This Woman-Owned Brand Is Revolutionizing The Sex Wellness Industry


The sexual health and wellness industry has made leaps and bounds in the past several years, and arguably that has a lot to do with the fact that female entrepreneurs have been breaking in and breaking through. Not only do some of the latest sex products made by women offer an inclusive take on toys, personal care items, and more of the like, but they also boast some major innovations, both technologically and socially.

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Today's coolest sex products aren't just tools for you to spice up your sex life with a partner — they're also intended to help you better learn about and love your body. And while many of the ones currently being dreamed up by female business owners aren't necessarily intended for women's use only, it's clear that their knowledge and perspective of the female body and brain certainly helps to create items that allow both genders to feel equally involved in the dialogue about sex — and considering what a categorically male-dominated industry it's been, that's a welcome (and long overdue) change.

According to Eva Goicochea, founder and CEO of Maude, female entrepreneurs in the sex industry help propel the conversation forward, allowing for some important advancements. "The sexual wellness industry has historically catered to males because it is monopolized by legacy brands helmed by males," she says. "Meanwhile, the majority of personal care is bought (for the household) by, you guessed it — women. By having females and others at the table, we can hopefully create a new industry standard that reflects a diversity of people and frankly, real sex — not some misogynistic and outdated view of it."

Want to see how these pioneers have revolutionized the business of sex? Read ahead for six products — created by women — that just might make you feel more empowered and in control of your own sexual health.


Some have dubbed Maude "The Everlane Of Sex Products" — and rightfully so. Goicochea worked as a legislative aid in healthcare before becoming branding and social media expert for the likes of Everlane and Steven Alan. With her latest venture, she aims to bring inclusivity, quality, and simplicity to the industry. The brand, which you can find online and in some seriously chic hotels and boutiques, boasts sleek, minimalist packaging for its lubricants and condoms — and even its lone vibe looks more like an artsy paperweight than a sex toy. Look out for a major launch this fall, but in the meantime, start things off with Maude's essentials kit that packs everything you need.


Unbound, founded by Polly Rodriguez and Sarah Janye Kinney, isn't just an online shop where you can pick up playful jewelry (the vibrating ring is a best seller and looks legitimately like a cool accessory), condoms, and other toys, it's also a forum that posts both informative and often entertaining stories about sex. But the brand's bread-and-butter just might be their quarterly boxes, which offer you an assortment of diverse goodies for just $65.


Breastfeeding moms may have already been introduced to Tania Boler's brand Elvie because of its beloved, super-portable breast pumps — but that's not the only product which resulted from the founder and CEO's "genuine female insight." There's also its kegel trainer, a USB-chargeable device that helps women strengthen their pelvic floor muscles for a variety of purposes including childbirth and recovery, as well as sexual pleasure. The super smart sex product also comes with an app that helps guide you and tracks your progress.



Award-winning sex toy line MysteryVibe is well-known in the industry for its tech-savvy products, and that's partially thanks to co-founder and Chief Pleasure Officer, Stephanie Alys. As proof of what having a woman's creative control can offer, the brand's Crescendo is particularly innovative for women, as it's "adaptive," meaning it's not only totally flexible to your specific anatomy, but it's and easily accommodating for solo pleasure or use with a partner by way of an app.


In 2015, Jordana Kier and Alexandra Friedman launched Lola as a menstrual brand by creating their first product, an organic cotton tampon. Since that time, not only has its popularity as a subscription service for such products made them revolutionary, but as of last year Lola's also expanded to include sexual health items including ultra-thin condoms, lubricant, and cleansing wipes — all of which you can mix-and-match in your monthly box. You can also try out first with a sexual wellness kit that includes all of the aforementioned, plus a guide to help you navigate your healthiest and best sexual experiences.

Dame Products

As the female duo behind Dame Products, sexologist Alex Fine and engineer Janet Lieberman are basically the dream team to create sex products that women are psyched to buy. In addition to the brand's toys being well-designed (think cool, colorful, and discreet), they're also made with a lot of consideration for a woman's pleasure. Some of the goodies Dame creates include a finger vibe and wedge sex pillow that helps you perfect your positioning, but one of the best-sellers is undeniably its hands-free Eva II.