33 Little Touches Under $50 On Amazon That Make Your Home Way Better

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When putting together a stylish, organized home, attention to detail is absolutely key. Even the subtlest tweaks — creating more storage, perhaps, or adding a pop of color — can completely transform your personal space. And, unlike more significant home renovations, customizing your surroundings with thoughtful accents and clever organizational products doesn't have to be expensive or hard to implement. Case in point: these 33 little touches make your home way better, and they're all under $50 on Amazon.

Whether you’re looking for stylish decorative accents for your bedroom and living room or smart storage solutions to help keep your kitchen, closet, and bathroom organized, you’re sure to find at least one item in this roundup that you’re excited about. It features some of the chicest home items and most brilliant organizational products Amazon has to offer, all hand-picked by editors not just for their affordability, but also for their exceptional quality and style. And since each item costs just $50 or less, and most are eligible for free, two-day Prime shipping, perfecting your space couldn’t be more effortless.

So go ahead and add a few favorites to your cart — you might be surprised by how big of a difference they’ll make.


A Grownup Version Of The Nightlight You Had As A Kid

The grown-up version of your childhood nightlight, this 5-foot long LED light strip attaches to the bottom of your bed frame, and will turn on automatically if you get up in the middle of the night. The lights can also be programmed to shut off automatically, anywhere from 30 seconds to 10 minutes later. "Couldn't live without these now that I have them," wrote one reviewer.


These Patio Lights That’ll Make Every Outdoor Party Better

Lights are a great way to be festive, and also safe. If you’re planning on hosting any outdoor parties this season, these LED umbrella lights are a must. They can be controlled with a remote, so you can turn them on from a distance. They’ll also be a great way for guests to stay outdoors even when nighttime approaches. But best of all, since they never need to be replaced, you don’t have to worry about them after installation.


These Space-Saving Storage Hooks For Mugs, Utensils, & More

Hanging utensils, mugs, and other kitchen utensils on this storage rack will not only free up precious cabinet or drawer space, but also makes it easy to view and access everything you own. The rack, which comes in two parts with six hooks each, is designed to slide onto the base of your cabinet. This means installation is super easy, but be sure to measure your cabinets to confirm they'll fit before ordering.


These Floating Shelves With A Trendy Criss-Cross Design

Not only are these criss-cross floating shelves easy to assemble (with pre-drilled holes and mounting tools included), but they’ve also been painted a shade of gray that’ll match an array of different colored walls. However, they’re available in five shades ranging from espresso to white — and they’ve been described as “easy to put together” by many customers.


An Ingenious Way To Organize A Tangled Pile Of Electrical Cords

Extra cords are an unavoidable fixture in any modern home — but, thanks to this cord organizer, you can still prevent their tangled mess from becoming an eyesore. Plus, hiding electrical cords helps protect curious kids or pets from potentially dangerous accidents. Made of durable, fireproof hard plastic, the rectangular box has small openings at each side to let cords enter and exit.


An Ice Bucket That’ll Cool Your Drinks Quickly

When you think about an ice bucket, you might be thinking of hotel rooms. However, you can have that same luxury at home. Fill this with ice to cool a drink on top, or use it for your own home bar before hosting a party. Nothing says fancy like an ice bucket, especially one that’s double-walled and easy to clean like this one.


These Color-Customizable Smart Light Bulbs That Can Help Ward Off Potential Burglars

Smart light bulbs may not seem like a necessity, but once you have them in your home, you'll realize how useful they truly are. The bulbs allow you to control your lights remotely, either by using an app to schedule them, or by connecting them to a smart device like Alexa or Google Home. This feature is especially handy when you're away from home, but don't want potential intruders to realize that. Plus, the bulbs also have literally millions of color settings, and their brightness is fully customizable.


A Small Yet Powerful Dehumidifier That’ll Purify The Air

If the air is feeling too moist, sometimes a small dehumidifier is all you need to make a big difference. Air that’s too humid can trigger allergies or home germs, so these are especially useful in homes that have a lot of people inside. This unit is also pleasant during sleeping hours, since it emits a white noise-like hum.


An Air-Purifying Plant That's Incredibly Easy To Care For

Yes, you really can order a living, growing snake plant on Amazon. Because they're super hardy and easy to care for, snake plants make an excellent starter plant, and they're also one of nature's most effective natural air purifiers. Yours will arrive in a 6-inch plastic planter, and will be carefully packaged to prevent damage during its journey.


A Sugar Dispenser That’ll Give You An Excuse To Have A Second (Or Fourth) Cup Of Coffee

Kiss messy sugar packets and jars aside. With this glass dispenser, adding sugar to your coffee has never been easier (and admittedly, more fun.) If you’re a zombie without caffeine, this may be the best way to elevate your mornings. It’s easy to refill and even makes a great gift.


This Versatile Hanging Organizer To Keep Small Essentials Within Easy Reach

There are so many possible uses for this hanging organizer; its five roomy pockets are the perfect size to stash items like office supplies, makeup, and other odds and ends. It's made of a durable cotton-linen blend with a moisture-resistant PU coating, which means it can be even be used in the bathroom to organize toiletries or cosmetics.


A Set Of Artificial Succulents That Actually Look Real

If even succulents are too high-maintenance for you, these high-quality artificial plants are an excellent alternative. They're especially great for when you'd like a plant on a tall shelf or hanging from the ceiling, where they'd be hard to reach for watering and other regular care. Sold in a set of four, each small "succulent" is potted in a chic planter made of white ceramic.


A Folding Tray Table That Can Make Your Life Easier In A Ton Of Different Ways

Known best as the “TV tray,” this cute little table can actually serve multiple purposes. Can you eat on it while watching television (and save your couch from getting crummy)? Of course. But, you can also use it to make a makeshift office or to even store some festive houseplants on. Having an extra table around is always a positive, especially one that’s adjustable like this one.


A Rotating Turntable That Has So Many Possible Uses

The ways this Lazy Susan-style turntable could come in handy never seem to end. Use it on your vanity for makeup storage; tucked inside a cabinet to hold your spices, tea bags, and oils; or in your bathroom for easy access to your most-used toiletries. It's made of easy-to-clean hard plastic, with two tiered shelves that measure 9 inches in diameter.


An Electric Wine Opener With Sleek, Rose Gold Details

Little touches make a huge difference, which is why this sleek electric wine opener has hundreds of reviews and an average 4.6-star rating on Amazon. Yes, it looks sophisticated and pretty, but it's also made to effortlessly uncork bottles with the press of a button — plus, the base doubles as a foil cutter. "A terrific wine opener! Operates smoothly and quickly, removing then releasing the cork [...] The rubbery matte finish is attractive and easily gripped without slipping," reported one reviewer.


A Quilted Mattress Cover That Both Comforts & Protects

Upgrade any bed while simultaneously protecting your mattress. The Utopia Bedding mattress pad is stuffed with a soft filling that improves texture, comfort, and loft. It's also waterproof and resistant to allergens — plus, in case of spills or accidents, it can go straight into the washing machine without issue.


The Top-Selling Iced Coffee Maker On Amazon

Thanks to the Takeya iced coffee maker, you can improve your morning or impress your guests with bold, delicious, homemade cold brew. The BPA-free Tritan pitcher holds up to four servings at once, while the fine-mesh filter imparts taste without releasing coffee grinds. The whole unit fits effortlessly in your refrigerator and makes serving easy with its drip-free spout and silicone handle.


An Affordable Weighted Blanket Made From Quality Materials

Countless reviewers swear by the COMHO weighted blanket when it comes to reducing stress and encouraging a better night's sleep. It's covered in 100% breathable cotton, filled with non-toxic nano-ceramic beads, and stitched into reinforced sections to prevent uneven distribution. Get it in four different weights depending on your needs — and all of them come in at under $50.


A Contoured Memory Foam Pillow With An Ergonomic Shape

This is not your average pillow, and buyers are thrilled about that. The EPABO contour pillow is made from dense memory foam and has a butterfly-shaped cutout to ergonomically support your head, neck, and shoulders. It's designed for back, stomach, and side sleepers alike, and the hypoallergenic rayon-blend pillowcase is both breathable and dust-mite-resistant. "Best pillow ever made," one reviewer raved.


An Automatic Egg Cooker That Makes Virtually Any Style Of Eggs

Fast, nutritious breakfasts, quick appetizer prep, a staple for paleo or keto lifestyles — buyers have found countless uses for the Dash rapid egg cooker, but they rave, "You'll get it right every time." That's because this compact gadget is fully automatic and, at the press of a button, can cook eggs in virtually any style: boiled, poached, scrambled, you name it. It's available in five colors, and each comes with all the necessary, easy-to-clean accessories you'll need.


An Affordable, Convenient Spot For Your Sponge

Rather than leaving your wet sponge on the counter or at the bottom of the sink, the iDesign suction holder creates a designated spot for it to fully dry — out of the way. The durable suction cups stick to any smooth surface (read: also holds soap in the shower), while the clear material offers ventilation holes to prevent odors and mildew. Despite the fact that it costs just $3, one buyer called it "one of [their] greatest buys EVER!"


These Sleek Glass Carafe Pitchers That Reviewers Call “Beautiful”

Whether you’re serving drinks during a dinner party or displaying orange juice during brunch, these sleek carafe pitchers can help. They’re made with durable glass and are topped with plastic lids to help protect the beverages inside — and one reviewer wrote, “They look beautiful on the table with different fused waters.”


A Set Of Plush Turkish Cotton Towels At A Great Price

Plush, luxurious towels don't have to break the bank. This set from Chakir Turkish Linens is worthy of a spa or hotel, thanks to the absorbent Turkish cotton from which they're made. Still, they're reasonably priced and make a gorgeous addition to any bathroom. Get them in 13 different colors, all of which are machine washable and dryable.


A Stylish Shower Curtain That Comes With Its Own Hooks

A stylish, high-quality shower curtain, complete with hooks, for only $11? It's really no wonder buyers can't get enough of this find from AmazonBasics. The material itself is water-repellent and mildew-resistant, plus it comes in four design options to suit any style preference. (For less than $25, you can also opt for an included liner.)


A Breathable, Long-Lasting Pillow Filled With Shredded Memory Foam

While most memory foam pillows trap body heat and warp under weight, this one is designed to prevent both of those things. For one, it's made from shredded memory foam encased in a breathable bamboo cover — and for another, you can add (or remove) as much foam as you need in order to rest comfortably.


A Countertop Kettle Made From Glass & Steel

For those who love tea, instant coffee, hot chocolate, and other hot drinks, the AmazonBasics electric kettle is an affordable investment that saves you time and worry. The glass and steel design sits on its concealed heating element to bring water to a boil in mere minutes — without the need for a stovetop. It also features a stay-cool handle and automatically shuts off when it's done.


A Fully Adjustable Rod That Doubles Your Closet Space

Increase your usable closet space with this accessory from Simple Houseware, which adds a second tier to your existing closet rod. It's vertically and horizontally adjustable for a customized fit, and it's made from elegant, durable steel to support ample weight. "My closet now looks neat and organized," commented one reviewer.


Some Reusable Sheets That Miraculously Keep Your Produce Fresher For Longer

These brilliant food saver sheets contain a patent blend of organic botanicals that naturally preserve the life of your fruit and vegetables. Simply add a sheet to your fruit bowl, crisper drawer, or food container to keep your produce fresh for two-to-four times longer (as the brand claims). Each sheet can be reused for up to a month, or when its fresh scent fades.


A Powerful Tower Fan That's Quiet & Discreet

You can keep a room cool and airy without placing an eyesore in the middle of it. The Honeywell tower fan is extremely powerful, but it's also quiet, discreet, and unobtrusive. The vertical design circulates air with its five different speed options, and it also has oscillation and four timer settings. "One of the best investments I made this year," one reviewer wrote, and it's so quiet, they "almost forget it's on."


A Lightweight Vacuum With A 3-In-1 Design

Because it's a stick vacuum, a handheld, and a dust-buster in one, the Eureka Blaze three-in-one can tackle virtually any job come chore day — all for under $30. The lightweight frame weighs only 4 pounds, while the 18-foot power cord helps you clean from wall to wall. Last but not least, the powerful motor picks up the smallest particles, while the washable filtration system allows you to simply rinse them away.


This Memory Foam Topper That Transforms Any Mattress

If your mattress has been feeling less than ideal lately, but you're not ready to invest in a new one, the Linenspa gel topper may be the solution. Over 12,000 reviewers have reported on the results, and most agree: "Very comfortable, it contours to my body and supports it beautifully." In short, it adds 2 inches of gel-infused memory foam to any bed, so your mattress feels like new. Get it in just about any standard size.


A Strong, Stylish Curtain Rod In Your Choice Of 3 Finishes

Available in black, satin nickel, and warm gold, this curtain rod is 1 inch in diameter and features decorative, crystal-like finials for a truly expensive look. It’s available in five sizes to suit most windows, and comes ready to install with all the necessary hardware and easy-to-follow instructions. “The acrylic finials are [perfect], no scratches or chips and really very pretty,” one customer reported.

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