Staying In This 138-Year-Old Roadside Attraction Is Actually So Chic

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With unique destinations as the new travel trend on the rise, you might be seeking some seriously special accommodations to inspire your next vacation. And if that's the case, Airbnb's Lucy the Elephant rental might just satisfy that itch.

While some people prefer luxe resorts, others are searching for adventure, charm, and a story above all other criteria, and Airbnb has been delivering options for those types of stays in spades — from castles to houseboats. But the popular booking site gets even more niche. Among some if its decidedly more weird options have been the iconic Oscar Meyer Weinermobile, Shakespeare's Juliet home, and even a house shaped like a giant beagle. Its most recent rare rental, a historical roadside attraction, is a perfect addition to this list.

Lucy the Elephant was built in 1881, which makes it the oldest roadside attraction in the US — even older than the Statue of Liberty! The wooden structure was created as a means of drawing attention and bringing tourism to the Jersey Shore, where it's located. And after narrowly escaping demolition in 1969, it's not only still standing, but soon it will be available as a surprisingly chic place to spend your spring break — especially if you're not into the usual destinations.


Beginning March 5, the restored space will be up for grabs for one night stays only on March 17, 18, or 19. Standing six stories tall, Lucy boasts a queen bed and a gorgeous collection of antique furnishings, many of which are Victorian in style, so guests will truly feel like they're going back in time to the 1800s. However, anyone lucky enough to book one of the three nights will also be able to enjoy modern amenities: This elephant has TV, Wifi, heat, and air conditioning so you won't feel like you're roughing it.

Lucy fans will also be happy to know that booking a stay here also means contributing to the Save Lucy Committee, which will keep this attraction in tip top shape for generations to come. The rental rate is $138 per night (which reflects the landmark's age) and spots are expected to be scooped up fast, so if this out-of-the-box beach vacation sounds right up your alley, mark your calendar for March 5 and don't miss your window of opportunity. And if you don't get it, the site has plenty of other out-of-the-box rentals where that one came from.

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