50 Incredible Finds On Amazon That Are Legit Life-Changing

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by Julia O'Donnell

Shopping on Amazon can be a bit like a game of chance. But with some serious digging and a little bit of good luck, it is possible to unearth incredible finds on Amazon that are legitimately life-changing. In your case, though, digging and luck may not even be necessary — instead, simply direct your attention to the 50 brilliant products featured in this roundup, which come highly recommend by both our editors and Amazon shoppers alike.

Though the products featured here vary wildly, each one was chosen for a very specific reason: they’re all things you’ll quickly find yourself wondering how you ever lived without. From skin care saviors and hair care heroes to kitchen gadgets, bedroom décor, and everything else in between, all of these under-the-radar finds are guaranteed to truly improve your life. Better still, while there are a few attainable splurges on the list, the majority of these products cost well under $50, so regardless of how much room you have in your budget to take a chance on something new, there’s something potentially life-changing here that you can add to cart and order today.

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A Windproof, Flameless Lighter That Can Be Recharged Again & Again

While the humble lighter is practically ubiquitous in every modern home, when you think about it, it’s not exactly the safest thing to have lying around. This rechargeable, flameless lighter is a safe, user-friendly alternative that can be used more than 500 times on a single charge — and since it can be recharged more than 500 times, it’ll basically last forever. Plus, the fact that it’s completely windproof certainly doesn’t hurt, either.


The Perfect Pillow For People Who Shower At Night

One side of this ingenious pillowcase is made of silky satin, while the other is made of a microfiber, towel-like material with a waterproof lining. If you’re someone who regularly goes to bed with wet hair, it’s a must-have. You can choose from muted colors, like champagne pink and ivory, or go with the cool, gray tie-dye print.

  • Available styles: 12


A Set Of Sinus-Clearing Shower Steamers Made With Eucalyptus & Tea Tree

Next time you’re feeling stuffy and congested, pop one of these steamers in the shower. Just like a traditional bath bomb, shower steamers activate when they get wet, creating an explosion of aromatherapeutic steam. Handmade in the USA and sold in a set of 10, these are infused with sinus-clearing, invigorating essential oils like tea tree and eucalyptus, so they’ll help provide soothing relief when you’re feeling under the weather.


A Bluetooth-Enabled Tracker That You Can Attach To Your Keys, Wallet, & More

Always misplacing your keys or wallet? Instead of resigning yourself to a lifetime of digging through the couch cushions in a frenzied panic, simply invest in the Tile Mate — it’s totally worth it. Attach the Bluetooth-enabled keychain to whatever you tend to lose, then next time you’re looking for it, you can use either the Tile app or your smart hub to ring your item with a loud noise until you’re able to locate it. Even if you’re out of the device’s 200-foot range, you can still see a map with the last location you left your item, so you’ll never tear your house apart looking for the purse you actually left at a bar last night, for example.


A Chic Wallet Phone Case For Days When You Don’t Want To Carry A Purse

If you’re the ultimate minimalist when it comes to carrying a purse, this stylish phone case will be your new best friend. Available in sizes to fit any model of iPhone 11 or 12, the built-in wallet has room for cash as well as your cards and ID, and unlike some wallet phone cases, it has a zipper so your items won’t be visible or fall out when you’re not paying attention. The adjustable, chain-link strap is long enough to wear across your body for hands-free carrying, but you can also convert it into a wristlet by swapping out the strap.

  • Available sizes: 5
  • Available colors: 31


A Daily Sunscreen That You’ll Actually Enjoy Using

If you associate sunscreen with making your skin look chalky and dull, you need to try TULA Protect + Glow. An excellent, noncomedogenic sunscreen for those with acne-prone skin (but it’ll really work great for any skin type), the lightweight, gel formula doesn’t leave behind a greasy residue or white cast — in fact, it’s infused with powerful probiotic extracts and skin superfoods that’ll leave your complexion nourished and glowing.


An Easy Way To Extend The Life Of An Open Bottle Of Wine

If you’ve ever been forced to pour the half-drank bottle of wine you opened a few days ago down the drain, you already know exactly how worthwhile this wine saver pump will be. The pump works by first removing the oxygen from the bottle before re-sealing it, thus keeping the wine inside fresh for up to seven days (without the pump, red wine will typically last for two to five days after opening). The pump also comes with four reusable wine bottle stoppers, which have nifty time stamps to indicate when you opened the bottle.


The Best Sleep Mask Ever

Amazon reviewers are obsessed with this sleep mask, and what’s not to love? Made of super-soft modal with breathable cotton padding, its ergonomic design doesn’t feel bulky or uncomfortable, yet completely “blocks out 110% of light,” as one reviewer put it. Plus, the wide shape and adjustable Velcro closure in the back ensure a snug, comfortable fit — no pulling or soreness from a too-tight strap over your ears. “This sleep mask has got to be the softest and silkiest mask I’ve ever felt or bought,” another reviewer gushed.


This $9 Hair Treatment That’s Almost Too Good To Share

L’Oreal’s Wonder Water treatment is one of those cheap beauty products that’s so good, you’ll almost be tempted to stay quiet about it so that it doesn’t sell out. Despite having a consistency that feels closer to water than a traditional conditioning mask, the rinse-out treatment makes hair softer and silkier than you ever could have imagined — in just eight seconds, at that. It doesn’t leave behind a greasy residue or weigh your hair down, either.


A Time-Marked Bottle To Help You Drink A Gallon Of Water A Day

If drinking more water throughout the day is one of your goals, this time-marked gallon jug is a great way to help get you there. It’s easy to carry around thanks to the handle and carrying strap, and the fact that it has a leak-proof lid is super helpful, too. Plus, it comes with a bottle brush to clean it, as well as an additional leak-proof lid with a built-in silicone straw.

  • Available colors: 7


A Temperature-Regulating Mattress Topper That’ll Change The Way You Sleep

Whether it’s your own, a family member’s, or the one in the guest room, this memory foam topper is a remarkably effective way to upgrade any mattress you’re less than thrilled with. It’s made with plush, body-conforming memory foam that’s infused with temperature-regulating gel, so it’s much more breathable than regular memory foam. “The BEST thing I’ve ever done for my sleep quality!! This thing changed my life,” one Amazon reviewer gushed.

  • Available sizes: 6
  • Available thicknesses: 2


An Insulated Travel Mug That’s Expertly Designed For Both Beauty & Function

Fellow Carter has a knack for creating design-forward products that don’t sacrifice functionality for good looks, and the San Francisco-based brand’s Everywhere Mug is a perfect example of that. Obviously, it’s gorgeous, but thoughtful design details — like a thin, tapered lip that’s easy to drink from; a wide mouth that releases the full spectrum of aromas; a ceramic interior that won’t retain odors from previous drinks — are what really make it stand out from other insulated travel mugs.

  • Available sizes: 2
  • Available colors: 5


This Easy-To-Use Wine Tool That’s A Chiller, Aerator, & Pouring Spout All In One

You don’t have to be fancy to appreciate this hardworking wine tool, which functions as a chiller, aerator, and pouring spout all in one. In fact, it arguably shines brightest for the laziest of wine lovers — the chiller expedites the transition between deciding to drink wine and actually drinking it, the aerator makes even cheap wine taste expensive, and the pouring spout minimizes the risk of spills, even when you’ve already had a few glasses. Pop the stainless steel tool in the freezer when it arrives, so it’ll be chilled and ready to use whenever the urge strikes.


These Top-Quality Glasses That Are Practically Indestructible

Beautiful, versatile, and virtually indestructible, it’s no surprise that these Duralex Picardie tumblers have stood the test of time. Still made in France, just as they have been since 1945, the classic bistro glasses are made of tempered glass that’s more than twice as resistant to chipping, cracking, and thermal shock than traditional glass. They’re also stackable and safe to put in the dishwasher and microwave. Given their durability and timeless style, the 18-piece set of three sizes is really a great value.


A Top-Fill Humidifier With Several Smart Features

An innovative, top-fill design makes this popular humidifier far quicker and easier to refill than most other models. Plus, it has a large, 4-liter tank that can run continuously for up to 40 hours, so if you tend to be lazy about refills, this really is the humidifier for you. Another standout feature? The quiet, user-friendly device has a smart sensor that can determine the current humidity levels in the room and automatically adjusts accordingly — and it’s being sold for almost half the standard retail price on Amazon.


A Quality Ceramic Frying Pan At An Excellent Price

If you love the convenience of nonstick cookware, but are concerned about potential health risks, ceramic cookware is an excellent alternative. This frying pan has a stone-derived, non-stick coating that works the same way as a traditional nonstick pan, but is made without APEO, PFOA, and other chemicals commonly used in cookware.

  • Available sizes: 3
  • Available colors: 7


These Pre-Cut Strips Of Fashion Tape That Actually Stay Secure

If you’re not currently using fashion tape for anything and everything, add these pre-cut strips to your cart now — in fact, you may as well order a few packs of 50 while you’re at it. Endlessly versatile, the ultra-strong, double-sided strips can be used to secure a plunging neckline, boost your cleavage without a bra, conceal visible undergarments, and even create a temporary hem. Amazon reviewers report that compared to most fashion tape, the strips create a stronger, more durable bond and are easier to work with.


A Cheap & Easy Way To Upgrade The Lighting In Your Home

Swapping your regular light bulbs for this smart bulb from TP-Link is a remarkably efficient way to customize your lighting and generally make your entire home feel more modern and luxurious. Using either the free companion app or voice commands to your smart hub, you can turn the lights on and off, adjust the brightness and warmth, and even choose from a veritable rainbow of fun color options. Plus, setting the bulb to turn on or off on a schedule is a great way to deter would-be intruders when you’re away from home.


This Pour-Over Coffee Maker That’s Everyone’s Favorite For A Reason

Whether you’re a passionate pour-over coffee connoisseur or you simply need a way to brew decent-tasting coffee when you’re camping, the Kalita Wave Dripper is a treat that’s totally worth it. An excellent choice for anyone who’s new to pour-over coffee, it has a reputation for being approachable, easy to use, and brewing a perfect cup of coffee every time. While it’s admittedly a bit pricier than popular glass or ceramic options, the fact that it’s made of durable stainless steel guarantees it’ll last much longer.


A Guided Journal That’ll Help You Begin & End Each Day On A High Note

Journaling can be a truly life-changing habit, but also a hard one to keep. The beauty of this guided version — which is filled with thoughtful prompts designed to begin and end each day with gratitude — is that it takes just five minutes to complete an entry, so you won’t be too daunted as you’re adjusting to the routine. “As someone who hasn’t been able to build a journaling habit — ever — this journal has finally gotten me there,” one Amazon reviewer shared.


A Woven Storage Caddy To Use On An Armrest Or By Your Bed

This cute caddy can be placed either over the armrest of a sofa or chair, or near your bedside. Either way, it’s a great place to store essentials like the remote control without taking up even an inch of floor space or cluttering up your side tables. Crucially — and notably unlike many similar products on the market — this one will actually complement your decor. With its chic macrame detailing and tassel trim, it’ll look great in just about any room.


A Pillow That You Can Customize With Your Desired Level Of Fluffiness

This cult-favorite pillow from Coop Home Goods is wildly popular among Amazon reviewers; one person’s only criticism of it was that it’s “so good you want to stay in bed.” Filled with a blend of memory foam and microfiber, it can be customized by adding or taking out the filling to suit your unique preferences. As one Amazon reviewer put it, “I've tried hundreds and spent literally thousands on pillows, but this is THE ONE.”

  • Available sizes: 2


This Best-Selling Flosser That’ll Make You Look Forward To Flossing

The best-selling Waterpik is not only way easier than regular flossing, but also far more effective at removing plaque — the American Dental Association says up to 50% more effective, as a matter of fact. Plus, as hundreds of Amazon reviewers are quick to point out, it makes your teeth feel satisfyingly clean and smooth afterwards, sort of like they do after you just went to the dentist for a cleaning. Totally worth it.


This Nonstick Cookware With A Cult-Like Following

If you want nonstick cookware that’ll literally last a lifetime, this 12-piece set of Ninja Foodi’s cult-favorite NeverStick cookware is the way to go. NeverStick pots and pans have been described as the child of nonstick and cast iron cookware, and unlike regular nonstick cookware (including the ceramic versions), they’re practically indestructible. Metal utensils won’t scratch them, high heat won’t wear off their coating, and even aggressive scrubbing won’t do a thing — sure, the set is a splurge, but you’ll never have to buy it again.

  • Available sets: 3


The Newest Version Of The Kindle — & It’s Waterproof

Sure, there’s something romantic about a physical copy of a book — but honestly, the Kindle Oasis kind of feels like magic, too. Like with any Kindle, its battery literally lasts for weeks on end, and you can store all your favorite books, newspapers, audiobooks, and more without turning your home into a giant bookshelf. Plus, the Oasis is waterproof — perfect for the beach, pool, or bathtub. And, the glare-free display not only has adjustable brightness and warmth settings, but can also be set to automatically adjust the screen’s settings based on the surrounding ambient light.


This Versatile Chopper That Doubles As A Veggie Spiralizer

This nifty little gadget makes quick work of chopping and spiralizing vegetables, fruits, and more, and that's not even the best part — because it holds the processed food inside its built-in storage container, it'll trap the vast majority of tear-inducing vapors that make you cry when you're prepping onions. Easy to use and clean, the dishwasher-safe, manually operated device comes with four stainless steel blade attachments: two sizes for dicing, and two sizes for spiralizing.


This Best-Selling Ring Light That’s A Game-Changer For Zoom Meetings

A ring light will absolutely transform your selfie game, not to mention its perks for video blogging, Zoom meetings, and more. This one — which has three color-temperature settings and comes with a sturdy tripod — is a clear favorite among Amazon shoppers, who gave it more than 11,000 five-star ratings. The tripod has rotatable, adjustable cell phone holders at two different positions, which ensures that you’ll always get the perfect angle.


A Set Of Dual-Sided Measuring Spoons That Stick Together Using Magnets

Even if you already own measuring spoons, upgrading to this set could still be totally worth it. For one, the spoons are magnetic, so they’ll naturally arrange themselves into a neat stack instead of being held together on a bulky, messy ring. Plus, each spoon is dual-sided, so you can use one side for wet ingredients, and the other for dry — honestly, why isn’t this a thing for all measuring spoons?

  • Available colorways: 2


A Pretty Nylon Shower Cap That’s As Fabulous As It Is Functional

A playful print of palm leaves on a cotton-candy pink background already makes this shower cap far more fabulous than most, and that’s before you factor in that fun little tie detail in the front. The cap is made of waterproof nylon with a full lining, and has a snug elastic band that stretches enough to fit most head sizes, yet is still firm enough to completely keep out water.


This Kit That’s A Must For Anyone Who Loves Cold-Brew Coffee

This popular kit is the perfect compromise between brewing your own cold-brew coffee from scratch and spending the extra time and money required to get it from a cafe every morning. With the kit, it couldn’t be more effortless to make 36 perfect cups of rich, smooth cold brew — literally just fill the pouch with water and leave it in the fridge overnight. The next morning (and for roughly 35 mornings after that), use the handy built-in spout to pour yourself a cup straight from the bag.


A Chic Electric Kettle That You’ll Want To Display

In the world of gooseneck kettles, the Fellow Stagg EKG Kettle is the absolute height of luxury. Clearly, the design is gorgeous enough to display at the MoMA — just look at that gorgeous maple handle. Beyond its good looks, though, the kettle has plenty of standout features, including (but definitely not limited to) a precision pouring spout, variable temperature control, an LCD screen, a brew stopwatch, a setting that maintains your desired temperature for up to 60 minutes, and a small, minimalist base.


This Tea Tree Treatment That’ll Transform Your Nails

Made with tea tree, sesame seed, and safflower seed oils, as well as vitamin E and aloe vera, Jason’s Tea Tree Nail Saver is a remarkably effective way to bring dry, cracked, brittle, or discolored nails back to life. The $10 bottle will last you ages, and can be used on both your hands and toes. Obviously, it’s great for nourishing dry cuticles, too.


The Iconic French Pocket Knife That’s Been Around For Over A Century

An absolute French classic, the Opinel No. 8 Pocket Knife has been purchased more than 30 million times since it was first patented in 1890. Simple, functional, and truly beautiful, the folding pocket knife has a sustainably sourced beechwood handle and an ultra-hard, super-sharp, carbon steel blade. If you’re not convinced a pocket knife is something you’d actually use, the iconic knife would also make a great gift for anyone who’s handy, outdoorsy, or simply appreciates a great design.


A Space-Saving Hanger For Strappy Dresses, Tanks, & Bras

Hanging strappy tops and dresses from this space-saving mega-hanger will free up so much space in your closet without sacrificing functionality. Made of durable stainless steel, it’s heavy-duty enough to hold heavier pieces without buckling under the weight. Amazon reviewers have nothing but good things to say about it, with many people note that it’s also great for hanging bras rather than letting them get crushed inside a drawer.


A User-Friendly Milk Steamer That Makes It Easy To Create Frothy Drinks In Minutes

This stainless steel milk steamer is even easier to use than those popular milk frother wands, and unlike the wands, this can actually heat your milk and create froth. Quick, quiet, and easy to clean, the user-friendly device makes creating barista-quality lattes, cappuccinos, coffee, hot chocolates, macchiatos and more as effortless as pushing a button. “This was the best impulse purchase ever in my life,” gushed one Amazon reviewer.


The Tried & True Way To Whiten Your Teeth At Home

There’s a reason Crest Whitestrips are basically synonymous with at-home teeth whitening — they’re easy to apply, they’re relatively affordable, and, most importantly, they work. This set includes 16 sets of top and bottom strips, plus two more concentrated treatments that deliver supercharged results in a single, hour-long session. “I have used many different brands which are similar to these whitening strips, but Crest whitening strips are by far the best,” one Amazon reviewer wrote.


These Bamboo Viscose Sheets That Are Eco-Friendly, Breathable, & Absolutely Luxurious

There are so many reasons to fall in love with Cariloha’s classic bamboo sheet set. For one, bamboo sheets are exceptionally breathable, and feel luxuriously soft against your skin (literally twice as soft as cotton, according to the brand). Plus, bamboo is by nature one of the most eco-friendly fibers on the market, and it’s also naturally moisture-wicking, antimicrobial, and odor-resistant. Unlike most cheaper bamboo sheets, Cariloha’s are made with 100% bamboo viscose, rather than a blend — while they are a bit pricier, you really do tend to get what you pay for when it comes to sheets.

  • Available sizes: 6
  • Available colors: 6


These Adjustable Shoe Stretchers That Are Cheaper Than Wooden Ones

Got a pair of shoes you love, but are just a touch too tight? Rather than suffering through blisters and pinched toes in the name of fashion, simply invest in these popular shoe stretchers. Both the width and the length of the stretchers can be expanded, and according to Amazon reviewers, they work like a charm, especially if you use them with a shoe-stretching spray like this one.

  • Available sizes: 3
  • Available colors: 3


These Patented Hair Ties That Are Totally Worth Splurging On

Sure, GIMME hair ties are a bit of a splurge for a pack of nine. However, Amazon reviewers swear they’re totally worth it — in fact, given that they’re far less prone to breaking or stretching out than regular hair ties, they’ll probably end up saving you money in the long run. Composed of hundreds of tiny microfiber elastics, their patented design provides a firm, all-day hold without leaving behind a dent, and comes in four different sizes to best fit all hair types.

  • Available sizes: 4
  • Available colors: 6


A Kit That Makes Brewing Your Own Kombucha Feel Totally Approachable

If you’ve ever thought about brewing your own kombucha, you already know the process can be a bit intimidating for beginners. With this deluxe kit, though, learning is not only super easy, but also super fun. In addition to all the (USDA certified-organic!) ingredients and tools you’ll need to make and store your own ‘booch from start to finish, the kit also comes with detailed brewing instructions, as well as a post-brewing guide to keep your setup thriving until your next batch.


An RFID-Blocking Wallet That’s Super Spacious & Expensive-Looking

Whether you consider this a clutch or a roomy wallet, what’s clear is that it looks far more expensive than it actually is — from the supple, waxed leather construction to the gleaming gold-tone hardware, everything about it feels timeless and elevated. Plus, it has more than enough space for all the essentials (and more), and it’s designed with RFID-blocking technology to thwart would-be identity thieves.

  • Available colors: 29


These Popular Winged Eyeliner Stamps That Work Far Better Than You’d Expect

Flawless winged eyeliner? So glamorous. The process of achieving said flawless eyeliner? Often, not so much. Unless you have these winged eyeliner stamps, that is. Featuring regular liquid eyeliner on one end, and wing-shaped stamps for each of your eyes on the other, the dual-sided pens works exactly how you'd expect, only better. “I’m speechless,” one Amazon reviewer gushed. “I’ve never been able to do winged liner in the 30 years I’ve walked the earth. This product is amazing, it’s seamless. Literally, it’s foolproof.”


This Expandable Dish Rack That’s A Game-Changer For Small Kitchens

Anyone with a small kitchen will love the ingenious innovation that is this extendable dish rack; Joseph Joseph has a knack for creating smart, space-saving storage solutions, and this is no exception. The rack is basically exactly what it sounds like — extend it to hold more items when needed; contract it to save counter space when it’s not in use.

  • Available colors: 4


The Slip-Resistant Rug Pad That’s A Best-Seller For A Good Reason

There’s good reason Gorilla Grip’s rug gripper pad is the number-one best-selling option on Amazon: as one reviewer put it, “These just plain work.” The thick, durable pads are designed with an open-grid construction that lets your rugs breathe and prevents damage while keeping them firmly in place on hard floors. The pads are available in a lot of different sizes, yet they can easily be trimmed with a scissors to fit an odd-shaped rug.

  • Available sizes: 22


A Timeless, Minimalist Wristwatch That’ll Look Great With Every Outfit

If you’ve never really gotten into the habit of wearing a wristwatch, it’s easy to underestimate how useful they can really be. Besides, a watch can double as a stylish accessory that’ll elevate every outfit, as this beauty from Timex makes abundantly clear. Featuring a smooth leather strap, minimalist face, and pretty gold accents, the midcentury-inspired design will always be in style.


These Hand-Poured Candles That Come In The Most Sophisticated Scents

There’s really nothing better than a great scented candle — and these are, by all accounts, absolutely great. Made by hand in the USA using a high-quality, soy wax blend, they’re formulated with roughly three times more fragrance oil than the typical scented candle, meaning their scents quite literally fill the room. That’s a good thing, because the scents they come in are both unique and absolutely heavenly; whether you go with Charred Fig, Hinoki Lavender, or Arugula & Green Apple, you won’t be disappointed.

  • Available sizes: 3
  • Available scents: 17


An Under-$20 Espresso Maker That Rivals Its Pricier Competitors

Amazon reviewers are adamant that this stovetop espresso maker from Primula is virtually indistinguishable from similar models that cost three times the price. Use it on the stove to make espresso worthy of an Italian cafe right in the comfort of your own kitchen.

  • Available sizes: 5
  • Available colors: 2


These Multi-Tasking Facial Pads Soaked In Vitamin C-Rich Toner

Each of these double-sided facial pads is soaked in Goodal's Green Tangerine Vita C Toner, which is made with super-powered ingredients like hyaluronic acid, antioxidant-rich vitamin C, and several fruit-derived acids. In just one step, these pads will help tone, brighten, and exfoliate your skin without leaving it feeling stripped or dry. And given the affordable price for a container of 70 pads, you really have nothing to lose by giving them a shot.

  • Available formulas: 3


These Paper Air Fryer Liners That Make Cleanup Practically Effortless

The only thing that makes cooking with an air fryer even easier? Using these air fryer liners, which prevent grease and food residue from building up, making cleanup a breeze. Made of food-grade, eco-friendly pulp in either bleached or unbleached styles, the liners come in a range of sizes to fit most air fryers.

  • Available sizes: 5
  • Available colors: 2


A Smart Mug That Lets You Control The Temperature Of Your Coffee From Your Phone

If you’re someone who’s very particular about the temperature of your coffee, treating yourself to this smart mug could be considered an act of self-care. The mug will keep your drink at exactly the right temperature — you can set your ideal temp on your phone using the companion app — for up to 80 minutes on a single charge, or all day long, if you use the sleek charging coaster.

  • Available colors: 2