essentials: a candle, a small towel, a book, a drink, some skin care products... you get the idea. If you’re worried about it fitting your tub, don’t be, because it’s expandable — and its simple wire look will fit in well with any style of decor.


These Outdoor String Lights With A Retro-Chic Vibe

Upgrade your porch or garden with these antique-chic string lights. They’re waterproof and easy to connect, and even easier to install — and best of all, they’ll set you back less than $20. A number-one best-seller on Amazon, they’ve been awarded over 20,000 five-star ratings from satisfied shoppers, as well as thousands of more glowing reviews.


The Perfect Neutral Throw Blanket — At A Great Price

You can’t go wrong with a classic, herringbone throw, regardless of your decor style. It works in modern, rustic, and antique homes alike, whether you go with the beige color pictured or choose the aqua blue, barn red, or sage green. At just $25 on Amazon, this one in particular — which is made of 100% cotton — is an amazing value, though some colors go for as low as $19.


An RFID-Blocking Wallet With A Ridiculous Amount Of Storage Space

The perfect wallet for anyone who travels a lot or simply tends to carry a ton of cards, this is designed with RFID-blocking technology to protect your sensitive information from would-be digital thieves. Aside from that, though, it has a ton of space for all the essentials and then some: cash, coins, tickets, and 18 credit cards. The two zippered pockets are even big enough to fit an iPhone, and there’s a clear ID slot for added measure. For less than $20 and sold in over 30 gorgeous colors — what’s not to love?

  • Available colors: 31


A Floppy, Oversized Sun Hat With UPF 50 Protection

Floppy sun hats will always look chic, and it doesn’t hurt that they offer maximum sun protection, either. This one is sold in nine elegant styles in assorted shades of beige and black, and folds up especially well for travel without becoming damaged or creased. Amazon reviewers note that it comes with a detachable strap so it won’t blow off your head in high-wind areas, and that it’s adjustable as well.

  • Available styles: 9


An Easy Way To Give Any Space A Nordic-Chic Touch

Though this can certainly be used as a small rug, this faux sheepskin accent will also look so chic layered over a bench or chair — use it to make any space feel 10 times cozier. Aside from classic white, it’s also sold in an assortment of bold and pastel colors, like wine red and sky blue. “We have hardwood floors in all the upstairs bedrooms and the backing on this rug does NOT slip,” one Amazon reviewer noted. “I'm just so pleased with the quality, whatever color you pick you cannot go wrong at this price,” they concluded.

  • Available colors: 19
  • Available sizes/shapes: 11


The Perfect Little Jewelry Box For Travel

Minimalist and chic, this cute little jewelry box has slots for all of your most beloved pieces — and it’s perfectly sized to take with you on the go. It can hold 10 pairs of earrings, countless rings, and at least five necklaces hanging — but there’s plenty of room for even more jewelry in the three horizontal slots to the right. It stays securely shut with a snap closure for safety, and has a waterproof, faux-leather exterior that’s easy to keep clean. “It is very portable, but has a lot of space! The right side of the bottom part has removable dividers, which is great for fitting larger/smaller pieces,” reported one Amazon reviewer.

  • Available colors: white, pink, navy, green


The Cult-Favorite Moisturizer With Countless Celebrity Fans

Victoria Beckham and makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes are just a sampling of the celebrities who are obsessed with Weleda’s cult-classic Skin Food moisturizer. And despite being such a mainstay among luxury beauty cabinets, a generously sized tube (a little goes a long way) will set you back less than $15. You can use this anywhere on your face or body that’s dry — like your cheeks, cuticles, elbows, or knees — but since it also leaves your skin super glowy, it can double as highlighter (a tip learned from Hughes herself) in a pinch. Some other fun ways to use this iconic beauty staple? As a lip mask, à la dermatologist Dr. Shereene Idriss, or as a nourishing face mask; just slather on a thick layer, hop in the shower to get nice and steamy, and pat the excess product off with a clean face towel.


A Cute Hanging Ladder For Towels, Blankets, & More

For such a cute and functional home accent, it’s hard to believe this mini hanging ladder costs less than $25 on Amazon. Use it in a bathroom for towels, in a living room for blankets, or in a mudroom for things like dog leashes and umbrellas. Choose from white, brown, or gray wood finishes.


This Versatile Satin Scarf That Comes In Dozens Of Colorful Prints

Satin scarves are a wardrobe staple — whether tied around your neck, bag, wrist, or ponytail, they can make even a simple white tee and jeans feel 10 times more stylish. They’re useful for wrapping your hair up at night, too, of course — or, you can get really creative and wear one as a top. This one costs less than $10 on Amazon and comes in dozens of stylish, colorful prints, so it’s worth picking up a few.

  • Available colors: 44


30 Non-Slip, Velvet Hangers With Pretty, Rose-Gold Accents

People with elevated taste will appreciate the elegant simplicity of these non-slip garment hangers. They’re made of smooth velvet that keeps slippery fabrics, like silk, secure; and they’re durable enough to hold up to 10 pounds each. A bestseller on Amazon, these have been given a near-perfect 4.8-star overall rating from shoppers, who rave about the quality for the price.


A Spacious & Functional Fanny Pack That’s Actually Super Chic

Whether you call it a belt bag or a fanny pack — or wear it slung over your shoulder — one thing’s for sure: this will keep all of your essentials within easy reach while giving your outfit a stylish, trendy touch. Featuring a chic quilted pattern and made of faux leather, it’s waterproof, too, so it won’t become easily damaged if you get caught in the rain.


A Massive Bottle Of Bubble Bath With A Soothing Lavender Scent

For just $5, you’ll get a whopping 34 ounces of Dr Teal’s cult-favorite bubble bath in the relaxing Soothe & Sleep scent. Formulated with Epsom salt to soothe sore muscles and lavender oil to help calm restless minds, it’s perhaps the most popular bath product on Amazon, with a near-perfect, 4.8-star rating based on over 35,000 reviews.


A Large, Cotton Rope Basket With So Many Potential Uses

The uses for this chic, woven rope basket are practically endless, and it’ll look great in any space. Use it to hold towels, blankets, pillows, dirty clothes, soft toys... the list goes on and on. It comes in other color combinations, too, like white and blue and black and gray.


A Super-Soft & Super-Affordable Set Of Microfiber Sheets

For just $20, you can transform your bed with a whole new sheet set — that’s thanks to Amazon’s brilliant line of affordable homeware and decor, Amazon Basics. The set includes a deep, 14-inch fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and two pillowcases, all made of super-soft microfiber. It’s sold in over 40 pretty colors and prints, too, so you’re guaranteed to find one that fits in well with your bedroom.

  • Available colors & prints: 44
  • Available sizes: twin, twin XL, full, standard, queen, king, California king


2 Clear Jars With Endless Uses For The Bathroom, Kitchen, & Office

Another stylish yet functional (and affordable) find: these versatile clear jars, which’ll set you back just $8 for a set of two. They’re great for storing Q-tips, cotton balls, hair ties, and floss sticks in the bathroom, but you could also use them in an office for supplies like paperclips, or in the kitchen for things like sugar cubes, candy, and teabags.


A Sparkling Tennis Bracelet That Looks Like It Cost Hundreds

Nobody will guess you bought this tennis bracelet for just $15 on Amazon (so maybe don’t tell them?). Encrusted with cubic zirconia stones that could easily pass for real diamonds, it’s made of a hypoallergenic, lead-free material that shouldn’t fade, tarnish, or irritate sensitive skin. One Amazon reviewer commented, “This bracelet is soooo cute and you wouldn’t even tell it’s not real. I got mine in rose gold and I been showering in it and all and it hasn’t faded or turned different colors or messed with my skin!”

  • Available colors: rose gold, white gold, yellow gold


2 Chic Circular Hairpins To Step Up Your Ponytails & Half-Up Styles

Dress up your ponytail, messy bun, or half-up style with this chic metal hairpin. In fact, you actually get two hairpins in this set — for just $6 — one in silver and one in gold. Made of sturdy metal alloy, they’ll work well with most hair types, and can be paired with both dressy and casual outfits alike.


A Set Of 8 Hotel-Quality Towels For Under $50

Upgrade your bathroom with these luxe, plush, hotel-quality towels. For less than $50, you’ll get two big bath towels, two hand towels, and four smaller washcloths. They’re all made of super-soft, thick, brushed cotton, and come in your choice of 10 colors, as well as one mixed, gray and white set.

  • Available colors: 11


These Automatic Nightlights With An Antique Look

It’s hard to find a nightlight that actually looks chic — but these are the rare exception. Designed to look like antique lamps, they plug into any outlet and automatically turn on at dusk, and then back off at dawn. You’ll get two in this under-$20 set, so you can pop one in each bathroom or line them up in a dark hallway.


A Decanter That Looks Great & Makes Your Wine Taste Better, Too

Wine decanters look great on the dinner table, sure, but they also allow your wine to breathe which can make it taste a lot better. It’s hard to believe this one — which is made of high-quality glass and can hold two bottles of wine — costs just $25, considering its sophisticated look.


A Soft & Gentle Scrunchie Made of 100% Silk

Though it’s made of 100% mulberry silk, this giant silk scrunchie will set you back just under $10 on Amazon. Just like all things ‘90s, oversized scrunchies are cool again — this one will look so chic paired with sweats and tee at home, and with flowing dresses when you’re out. You can also snag packs of five, seven, and 15, all for less than $50.

  • Available colors: 19


These Affordable Soy Candles That Come In So Many Unique Scents

Not only are these candles made with vegan soy wax and packaged in display-worthy jars, but they come in so many unique scents that you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere, like pineapple evergreen (featured), crumb cake, and black tea and sage. (You can also get it in more classic scents, like balsam fir and linen). Best of all, they cost just $15 — so why not stock up for every room in the house?

  • Available scents: 30


A Retro-Chic Letter Sorter To Hang In Your Office

Whether you mount this on its own or buy the rest of the wall-grid set, this gleaming gold letter sorter will add a retro-chic touch to any office space. (It also comes in rose gold and black finishes, if you prefer.) Very Mad Man-inspired vibes.


A Pair Of Under-$20 Sunnies That Look Amazing On Everyone

As thousands of Amazon reviewers can attest, these are the rare sunglasses that look amazing on everyone — so at just $15, why not try them out for yourself? In fact, over 25,000 shoppers left them a five-star rating after purchasing, while over 10,000 left them glowing reviews that say things like, “Better than ANY Brand Name!” Choose from classic colors like black and brown tortoiseshell, or go with one of the bolder combinations like neon green with clear frames.

  • Available styles: 20


An Electric Gooseneck Kettle At A Can’t-Beat Price

If you’ve ever seen one of these antique-inspired, electric gooseneck kettles before, you probably know that they tend to cost upwards of $150. But this one costs just $35, despite looking identical to its much-pricier competitors, so it’s actually an incredible bargain. “It heats up the water quickly, very easy to use and easy to clean,” summed up one Amazon reviewer.


These Affordable Exfoliating Pads From A Beloved Spa Brand

Use these exfoliating pads from spa brand Bliss once or twice a week to polish and resurface your skin. With consistent (but occasional) use — over-exfoliating is never a good thing — you should notice a clearer, more even-looking complexion, as well as smoother-feeling skin. That’s thanks to a hefty dose of glycolic acid in the formula, while witch hazel and licorice root offer even more glow-boosting benefits. You’ll get 15 pads in this $15 set, so you’ll be set for a few months.


These Pretty Sheer Curtains At An Unbelievably Cheap Price

Beautiful, sheer, flowing curtains for less than $15? Enough said. (For a few more details, though, these come in 17 colors and seven different lengths, so it’ll be easy to find a set that works in your room. They’re even machine washable!)

  • Available colors: 17


A Cast Iron Dutch Oven For Less Than $50

Most cast iron Dutch ovens tend to cost around $300 or higher — but once again, Amazon Basics has come to the rescue. Theirs is neatly identical to those from popular name brands, but it costs a mere fraction of the price, though it’ll last you a lifetime if you treat it well. Choose from five sizes and four colors.

  • Available colors: blue, green, red white


A Set Of Hotel-Quality Pillows That’ll Change The Way You Sleep

Upgrade your beg big time with this set of plush, hotel-quality pillows from Beckham Luxury Linens. Made of 100% cotton and filled with luxe gel fibers, the pillows are allergy-friendly and designed so as not to shift or bunch as you move your head. They’re also designed to stay breathable and keep you comfortable in any season, and have been OEKO-Tex Certified to meet the highest standards in terms of textile production. And they’ll cost you just $20 a pop.

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