How To Reinvent Your Winter Coat

Investing in a winter jacket so late in the season but before the really good sales start is a major no-no. Instead of making an impulsive late-night buy, extend the shelf life of your trusty topcoat with one of these styling tricks (and save your hard-earned money for more important things, like a vacation!). Here, 3 tips—the first one with Kate Middleton’s stamp of approval—to see you through the remainder of winter.

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3 Ways To Reinvent Your Winter Coat

Styling Tip: Brooches are commonly busted out of the jewelry box during the holidays, only to go dormant for the rest of the year. Use these sparklers to adorn your topcoat by placing a large one by the shoulder (see Kate Middleton!) or a cluster of smaller ones in that same area.

Styling Tip: For simple menswear coats, try belting the waist with a cincher in a high-contrast color or shiny patent leather.

Styling Tip: A faux-fur stole or collar is an excellent hack for resurrecting a tired, old topper. When it comes to matching, you can't go wrong with keeping it neutral, so look for styles in black, gray or cream.