Decorate Your Walls With Works By These Talented Black Artists

Eight artists you can buy from to beautify your space.

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Tappan Collective
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Home decor projects are at an all-time high now that so many people have been limited to their places of residence for the last few months. And if you've yet to tackle redecorating your walls, now would be a good time to take that task on — especially with so many talented Black artists to support.

Starting an art collection or simply investing in art in general can be a daunting process — not only because it can sometimes be more of a splurge than other types of home decor pieces (although doing it on a budget is absolutely possible), but if you're not up to speed on contemporary creators, or don't quite know how to describe what it is that you're into, you might have difficulty finding pieces you want to buy.

That said, as the country (and the world) takes a monumental stand against racism, one good place to focus your efforts is supporting Black artists. Not only could that mean reading books by Black authors and putting educational films (fictional or documentary) that highlight Black talent at the top of your queue, but it could also be dressing up your walls with photos, prints, and paintings by Black creators.

To get you started, find eight contemporary artists ahead that will beautify your home while keeping you inspired. Some of these creatives offer affordable, ready-to-purchase pieces while others can be commissioned for custom work, so be sure check out their pages, learn more, and make contact appropriately (either through a designated gallery or directly if offered) to find out how to get your hands on one of their works.

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Jaime Milner

A photographer and founder of the Gifted Project, this LA-based artist's work includes candid portraits of inspiring Black men.

Umar Rashid

Rashid is an artist and poet in Los Angeles whose work frequently focuses on subjects of color and is marked by his strength in storytelling.

Cassi A. Namoda

The Mozambique-born painter's interest in her ancestral roots color her work: Figurative yet primitive in style, the paintings often depict portraits of family and scenes of everyday life in postcolonial East Africa.

Tiffany Alfonseca

Bronx-based Alfonseca's colorful drawings and paintings celebrate her identity and culture as a Dominican American woman.

Liana Farmer

Farmer's intimate, figurative works highlight the beauty of the Black female form. The Boston-based artist and educator's subjects, though relatively anonymous, are depicted with strength, sexuality, and sensitivity.

Laci Jordan

Bold, graphic works are the cornerstone of this LA-based artist's work, which highlights and is inspired by Black subjects and subject matter.

Michelle Robinson


Robinson (otherwise known as Mister Michelle) creates soulful, feminine works that exemplify the Seattle-based artist's interest in color and geometry.

Nina Chanel Abney

Equal parts abstract and figurative, this New York-based artist's graphic works focus on contemporary cultural issues such as race, politics, and spirituality.

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