Airbnb Searches Prove This Travel Trend Is Sticking Around

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Though you may have had to put that overseas trip on the back burner for now, not all hope is lost when it comes to getting out town for a bit — and that's reflected in some of the latest 2021 Airbnb travel trends. Vacation destinations are changing due to social distancing (not to mention travel bans) but new limitations don't have to mean sacrificing stunning scenery and memorable experiences. You may just have to get a little more creative.

Recently the popular accommodations and experiences booking site examined a survey of US travelers as well as its own internal searches to see what was changing in terms of travel in the wake of COVID-19. The results included adjustments made due to safety precautions including the avoidance of mass transit/air travel and keeping social distances.

While restrictions differ based on where in the US you live, Airbnb's findings have something to inspire pretty much every type of traveler, whether you're looking to permanently relocate, immerse yourself in nature, take an epic road trip — or all of the above. Want more intel to inform the next trip you take? Read ahead for the three biggest travel trends for 2021, according to Airbnb.

2021 Airbnb Travel Trend: Relocation Research


With work from home practices more popular — and often essential — than ever, many people are looking to relocate. That is, if they haven't already. In fact, 83 percent of those surveyed were in favor of relocating and one in five actually took the leap recently.

With this in mind, one huge travel trend is investigating potential new cities. Specifically, it seems that many people who are looking to relocate are exploring more suburban and rural destinations outside major cities. A few examples of highly searched locations include Park City, Utah, Truckee, California, and Steamboat Springs, Colorado — all of which are known for offering immersive natural surroundings, which appears to be a big draw.

2021 Airbnb Travel Trend: Domestic Destinations


The trend of road tripping is showing no signs of slowing down, as the survey proved. Sixty-two percent of participants said they were most interested in taking a vacation within driving distance of home, as compared to previous years where the most popular vacation destinations were abroad. Instead, national parks and small beach towns surged in searches, with spots like the Great Smoky Mountains and Palm Springs being a few favorites. If you're traveling domestically, Airbnb can help make your vacations feel just as interesting and new by offering unique lodging, such as tree houses, yurts, and barns.

2021 Airbnb Travel Trend: Pod Travel


Forming pods has become a popular way to socialize safely, and that extends into how some people are traveling. Pod travel is especially conducive to those who have found themselves separated from friends and family due to COVID. In fact, relocating to live close to family is favored by 85 percent of those surveyed — whether temporarily or permanently. As a result, the booking site is seeing a spike in long-term rentals, which could be an ideal option for anyone looking to stick close to loved ones.

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