This App Is The Next Best Thing To Buying New Louboutins

It’s Monday: You likely have a ton of things on your to-do list and your inbox is filling up at the speed of light, so what better time to download a new fashion app to help you further procrastinate? Louboutinize—Christian Louboutin’s brand new app—boasts 3 novelty filters not available on Instagram. One washes your image in the designer’s signature red hue, another lends an artistic broken-mirror effect and the last (but definitely not least) tacks a pair of legs onto the bottom half of the photo, allowing your subject to become part ballet dancer, matador or another cheeky option of the like. Ready to up your ‘gram game? Here’s a look at the new filters to get your creative juices flowing.

Filter 1: Dramatic Red

Photo: @louboutinworld

Filter 2: Broken-Glass Effect

Photo: @glamourbrasil

Filter 3: Cheeky Legs

Photo: @thezoereport